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Thursday, June 26, 2008

What to do, what to do

When you wanna leave but you wanna stay

When you know that what you think is good for you is really bad for you

When things just suck but you realize it could be worse

When some folks just feel the need to tell you what they think you should or shouldn't do

When you wanna drop kick folks in the knee and then kick em in the chin while they are down

When you wanna laugh at the stupidity that comes out of folks mouths, but you wanna cry cause it just dont make nosense

When you love someone so much that you wanna give em the world

When you sometimes feel like you can't see the forest for the trees

When you realize you gotta make moves and that you werent expecting to have to do it anymore
When you're scared but you know that once you get it crackin you'll be fine

When you think you know what you gotta do but you honestly dont have a clue

When you wanna just lay down and not get up

When you realize that the person you love really aint who you thought they were

When you realize that you gotta suck it up and make some moves, moves that you thought you wouldn't be making ever again

When the person you love and I mean really love realizes that they love you too but the both of you are scared as a kid crossing the street for the first time alone.

When what you know you gotta do scares you so much that you would just rather not do it at all

What do you do....when you dont know what to do.....
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sounds like you know what you want to do but don't want to do it. the longer you put it off, the harder it will get to do it at all. just go ahead and get it over with so you can move forward. rip that bandaid off, girl.

June 26, 2008  


June 26, 2008  

Hey Honey,

i feel you on this...

when you say something and there's a but behind it, most times you already know what must be done.

change is difficult, no one likes it but sometimes it's gotta be.

i don't know if all of this is about you but i'm sure with a clear head and a free heart, you'll do the right thing.

June 26, 2008  

I'm with Monique

June 26, 2008  

Pray and make the moves you know you have to make. He will see you through it.

June 27, 2008  

go have a drink :) keep ya head up lil sis.. you already know what you gotta do.. so shit or get off the pot LOL *I know you hated hearing that :)* hugs

June 27, 2008  

Stand still.. and everything will become clearer and you'll know what to do.

June 28, 2008  

Do what I did. Go to Miami Beach, handle your business then come back feeling a whole lot better.

June 29, 2008  

thank you for making me think...

in a world of chaos I reach for a place of peace... i lay eyes closed in my room, no laptop, no tv, no music, and become one with myself

June 30, 2008  

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