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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Remember that episode of Different World where Whitley was taught this method cause she was being soo extra...then again she was always extra but this is one of my favorite episodes...along with the one where Dwayne crashes her wedding...classic has been aint roses and hot apple pie with ice cream. It kicks ya when your down then laughs at you while your trying to get back up only to push you over again.

I'm good a place where I really dont wanna talk about what occurred....perhaps at a later date....but I'm not dying or on the verge of throwing myself into rush hour traffic LOL so breathe easy homies :)

Why was I walking down the street the other day on my way to the bank talking to my lil sis and some Spanish man who was walking with one of his homies proceedes to walk in front of me with his arms open and if you know me a lil bit you know I was like eww what the piss and I'm sure my face was all twisted up get the heck outta my way...lookin like some hot trash on a 100 degree day. My lil sis was crackin up.

She's found a new boo, I of course as her big sis told her to learn from before....have your own space and who you wanna be dont try to spend all your time and efforts on someone can love them yes but dont forget you in the process...I've been there done that and aint trying to go there again.

It's crazy how you know that change is good and sometimes needed but darn it to heck if that crap dont hurt like a wooden splinter. You know what you gotta do, but doing it can take forever.

All i can say is that I can't wait for Thursday to come....of course its everyone's Friday..unless your just horribly unlucky lol and I can't say that I wish I were you....and I have monday I'm gonna be in straight party mode come Thursday night....I expect to sleep, clean, drink, eat, but not over eat and just enjoy this time off of work before I start school again in Aug. I'm taking 4 classes instead of 3 cause I wanna be done by next summer...gotta make moves.

I've had dreams for the last month that I was preg...what the piss....needlesstoday I am on tummy watch like it aint no joke. No I'm not actively trying to get preg but when you have a sister who seems to make babies in her sleep lol you gotta wonder.

Have a great weekend!!!!

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A sis who actively makes babies in her sleep? LOL funny. Glad to you know you got your head back on straight. Do you thang and enjoy the holiday. And wrap it up if you're having prego dreams. LOL

July 02, 2008  

E-P-S!!! Isn't that the name of the common piss to see if you preggo stick?

Good luck in the fall! My days of taking multiple classes are long gone!

Oh yeah, I am throwing a party 12/13 to celebrate the graduation. If you wanna drive down a state, you are invited :-)

July 02, 2008  

Monique...Man you know I'm trying to stop that LOL as much as I love the kiddies I would much rather right now love them and return them home LOL

Lady...Girl I dont need one of those LOL...Yea I need to get it in so I can finish...on top of that I think you've given me enough notice to drive down a state LOL..just keep reminding me lol

July 02, 2008  

Glad to hear you're doing well. Hope you have a great weekend.

July 02, 2008  

Hello Ms. Honey,

You've been tagged!

You have a good weekend too!

July 03, 2008  

not babies in the sleep! hilarious. the one where Dwayne crashes her wedding is one of the best ever!!!!!!!! love that ep! my hands fly to my mouth and i get teary EVERY. TIME!! who does the open arms thing??? crazy!!

July 04, 2008  

yeah I remember that episode with whitley acting a fool...

girl you are better than me... dreaming about being preggars would scare the ish outta me...

hope your having a wonderful holiday weekend to distract from the dreams

July 05, 2008  

you know that means that someone around you is probably the one who is preggers not you...i always have those dreams and someone near me is always turning up preggers...

life definitely has a way of beating us all down at times...but just stay strong and vent when you are ready to

July 07, 2008  

I read somewhere dreams of pregnancy and babies has to do with your creativity and goals for bringing something new into the world--you have a lot of plans and endeavors. Perhaps you are a little concerned about them coming to fruition.

In the meantime, you sure do have a lot of friends and family with brand new babies--your mind is probably in baby overdrive.

July 08, 2008  

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