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Thursday, July 31, 2008


My lil sis is seriously blowing me. How you just give birth like a week ago and you worried about when we going out...not to say that she is trying to go to the club but I'm like dang. I hope she dont think I would put my nephews off on my parents or that I'm gonna let her do that either..when I'm in town haha

I'm suppose to go home tomorrow since I have it off and I figured she would go into labor...but she had him last week..I can't wait to see my Ja'lyn who I have nicknamed JayDee (JD) his middle name is Derrick.

If I do go home we'll prob just do a movie and dinner or something..nothing too serious I cant bear the thought of my parents taking care of HER kids while we party the night away.

Ok so I am sooo in love with Lloyd's new CD man he never lets me down and there are few folks that I have every one of their cd's cause music tends to be trash these days...but I am feeling Keri Hilson's Energy I hope her CD does well.

Hun and I are aight I guess....honestly I dont know what or how I'm gonna handle whatever it is that I'm doing. I wanna move out..but that's easier said than done when you're paying a mortgage and going to school. So I'm gonna see how school goes and make plans to move out by the end of this year...does he but honestly I dont even wanna talk to him about it until I can seriously move....he knows that I was thinking about it but he doesn't know that I'm still thinking about it.

About a month or so ago I got a message on myspace from some chic that had some info. Turns out she had been sleeping with him and what not. He had been lying about going to work and going over there and what not. I'm thinkin i'm giving him space to do music since thats what he claims he LOVES and he's bonin oh girl. Great, yea I'm not home all the time but I didnt move in with a guy to be alone all the I hang out with my girls and other friends...I come home yea but when you make it a point to be like well if you aint here i work on music..I dont wanna do nothing but work on music...then I'm gonna think you dont want me around or you dont care if I aint around......yea uh huh. So we had a big blow up about that cause just the day before I had a strange feeling and I asked him about it and he was like nah things are good..I'm good...we're good then BAMN I find that out...great. On top of that I saw more info that I think he held out on and that's the other thing that hurts.

So he's trying to prove to me that he wont ever do that this point I dont know if I even care cause everytime I leave or whatever I question what he says and does. He is planning something for my bday in October (if I'm still around then) I told him a while ago that I didnt wanna be in VA so I have no idea what he's planning...once again to prove to me I guess that he is very sorry. The part that blows me is that this fool really played the part I didnt see any of this crap coming....SERIOUSLY...ah well. I was always like oh he dont care if I leave he is gonna work on music anyway he is a real chill type dude yea uh huh chill with someone else lol

Lesson learned and I wouldn't have known any of this if we had not lived together. But what I hate is when folks take it upon themselves to tell me oh I dont you two should have moved in together do I say I dont think you should have come out today with that purple outfit on it makes you look like I let you live your life mistakes and all....for the most part it isnt' even my girls cause they know I'm already half depressed about it's my male friends..well one in particular. But he's trying to holla so I'm kinda like boo dont be trying to make yourself seem better than the averge when you just like them...its just gonna take time for your dogness to shine through.

In other news I am soo ready for class to start I make my first tuition payment tomorrow and I buy my book in a couple of weeks. I took the first day of class off from work so I could have my head ready for this 4 class load. Needlesstosay the closer I get to finishing the more excited I get about finding a new job.

I was at R's job the other day and I realized just how strange our relationship might seem to folks. Roomie was like you spend more time with him than you do Hun and I was like yea I know..he's like the BF and Hun is like the roomie. He doesn't like to do anything and R will do everything. When I wanna go to the movies..I go with him. When I go for drinks he comes or meets me there....when I get invited to cookouts if Hun is acting stank...R goes....I know sad but true...ah well.

This weekend will be chill...gonna go look for a dress cause I'm hanging out with my girls and we've decided that we're all wearing dresses.....

I know I gotta update on my weight..I haven't forgotten just wanted get down some more before i report lol...have a great weekend since today is my FRIDAY!!!!

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Wow. I was wondering if that was what happened to you that had you so down a few weeks back. I lived with someone and found out he was our house! when I started finding bras and underwear that either too big or too small for me, I knew something was up. Take it as a lesson learned and get the hell out. Trust you won't regret it.

So lil sis is trying to get out? Girl, tell her sit down and take care of that baby. LOL As my grandma would say, "She's still fresh of the table giving birth.". LOL

July 31, 2008  

I'm at a loss for words, so I'mma just say *hugs all around* It'll all work out.

July 31, 2008  

I heard that...This is my friday too...I plans to kick it...U have fun with your girls...

July 31, 2008  

Regardless what you do, just make sure you're happy. I have been preaching that to anyone who'll listen ever since my situation went down. The most important thing I have learned this year. You'll be good. Cream always rises to the top.

July 31, 2008  

i'm so sorry to hear about you and Hun. i agree w/ organized noise. do what's best for you and what you know in your heart of hearts is right.

enjoy the weekend!

August 01, 2008  

Hey do what you gotta do chica. Give him his space if that's what he wants. It's all about you.

August 01, 2008  

I've been blog surfing lately and came across yours...I like, I like. I'll have to keep checking up. BTW, thank God for good guy friends, they always come in handy when the huns of the world aren't acting right.

August 01, 2008  

man, sorry to hear about hun. just do you and remember what he did has NOTHING to do with you. don't go questioning your appeal or worth on some ole selfish, self-serving shit like that.

August 03, 2008  

i think pretty much everyone has said what i really wanted to say...but the main thing is just be HAPPY no matter what don't settle and be happy,it may take a moment or two for YOU to figure out what makes you truly happy but be happy....and what happened doesn't have any barring on you...when someone cheats it because of their own lacking...

August 04, 2008  

Sweetie, thru the good and the bad you have to do what is best for you, remember in life there are no do overs so no point in sitting in a bowl of unhappiness.

Whatever you decide I forever have your back



August 04, 2008  

I was trying to figure out wnat happened a little ehile ago. I'm so sorry to read what "Hun" did. I've been cheated on (as most women) and I know how you feel. (((((HUGS)))))

August 05, 2008  

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