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Friday, August 08, 2008

No Sleep!

Well the story from the other day has not been proven to be true or false...but the car is damaged (according to roomie) but of course we dont know if the persons license wasn't valid or whatever which would cause them not to file a police report. Im just gonna start laughing at folks when stuff sounds like follywag.

Anywho this morning I get on the train prepared to sleep till its my time to get off and at about the second stop after mine this lady gets on with two little girls...i'm like oh kelly clarkson please dont let this be the crying car. So I settle into my seat again after this great apprehension and start to fall back into sleep (those lil 20 min do me a lot of good). Low and behold another lady gets on this time with a lil boy. So it begins first the lil girl was crying becuase her big sister would not share whatever she had with her. The mom of course tells her to give it to her lil sister and stop being mean......on and on she crys. She quiets down but is still whimpering. The lil boy apparently took his que cause he decides that he wants to go out the metro doors even though clearly its not his stop. His mom begins to pull him into her lap, he's falling out of her lap screaming at the top of his lungs. I felt so sorry for the man sitting beside her cause I know he was like what the hell have I gotten myself into this morning.

The mother of the lil boy was trying not to spank him you could tell but inside my head I'm like pop his lil legs he will cry a lil longer but at least he will sit down and stop screaming and distrubing my sleep. He goes on and on up and down onto the floor. While all this is going on apparently an old man took this as his que to go into stories ( a what seemed like 10 metro stop story) about his grandchildren and how he was forced to beat their behinds when they tried to run game on him. I was like come on folks I'm trying to sleep...I didnt say this out loud but of course I was thinking this in my head. I mean I need that lil bit of sleep, it makes me sorta wake up for the day...these bammas destroyed it! will I be with my children...will I let them just scream and scream....knowing me I'll pop them bammas as soon as they start. Hopefully I will have the evil stare like my mom use to have on me and my sisters...boy was that lethal.

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ROTFLMAO hahahaaaa

I'm so glad my children NEVER tried this.. they already knew I was CRAZY and didn't care where they were act up and you get cut!!! LOL

August 08, 2008  

that 20-30 minutes of extra sleep does in DEED make s difference man oh man would i have been pissed! so I can dig

August 08, 2008  

You have to have patience with kids. They want to get into everything because it's new to them. On a few occasions my 3 yr old has showed out in public. Sometimes it be that way.

August 08, 2008  

i'm not sure i'll be having kids cuz if mine showed out, that'd be a BIG PROBLEM. gal is right, folk need patience. unfortunately i have very little.

August 08, 2008  

I think the stare only works on boys the first coupla times

August 11, 2008  

see that is where mp3 players and ipods come in handy...I mean when I'm on the bus, I have my music on....I hate when people see you with earphones and still try to talk to you or when you're reading a book...can't they see you're trying to look busy for a reason...

August 14, 2008  

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