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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

True or False

You hear the following story from a friend:

I got into a car accident with the kids and my boyfriend (one of the kids including a less than one month old baby). We didnt' get a police report, the lady had allstate (does that mean that she aint gonna try to get you on the funds to get the car fixed).

The ambulance checked the kids out said they were ok, we didnt go to the hospital cause we didnt wanna ride in the ambulance (and yes they have insurance).

She says the car is messed up bad, the person hit the passenger side, her boyfriend says it aint that bad. No one has seen the car. After the accident they go to his moms house, take a nap then go to dinner. The next day they go to the hospital.....hmmmmmm

True or False?

posted by Ms.Honey at 7:08 AM


As much as I want to believe this mess is false, something tells me it's completely true. And they might show up on Judge Ma.this at somepoint to try and get paid for their "damages".

August 05, 2008  

I'm with's true but they have left out crucial maybe someone was "under the influence" so they didn't go to the hospital...something doesn't pass the smell test.


August 05, 2008  

damn. that sounds like something my folk would do so imma say it's true.

August 05, 2008  

hmph.. sounds like somebody was drunk or didnt have their license/registration/insurance in order.. sad sad sad.. won't do them no good.. they didn't get a police report.. they are liable and if was the other person's fault.. they can't prove it LOL it will be their word against the others.. IN THE WORDS OF FRED G. SANFORD.. YOU BIG DUMMY

August 05, 2008  

i'm going to say this is true. now, the complete and true story as to why they chose to go a day later wasn't told. are you going to follow up with the juicy details? :-)

August 05, 2008  

it sounds strange

August 05, 2008  

I'd like to say false but this sounds so ghetto familiar that I'm going to say true.

August 06, 2008  

Sometimes the pain of a car accident does not happen until the next day, when you have had time to sleep and the muscles have had time to relax. I think the story is true. So, is it?

August 06, 2008  

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