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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

My guilty pleasure..Baldwin Hills and the Secret Life of the American Teenager come on tonight...of course the first in on BET which I rarely watch just cause I'm tired of seeing horrible music videos and for some odd reason I dont like 106 and park anymore...on top of that its just full of nonsense yet I find myself glued to the TV or the internet trying to catch up on the lives of Moriah and Lor'rena and the rest of the gang and of course everyonce in a while Hell Date LOL

The Secret Life of the American teenager comes on ABC Family and consists of some bad acting but hey the story got me...HS girl gets preg by the school man whore at band camp (which my children will not be attending...too much stuff occurs at those types of things LOL) and now has to deal with that and the fact that her dad is dating or was dating the school girl whore who just so happens to be the school man whores butt buddy...great. The girls boyfriend who is the heir to a sausage throne has already said he wants to marry her..yes at 15 lol so you can see why sometimes I roll my eyes but hey it's like a train wreck you can't look away.

Finished the Mary Higgins Clark book on to the next one and I even went to the library to check out somemore...I'll keep ya posted on what I've read and what I think about spoilers unless I feel like being mean LOL. I love my share of Ghetoo Urban Ficiton but sometimes I get disgusted when I read one and there are grammatical mistakes I mean dont you have an's already Ghetoo Fiction should I put on my ghetto glasses in order to read it. I picked up Black Widow by Nikki Turner who I actully can an excerpt from the first chapter online and decided that I actully might be able to get through it so we'll see how that goes.

So this weekend I will def be catching up on my reading. I'm suppose to hit up Bmore with one of my homegirls without the menfolks...we've been friends since we were younger and she just got engaged....her fiancee is actually one of the few guys that Hun likes hanging out with so it's always easy to get him to do stuff outside his box if she knows that her boo is gonna be there...

I'm leaving early on Friday and off on Monday wooohooo (no vacation just an appt and class starts on monday)

In other news: Why do homeless folk fight over corners...I mean come on there are more than enough and standing in front of the CVS aint gonna get you more change than if you stand in front of the Wachovia....great

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homeless folk got the corner hoarding down to a science so ya betta recognize! lol

i've watched about ten hours of television over the last month. i feel like i'm living in a CAVE.

August 19, 2008  

Baldwin Hills is ONE of my guilty pleasures also. Can't wait to see tonite's episode.

I was not diggin' the look on dudes face when Staci dropped the bomb on him that she was preggers and Lo'Rena makes me wanna reach through my TV and shake a biotch!

She's just waaaaaaay too extra!!

Can't make sense of why folk fight over corners myself...and especially NOT when all that good energy could be put into finding a damn job.

Heeeeeeeey Ms. Honey!!!! :-)

August 19, 2008  

I cannot get into Baldwin Hills. It's just like The Hills on MTV to me. The American Teenager show caught me with the previews. I've been meaning to watch an episode but baby boy keeps me busy.

August 19, 2008  

Girl, I read this Ghetto Fiction book a few weeks ago and could not stop laughing at how ridiculous it was. There were so many typos and grammatical errors it was comical.

The storyline was simply awful.

August 19, 2008  

Hi Chica, passing thru. I have even gotten attached to Baldwin Hills. LOL Alot of the ghetto fiction books are edited (if even) horribly. Same story different folks.

August 21, 2008  

I would be very happy if BET could make strides to create better programs and shows- issues that relate to a broader audience, not just hip hop videos and rich kids. I love some of the shows that ABC Family run, but my favorite is Lincoln Heights, which will be back on in September! Do your best to check that out!

August 26, 2008  

What does the bee do?

Bring home honey.

And what does Father do?

Bring home money.

And what does Mother do?

Lay out the money.

And what does baby do?

Eat up the honey.

--------- by Age Of Conan gold

September 19, 2008  

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