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Monday, September 08, 2008


Called today and apparently the person who lived in my apt before me has yet to turn in the keys...get it together folks...I will be moving in on Friday even if you have to put me somewhere else...thanks

Cable is set up to come on Fri..can't be without my cable too long yes!

Going to the movies Fri night prob to see the new Tyler Perry movie or the Women dont know which one yet

Looking forward to finally moving in...although I have NOT packed...yes you read correct I have NOT packed...I'm a slacker I know

Man I've been on the brink of falling apart and its not even because of the move...I promise when you think you're getting things on the right path the devil steps in and slaps you keep me in your prayers.....

Middle sis put me on her membership to Sams Club which is great cause I'll def need that in my life LOL

Friends have offered to come and help me unpack..with little distractions this weekend and I can't be more overjoyed that folks love me enough to help me pack and unpack.

I'm blessed I know that much

Lil Sis is acting a dang on fool talkign about I need to talk to my mother...umm boo no she's momma I aint sayin crap to can't take care of your kids and she can....we'll leave it at that.

I think she's on drugs...dont know if she's just smokin the cheeba or what but she's on something.....

Had a "date" on Sat night. I use the term loosely cause it's someone that I've known for a min we just never hung out. Watched the DVD of Martin shows which was cool cause it was just chill. Dude talking about he'll wait till I'm ready to be in a relationship I said that will be a min LOL not trying to do that whole thing again just yet.

He's cool offered to help me unpack and what not....we'll see how cool he is this time next year hahhahha

Counting down the days till the whole day off to move...great

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ummm they should be changing your locks anyways! you don't know how many keys and things were made, so that shouldn't even be an issue...

September 08, 2008  

They need to be changing locks. Forget waiting on someone to turn in the key.

My friend let me use her Sam's Card. I hate that place. I always have to walk down every aisle because they don't have signs telling you what's on that particular aisle. My friend said she can tell I'm not a member because I don't know where anything is located.

September 08, 2008  

ditto what everyone else said about changing the locks.

lol @ seeing whether he's cool a year from now. it's the truth, though! dudes that seemed real cool a year ago are super whack now.

September 08, 2008  


and dang, ya boy is moving in FAST. i guess he's calling dibbs? LOL

September 09, 2008  

TC...I know right I'm bout to call there now and be like just break down the door and change the locks which is what I said anyway but I was at work and trying not to be ghetto.

TSG...that's the same thing I was thinking...I LOVE Sams..and I generally know where everything is and I dont mind walking around I just grab some samples lol

BlkB...Man aint that truth lol they be extra corny too you be like didnt I see this coming lol

Nikki..I know is he I was like slow your roll man WOW..talking about he dont want me to get I wanna get away to myself breathe easy lol

September 09, 2008  

yeah what they said...

What happened with R? I thought he was going to be someone if you and Hun didn't make it for the long haul

September 09, 2008  

Lady...R is still around he actually likes like liess t han 15 min from my new spot. He said we'll see if this new move will bring us closer since he has no excuse not to come over...we'll see lol

September 09, 2008  

you know I hate moving...I just moved two weeks ago and have yet to unpacked...everything looks a mess... I say as for the rest....just trust in God and he'll never leave you...I've been slighty depressed for a while which has made me shut out the world at times and become mia but with God everything works itself out. So everything in you're life will definitely work itself out.

September 09, 2008  

moving is the worst... but at least you got a man helping

September 10, 2008  


In April,

Come he will,

In May,

Sing all day,

In June,

Change his tune,

In July,

Prepare to fly,

In August,

Go he must!
~by maple story accounts

September 19, 2008  

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