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Friday, September 26, 2008


Dr. Pratt is dead.....I'm in mourning

Why do they kill off all the good people on shows....and why do I act like its more than a show lol

Thank you sir for saying that I caught your eye....however you caught mine about 5 months ago when you stopped me at the subway shop near my job and I told you I had a I dont but you're still not attractive. I'm pretty sure you didnt even know that it was me, however if you were watching me like you said you were you would have noticed that I was trying to catch some Zzzzz's before I headed off to work. So you got the I have a man answer and I proceeded to look back out the window...and catch my Zzzzzz...thanks

I wanna sleep in......a full Saturday. I have yet to do that and I miss it. Not sure when I'll be able to get that sleep I want but I'm crossing my fingers.

I have indigestion really bad at bad that it keeps me up and sometimes makes me cry...guess its time to go to the doctor....ewwwwww

He's counting down the days till he's back home...cute. I'm not even gonna say I miss talking to him cause he will take that a whole diff way :)

Once again I didnt sleep at home hahhaa....I like sleeping at your house...what can I say.

I need to get this head done I can't stand to have it lookin like Mr. Shuttlesworth

I like smoothies.....especially the Odwalla superfood one..its green but tastey

I admit that I love laying on my couch watching the tube...ahhhhh such a refreshing feeling.

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I haven't watched ER I know in five or six seasons and decided to tune in since this is the final one. I kinda knew what was going on and BAM Dr. Pratt dies and I'm boo hoo'ing and remember WHY I stopped watching the show - it dehydrates me! LOL

I'm back on it now. It's good and Angela comes this week.

October 01, 2008  

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