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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lord Have Mercy!!! Kelly Clarkson...Eddie Murphy!!!! (B. Scott)

Man I love B. Scott hahaha I sooo wanna call some folks nasty gutterbutt trollops hahah

I packed up the kitchen last night....I was nice enough to leave him some silverware since I have more than enough and some glass I just made sure I took my favorites and the can opener haha..he can buy another one, it's only a dollar.

I wanted to take the dishrack but I decided that I could find a way better one :)

I def have to get a nonstick pan I wanted his but didn't wanna be mean plus I saw this blue one I want...yes it's my fav color back off

Everything is a go, I'm going in the morning and my dad should be in town by 11. Cable folks are coming between 2-5 so I'm gonna try to put some stuff in my car tonight so I can stay in MD tonight and be there right when they open so I can be back at the house by the time my dad gets here.

Man I must say I love my parents....I didn't have a dresser..yea I know so my mom gave me my nephews since he doesn't live there anymore so whooohooo. I want a new bed but that will all come with time..I'm sticking with what I got it works just fine :)

Lots of my friends and I will call these folks friends have said that if I need them to call them or even that they will come by and help me unpack. I dont mind at all cause at first I was like I aint gonna need no help. However I can see just from the boxes that I packed up that I can't do it alone lol

My clothes will prob be the last to be unpacked cause there are so many of them. I am even giving stuff away so far one bag of clothes and one bag of shoes....and I haven't even touched two other bins upstairs..those will get tackled tonight.

By the time my daddy comes tomorrow I should have everything in the living room ready to be loaded up.....we shall see if this happens cause I have a tendency to be packign and moving at the same time LOL. I can't help it I never know when I'm gonna need something.

Ok so why was I walking to the Springfield Mall parking garage from the Metro (it's free and not that far) and this guy in a military fatigue uniform walks beside and says I can be nice so I say hi and keep walking..he says you like nice in strips..I'm thinking aight so I respond thanks....he goes on to say yea I like my women nice and must be a southern girl...and I'm like is this old man serious, you're old enough to be my I didn't wanna over do it and run screaming perv perv so I'm like thank you and I keep walking...he then says yea you know I was just thinking that you'll give me something to think about when I get home...skkkuuuurrttttt...EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW you nasty gutterbutt trollop.......get the F^%& outta here.....i just did this nervous laugh and proceeded to let him walk in front of me. I mean did he feel the need to keep talking and not pay attention to what he was saying...WOW..buddy you should have stopped while you're ahead...I got my eye on you!!!

So I'll be busy packing tonight, moving tomorrow, hopefully catch a movie in between all that and a chapter meeting on Saturday and then lunch with the sorors after the I prob wont get back home till mid afternoon.

G has offered to come over and help. I'm not trying to lead him on, so I was like aight but I'm pretty sure I'll be fine. Dont want him to try to bust his way into my life...just chill dude....breathe a lil stop trying to wife me LOL....I'm living the single life man hahaha

See you guys Monday! Hopefully I'll have some excitment to report on :)

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Wow, where have I been?
Well, all the best with your move. And yes, you can find a better dish rack (maybe one that washes the dishes for you).

September 11, 2008  

Good luck with the move

September 11, 2008  

GC...Umm I have no idea where you've been at lol girl I wish I could find one that washed them for me I hate washing dishes

Moniques..thanks homie!

September 11, 2008  

The Hell?!?! I get a new lap top come over to check on you and you I got to go back and read trying to figure out what the hell happened. Ok My fault! Sending you some Libra love...

September 12, 2008  

Hey Honey what's going on. I have to go back and read too. Hope you are well...stop by when you get a minute stranger...

September 13, 2008  

Good luck with the move!

Parents are always helpful. Mine have been since I moved into my new apartment

September 13, 2008  

I hope all went well with the move...I need a dresser..thought about finding one on craigs list since my new place lack closet...and me ...I need closet so my clothes are in control of my is quiet sad...if I lived there I would help you unpacked..but you probably kick me out after you'd catch me trying on

September 13, 2008  

What does the bee do?

Bring home honey.

And what does Father do?

Bring home money.

And what does Mother do?

Lay out the money.

And what does baby do?

Eat up the honey.

--------- by Age Of Conan gold

September 19, 2008  

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