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Monday, September 15, 2008

New Start....

My name is HoneyLibra and a packrat :(

I didn't realize I had so much stuff....I've packed away two bags of clothes and a bag and a half of shoes and I still gotta get stuff from the other house and move it to my apt. So tonight after class that's what I'm gonna be doing.

However all the big stuff is moved which is great so that was a blessing. Dad and my sisters boyfriend got there around 2 on Fri, I was already at my new apt waiting for the cable guy (a whole nother story in itself) so I left the key for them and they loaded up the truck and came to the new spot.

My dad likes it, wonders why I moved so far away lol..told him I needed to step out and do something diff but he did say the area was nice and it seemed quiet..told me not to be standing outside all late at ok Daddy.

Anywho we got done with the big stuff around 8 and I followed them back into VA cause I wanted to get some more stuff that would last me at least till I could get back to VA to get the rest of my shoeboxes and clothes.

I realized after finally getting back to my new spot that I had left the shower curtain rings in the what did I do...fold the shower curtain over and stand next to the wall hoping no water was on the floor when I got out lol and it worked..yesterday I used earrings to hold it up hey what can I say I'm creative.

This weekend was pretty chill, I hung out on the I did not unpack my clothes LOL that will occur gradually :) what can I say when it comes to unpacking I'm a slacker...but the kitchen is unpacked and so is the bathroom minus of course the shower curtain rings. I LOVE my closet space being that I have so many clothes...there is a closet in my room, a coat closet and a storage closet (with racks) so I should have more than enough room for all my stuff.

I need to get a new comforter set and some curtains for the bedroom and mini window in the living room. But other than that I'm def lovin the has the bomb ceiling fan in the bedroom someone asked me if I bought it I was like heck no lol

My dad was in love with the lights in the bathroom and the new appliances which are black...wooohooo

Aight so here is the funniest part of my weekend other than me getting locked out which was not funny at the time but is a tad hilarious now.

So the cable guy was to come between 2-5. I left with my sisters boyfriend to get some more stuff from VA so my dad stayed at my place. Cable guy comes, installs the stuff and my dad calls me tellign me that he needs my comp to do the internet. I tell him to just leave it and I'll do it myself. He informs me that it might be difficult and that he didnt' want to get in trouble with Comcast by not doing his job...I said ok sweetie i'm not in VA and I dont want to hold you up just because you need to install my internet...leave it I'll call comcast and request you if i have trouble. So he says aight I'm gonna leave you my number so you can call me directly...aight works for me I love personal service....i asked him his name...Julio apparently I said it funny cause he was like what and I was like nothing you just dont sound umm.....LOL and he says I'm Dominican and I open my big mouth and say Ohhh you must be a cutie..he laughs we hang up and I go bout my business.

Sidebar: We get to the house in the bridge and my dad had my key so we had to wait for Hun...he came helped load up some stuff and I noticed he had a spot on his chest I'm like what happened to you did you hurt yourself.....ohhhh is that a hickey...nah it's not..laugh and all that and finally I'm like dont he's like yea it is...I'm like dang dude have you not learned not to lie to just proved that you aint changed one bit. Yea it was strange living together and not being together but you already sleeping with chics did you use protection wow cause you sure were sleeping with me at the same time....talking about why he gotta explain himself I'm like dont even worry about it dude....great...moving right along

Call my dad to tell him we're on the way back and the cable dude is STILL there...WOW I know this dude aint waiting around to see what I look like (in my dirty white tee, sweaty locs, and velour pants lol and I'm smelling like a field slave), but we pull up and there he is..WOW. I have NEVER seen an ugly Dominican man...that day was the day.....glasses that covered eyes that were either too big, or cross eyed, or lazy I couldn't tell....a mouth that was missing some teeth and the ones that were there some were bigger than the others WOW....why my sisters bf was like he got a nice smile dont he I was like WOW..dang next time I even gonna say nothing hahah..a hot mess and this fool still messed me a regular cable box when I asked for DVR so great.

I locked myself out on Sat night waiting for G to come over needlesstosay I need to give my keys to someone who lives close enough to come help in case I get locked out and there is only one person that comes to mind LOL....R. He actually has a key to my car cause I've locked myself out numerous times either leaving his house or near his house or whatever. Plus even if he's not home he's still close enough to bring me my keys...cause he's never that far from home...even for work.....

So that was my first weekend in my's always an adventure hahah

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Sounds like you had an eventful weekend, glad moving went well. LOL @ the ugly cable guy!!

September 15, 2008  

you had me cracking up about the ugly dominican...I mean I with you on dominican's being to see

So R has the key...hmmm...

I'm like you..on clothes...I'm the worse has been 3 weeks and I have yet to unpack crap...but I did set up the wireless connection if that counts... I mean I would unpack but unlike your closet space I've went from having a small room for a closet to no closet at all..not even a place to hang clothes and I haven't decided how I will build a closet..I thought about searching store closing and seeing if I could buy racks for cheap...they would be good to keep forever. glad to hear you settling into your new place.

September 15, 2008  

Tasha...I'm glad it went smoothly as well

Brwn...Man I was SOOOO heated especially after I had told him he must be a cutie lol never again I tell you. Well last night I went through all my little boxes filled with old mail and paper so I'm doing somewhat better but I know my clothes will not be unpacked anytime soon at least not all of them lol

September 16, 2008  

Congrats on the new apt!!!

smh @ Hun...I haven't kept up but damn dude moved on fast.

lmao @ your description of the dominican cable!

September 17, 2008  

Enjoy your new spot and be careful!

September 17, 2008  

It sound slike you are going to enjoy your new home girl.

But Dang!!!! Hun wastes no time moving on does he? Geesh.

September 19, 2008  


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September 19, 2008  

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