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Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm ready to go tummy dont feel too good

I dont wanna be on this conference call tonight but I have to....

I wish it were Friday already

Then again I have a packed weekend so maybe today is just fine

You are such a loser

You're my sister and right now I feel like slappin the crap out of you

I like you yes...but dont try to wife me yet dang lol can we chill for a second

I miss ya man.....yea you....not you haha

I'm your sunshine......awwwww just typing that makes me smile

I wish I could take your pain away.....but if I could then I'd take mine away too

I like the new place, and no I dont want you to come visit just cause you live 10 min away

Dont invite yourself over

You lickin your lips while you talk to me is suppose to do what.............

Yes I'm losing weight, but I dont look like I'm starving wow

On top of that did I look bad before hahaha

Man in less than a month I'll be 26. And just to think when I was in HS I wanted to be married by now with a kid hahahah..can ya imagine

I can see next year shaping up to be the year though...not for a baby lol but for something big :)

I know you miss me...I dont miss saying that you're gonna be moving to Bmore aint gonna make you look no better to me....

You are insane if you think I'm going out of the state with you I wont even let you come to my house you cause me to be mean to you

I think I secretly like it though

I need to give some more shoes away....I just dont know how they are gonna fit in my closet

I miss you Toot, Fat Fat and JayD....auntie can't wait to see you again :)

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YO HONEY!!! Looking wonderful girl....lovin that pic of you

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September 22, 2008  

Let me find out you got that new new haha

September 23, 2008  

"I like you yes...but dont try to wife me yet dang lol can we chill for a second"

OMG... why I got one of them too... I mean can it get cold outside first

September 23, 2008  

you cant stop me from coming over lol :) now where is my key..dont call me bout you locked out! lol

September 23, 2008  

lmao@eb "can it get cold outside first." that's what I'M sayin.

love the photo, honey! you look delicious!

September 23, 2008  

EB...GURL I was like dang homie...I mean can I know you a year before you wife me lol

BK...HAHAHA You know I did get locked out too LOL I know I can't stop you lol it's the others I'm worried about

Nikki..I know right but what she said is so true I mean dang can we cuddle a lil by the fire haha..aww thanks mayum!!

September 23, 2008  

Ms. Honey... I have a brotha telling me that he loves me way too early. It must be the season for sentiments or sumthin'!

September 24, 2008  

Giving shoes away??? I'm an 8 1/2...are you??? yes??? lol

Enjoy your weekend!

September 26, 2008  

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