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Monday, November 28, 2005

An Adventure called Thanksgiving...

The holiday has come and gone and what can I say. I got lots of sleep, ate some great food (especially the peach cobbler), had tons of fun with the fam and got a flat tire on 95-S at night. Yea it seems that when it rains it pours.

I left on Monday to go home cause my car had to be at the dealership on Tues morning to get it checked out cause I kept hearing this air come through my passenger make a long story short they kept my car half the day and it still isn't fixed. So we left on Wed to go to parents left before me since I had to pick up T and my goddaughter. We get on the road at about 1:30pm and we are almost at 95-S when I get a ticket for speeding..great strike one. So needlesstosay that messed up my mojo so we stopped to get something to eat before we got on 95.

I'm driving while they are sleeping and listening to music when everyone wakes up and then we hear this noise. I say "what the heck is that" maybe it's a sports car engine then the best friend (T) says that is so loud i was like yea they coming up beside up they are making alot of noise then she says no I think you got a flat tire..I pull over and I see all this smoke coming up from my back tire. Once I get out I see that I had been riding on my rim for like 2 min and my tires was smoking. You could smell the rubber in the car, outside the car, probably down the interstate. So I called mom and got the Triple A number and they sent someone out to change the tire. In the meantime we are entertaining my god daughter who is 9 months old and was somewhat happy to get out of her car seat. Then my sis and best friend mention that the house on the other side of the fence we are on looks like it belong to the Chainsaw Massacre man...great. Something else to make me frightened of being on the interstate in total darkness. The only good thing is that it's 95 so cars were coming and going the whole time we were there.

Finally the Triple A man came, we conversed, he was a white guy and reminded me of a wanna be Justin Timberlake..anyway...he fixed the tire. It looked like something had gotten caught up in it and ripped it to shred (not literally) all I could think of was Jeepers Creepers. So we finally get back on the road after stopping to fill up and make it to Myrtle Beach at around 11pm so I was tired.

Thanksgiving was great.....we ate around 3 and just sat around and talked. Then we retired to our hotel rooms or whereever we were going. Fri morning the whole family had breakfast in our room..we had a three room suite with a living room. Yea real nice mini vacation. After breakfast we went to Walmart and got a new tire on the car. Man that place was a mad house. Sooo many people I thought we were never going to get out of here. But I'm glad I wasn't there during the madd rush that morning. I was too tired to get up for the early bird where was I going to go on a donut?

That night we all ate a wonderful dinner of gumbo made by my cousin in the navy in my aunt's room. Then after dinner we played charades (spell check). I tell ya play that game with your family and you will realize how funny some people are. For example my mom had to have her team guess Micheal Jackson. If you know my mom you would be like yea right but she did her own lil rendition of the moonwalk that had me crackin up way after the game was over. I also noticed that some family members aren't too good at acting out expressions...let's just say that next year I will make sure they are one a team together lol

Sat was the day that everyone checked out and said good bye until next year or another time before Thanksgiving that we would see one another. We left way before check out at 11am cause my Dad had to be at choir rehersal that night. So we are in NC and out of no where this lil dear comes across the road....yes...Dad hits it. And even though it was a lil dear that thing tore up my moms bumper on her Toyota Tundra.....but that's the good news it was only the bumper plus we were witnesses and her insurance covers it. No harm , no foul.

While away in SC I talked to a friend well I guess he use to be more than a friend but we parted ways and still converse on occassion...needlesstosay I'll be going to NC to visit him in a couple of weeks probably after New Years. I also realized that the partial reason as to why I have so much confusion in my dating life which I don't call a life more like an adventure in the land of stupid ville.....but I digress. Back to what my problem is.....I have gotten over our initial parting of ways but I haven't gotten over how special he made me feel and I've always wanted that back. But I've informed him that if we ever crossed that bridge..meaning talked about trying to work on a relationship again..he would have to bring it up. So this visit is just a friendly hard soft ones either lol

So I'll keep ya update.
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Good luck with your reunion "hook up" with ole boy. Sometimes in absence, the magic fades.

November 28, 2005  

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