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Monday, November 07, 2005

Do it up.....

Man this weekend was one of those weekends where you are so glad that it came cause everyday was filled with fun, drinks and good times. I know it's cheesy but what can I say, me and roomie did it up this weekend. I was twisted fri night and sat night, so let's just say we had some funny moments.

So Friday we each got of work and decided to hit up Adams Morgan with some of the roomies co-workers. One of which was the one we went out with on Halloween night and his cousin. So we get home and have to decide on what to wear. After we got dressed we headed out there to see what was poppin in DC on a Friday night. So we arrive in DC and now we have to find a parking space.....MAN!!! When people say that parking at Adams Morgan isn't a joke...they got that right. Tell me why we got down there a lil bit before 9 and we didn't park until exactly 9:45 on the dot and when I say on the dot I mean on the dot. I remember what time it was cause were both like if we don't find a space by 10 we leaving. On top of that where we parked was near some bomb houses. I'm talking Embassy Castle looking houses. The ones that you only see on the lifestyles of the rich and famous. So yea we were gawking, I mean I knew there were some nice houses in DC but dang....I tell ya.

We meet up with the guys and the one person we knew introduced us to everyone else. Got some drinks had some shots, then the guys told us there was this place across the street where there was a live reggae band with no cover. We were like how come we didn't go there first, we had to pay to get in here. Now what man in his right mind wouldn't even offer I mean is that even proper etiquette....I'm not saying that I can't pay my own way. But I mean if you as a guy invite me out you could at least act like you want to pay (lol) So we are leaving to go hear this live band and roomie bumps into this guy well he bumps into her. She says did you do that on purpose or were you just tryin to touch me, he was like it was an accident but now it's on purpose..I was like wow that's corny (that's what I was thinking), on top of that he looks like a broke david banner before he lost a lil weight and he had that goatee thing goin on and not in a cute way. So he follows up across the stree, never once asking if he was intruding on what not. We find the guys in the back of the club and the guy decides to buy the roomie and I a drink. Meanwhile the david banner look-a-lik was like do you mind if I chill with you guys..we were like huh lol then he asks up if we want to have some of his remy he brought it in. We were like you brought your own bottle of remy to the club..not that is not only gangsta that is straight up ghetto. Who does that? He trys to act like he was with us which was annoying, the out of the corner of my eye I see this cutie with the double strand twists...they are almost down to this I proceed to go over and play with his hair.

My girls know how much I love a guy with nice hair and nice lips and this one had both. So I'm playing in his hair, yea it was some of the liquor that brought out this boldness in me, cause I'm usually a shy person when it comes to all that. Anyway I'm playin in his hair and he was talking to his boy or whatever then he turns to me and smiles and I'm like I love your hair and he was like I like yours...the locks are coming out pretty cute. Then he asks me my name and all that know the get to know me stuff that isn't too deep. So then his boy trys to talk to roomie, but he wasn't as cute as his boy so some other dude pulls on her and this one was a she talks to him. I'm chatting away being the somewhat social Libra I am, the alchol is helping and he says he likes my eyes..they are inticing. Cute, haven't heard that before. To make a long story short....well shorter (lol) they guys that invited us out kinda felt left out, but I mean you aren't doing nothing so of course I'm gonna converse with someone else. Then I went outside cause old friend called and he was in florida so I had to make sure he was aight. We go outside and along comes the guy that roomie met. He was a cutie, had a lil baby face and all that. So they chatting away, I'm on the phone and we decide to hit up this lil lounge spot called tryst. Went in there had a drink or whatever and chatted....waiting for the night to come to an end or whatever might occur. Then the phone rings and it's ooKKK (his real nickname is KK, but I think ooKKK is funny) he is the cousin of the roomies work friend and one of the guys that we met on halloween and also the same guy who said my back felt sheer (corny) anyway he was asking where we were and I told him we were at this lil lounge, he asked me where the roomie was cause the other guy wanted to know I was like she is with me, where else would she be, we dont' leave one another, especially in DC. So he was like aight we'll be down there and I'm thinking no one asked you to come down here.

What I forgot to mention was that when we were at the live band place he left to go outside while I was in the bathroom so I came back and a lil while later I asked where he was and his boy told me that he was outside. So I called him and asked him where he was. He said he was outside he had to step outside for a minute. Then he comes back in and says he didn't think I was feeling him and that was why he stepped out, I was like wow that's corny and just cause I called you, you came back in. He was like well I thought I had the wrong idea and I'm thinking this dude really left cause I won't chillin with him like that..who said I was gonna be all up under you. Anyway so I guess he got over that enough to think that I wanted to meet up with him after I was in tryst. So we go outside once we are ready to go after ookkk and his boy had called like 3 times. They see us talking to the roomies new friend and I was talking to my baby daddy..the guy I met at the live band spot. By the time we left we were sooo gone....after having shots, a tom collins, a beer, a sample of chivas and ginger ale and a gin and ginger ale, I was bout ready to pass out.

They came over and what not I guess trying to figure out if they were gonna come home with us and whatnot...NOT!!! LOL too funny So we said good bye to them and continued to chill with the two new friends we had met.

Sat started off a lil boring, I had to go to Verizon once again to get a new phone since my Audiovox is a hot mess...I mean I haven't had it for 6 months and it's already breaking. Then again it was I got a new phone (an LG...and that junk is HOOTTT) So I got a new phone and then go home, me and the roomie decide that we must go out since we don't want the whole weekend to go to a waste. We decide that the spot to be for the night will be H2O. Now we haven't been there in a while so we were both looking forward to it. We get there in time enough to get in free (which is a plus for us cause we do not pay to get in the club)

Come to find out that night was an afterparty for the wizards game and Jadakiss was there....the crowd was aight. I think it was the people that we saw that made it funny. First the roomie say her ex and he was all up in her face when he was the one that messed up. Then we saw the old friends of which tried to talk to roomie (she cut his cause she said he couldn't stroke, LOL) then I saw my first (that's right the guy that turned me into a sex crazed maniac, lol sike not really). He was looking all good and we danced and what not, roomie danced with some guy who brought her all these flowers she was walking around like she was the flower was funny. I started dancing with this guy who had a nice accent (come to find out later he knew my roomie who died, they were friends and he's from Ghana just like she was). I gave him my number and went back to dancing and drinking. The first said he was gonna come home with me....I was like yea aight no you aren't cause you be faking (I tell him that he's scared of me now) So we dancing and laughin at people, just having a good time, enjoying ourselves. We stayed till it shut down..which is very unusual for us....and what do you know I do spend the night with the first and never does someone tell you that it's so good that it's better than their ex-girlfriends (go d, lol) says he can't see me too much I might get him whipped haha.....

Needlesstosay me and the roomie had a blast....we decided that we will try to do that at least once a time it's my treat.

The redskins won..which would be nice if I was a fan, I just felt sorry for them since they have lost so much I think they deserve to have a good year (smile) let's hope this weekend is just as appealing. As you can see the hair is getting a lil longer, I can't wait till it gets to my shoulders..yea I know it's gonna take a while
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