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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Boy is Mine

So many times as females we see this occur when a guy that we are attracted to is with someone else that we seem to deem unworthy (not ever thinking that we might be unworthy lol). Now this person might be perfect for him but for the most part we believe that we are better than she is even if it's just the fact that our hair is longer or we don't have a zit on our forehead.

Of course I've never been the fabulous one in the bunch..meaning when me and the girls use to walk down the street everyone would stop and stare. I am the one who is the thick one who guys yell at because i have a big boota....yea boota (lol) In time I have come to grips with this and am very happy with the curves that God has given me. But I do sense hesitation when I think about what my lil girl will go through when she realizes that at the age of 13 she is a brickhouse.

I'm in no way shape or form saying that I am unhappy with how I look or am unhappy with what God has given me. Because I don't think that everyone can find everyone attractive if that were the case then this world would be freakishly annoying. What I like and find attractive someone else might find replulsive. I think is the joy of dating...finding and eliminating what is a necessary evil. I mean we date beause if we don't date how will we ever know that we hate men who are shorter than us or who eat with their mouths open. How will you ever know that just because a man opens the door for you as you are walking into a restaurant doesn't mean that he knows how to eat pasta or that he knows the correct wine to go with that pasta (that's for K-shine)

In coming to grips with myself and realizing that I'm fearfully and wonderfully made and there is no other like me on this earth..I can honestly say that when I look at a guy now and find him attractive but he is "bunned" up with another female who I find is somewhat different from him. I check myself and remember that there is someone out there for everyone and that just because a guy won't talk to me but will talk to my girl doesn't mean that I'm not beautiful. It just means that there is someone out there who thinks that I'm the hottest thing since PB and J (smile) he just hasn't encountered me yet

"In the quest for love...I found myself" (I think I created that, not too sure) lol
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