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Monday, November 14, 2005

Encounter of the Stupid Kind

So Friday at work I'm chilling talkin to K-shine about my latest thoughts on what is going on with old friend and the Green Eyed one...when she informs me that we as females (mainly me) shouldn't make excuses for men. Ahhhh, so true. I mean if he doesn't call, why am I automatically thinking oh he's busy or he's been working all night. No if he wanted to call he would call, even if it was for 5 seconds to say hey I'm really tired but I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.

Green Eyes does that and I'm beginning to think that's why my guard is slowly coming down. Of course it's not coming down as fast as it usually does, which is a good thing. Cause I've been down this road before and I'm not trying to do it again as a matter of fact I refuse to do it again. So although we've been spending alot of time together for 2 months or so I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch.

So why old friend informs me that I have not talked about him on my BP page and I inform him that he hasn't done so on his either...I tell him that it doesn't take that long to change one sentence and when he is ready to be with me then come talk to me, and then I asked him does it matter that everyone know that we are together..he says no, we know. I said Ehhhhhh WRONG ANSWER. I mean dang what the hell does that say about how I feel, I should tell anyone. And he knows how I am about my feelings, I mean I'm a Libra I get sentimental I like to cuddle and all that and here he is telling me that it doesn't matter that others know about me supposedly being with him. Ok since you feel that way, we'll see if you notice that I'm no longer apart of your inner circle. I will not call I will not email I will not attempt to show you that I care about you as a person or a someone who I would want to be in a relationship with. Since nothing rubs him any kind of way these days, he probably won't even notice.

I mean are you really that stupid that you would think that as a female I wouldn't want people to know that I'm crazy in love with which I say that I'm not as crazy as I thought....score one point for the lust demon for disguising itself as love. So as of now I'm admitting to myself that he's not ready to be with me and if he is then would it really be this hard....perhaps I'll never know cause I'm done.
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sorry to hear that D. Sucks for that dude, he will learn; be it, the hard way.

November 15, 2005  

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