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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Someone to Love you

So many times as single individuals we realize that dating is all a game. Plot to talk to someone, figure out how to get their number, wait to call or see if they call, then determine how to either sleep with them or try and make something out of it. I know that as a female I tend to sometimes compare dates or realize just what I really want out of seeing and spending time with someone.

I think the most memorable date that I've had actually was really a weekend. I was a sophmore in college and my then boyfriend came to visit me. He arrived on a fri after I had gotten out of class and since it had been a couple of weeks since I'd seen him..I was excited. So we spent the whole weekend cuddling, watching movies. He met my friends, we went to dinner and we then went to the homecoming game. It was a really nice time because neither one of us pressured the other one in spending the whole weekend with them. I think the fact that we didn't live near one another also added to the fact that the weekend was such a success. Needlesstosay we enjoyed many weekends after that one and although we are not together we are still good friends....but I do admit to missing him.

I think that sometimes I compare the guys I'm dating to him and of course that's a bad thing but when you've had better why would you want good. So it's not just about comparing it's about knowing how I like to be treat and I treat someone that I'm with. For some odd reason I always get the weirdos who think that just cause I'm not ghetto and I have home training that they can stalk me into staying with them. One guy I was dealing with told me that he just wanted me to have his kid even if we were never together. I told him I'm not agreeing to have children by someone who I couldn't even see myself waking up to the next morning LOL..the nerve of him.

Most of the drama I encounter is probably partially my fault. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt even when I know they don't deserve it. I don't like arguments unless I feel that they are warranted and trust me I will hold one until I get my point across. At the same token....I know when to be quiet or admit that I'm wrong. As a libra I love to be in love and feel at my best when I'm in a relationship. Sad I know but what can I say....i love the idea of having someone who completes me even though I tend to think I complete myself (smile) When you're in a relationship and things are going good it seems as if the world is smiling on you and things are peaches and cream even when you know they aren't.

So at this point and time I've decided to not worry so much about finding the one. I mean I'm 23 and although some of my close friends are married or have children I'm beginning to realize that God has something big in store for me...I just have to be patient. But of course that's something that I'm working on so it seems that I'll be old and living with 500 cats before I get married. The nice part is that the man I'm suppose to marry is going through as much turmoil and headache as I am..wondering and waiting where his queen is. We just haven't crossed paths yet.

All we want is someone to love much as we love them. Someone who will always be there.
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I feel for women. I think that they definitely have it harder in the dating world.

Like yourself, I sometimes give people a huge benefit of the doubt in hopes that they turn into being someone special.

November 09, 2005  

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