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Thursday, November 17, 2005

When it's all said and done.....

it's back to square one. He trippin', she trippin'. Toni Braxton has addressed the issue of people being in love trippin'...I feel ya girl. But what about when you aren't in love and the person you are with or talking to is trippin'. I mean you haven't even had the talk about "where you are" as far as being together . But yet and still this person wants to cop a "tude" cause you didn't call or they haven't talked to you all day. Not for real. If we don't even know where we stand or if I can stand you for more than a day how can you get mad cause I didn't pick up the phone to call you. On top of that do I get angry cause I haven't heard from you...nope. Ah well when it's all said and done it's just that......done. So this entry today will probably include alot of rambling cause that's what is going on in my brain right now....rambling.

So life is life....just living it and trying to stress myself out in the process. I mean why do I stress when all it does is make me worry about every little thing that is somewhat beyond my control. I mean I've gotten emails over the past few weeks that have caused me to look at every single bump on my body. For example I was in the mirror yesterday putting in my contact and just the day before I read an email about this woman's eye that got eaten out by ants while she was in the hospital recovering from surgery. Back to the i'm in the mirror putting in my contact when I feel that my eye is soft like it's about to cave in so I'm like oh Lord! I'm gonna die with one eye, some bug done crawled in my eye and is eating it from the inside out. Needlesstosay I recovered once I found out that it was my contact that hadn't fully moved over that was causing the side of my eye to feel soft (wow, lol) blonde moment! After comparing the softness of the eye to the other eye I was satisfied that I was ok. Sad that everytime I see an email about sickness or what not I take that into consideration..I know I can't worry about being sick cause I would be sick just from worrying. AH WELL

I can remember when I was young and I use to have to pee all the time. I mean I couldn't hold it. We would go on road trips and my parents would have to pull over and stop just for me (lol) they got tired of it and I was told we would stop once (depending on where we were going most of the time to NC or SC) and I was to pee when we stopped and before we got on the road and I couldn't drink anything. So I would just go to sleep or read to keep my mind off of having to go to the bathroom lol. That's since changed but I still can't seem to hold my pee like others can. I mean when I say I have to go pee I got to go and you better move or pull over to the nearest rest stop or bushes so I can relieve myself (I know, I know TMI ah well) Most of the important stuff is thought of while in the bathroom most of the time in the tub...cause you really relax and can just meditate on how relaxed you are.

Ah well I digress...back to more rambling. So i'm ready for Friday to come not just cause we are having a sleep over but because I can finally look forward to a week off from work. A week to sleep, eat, be merry and enjoy the company of people who I love very much. I mean it's this time of year that makes you realize how important your family and true friends are. Speaking of true many of those do I have? I don't think I can count on 3 hands how many tru friends I have maybe 2. Then again why do you need to have a lot of friends that's where trouble comes in to play. I mean sometimes I find myself wondering who is really my friend. I know I'm guilty of saying some things but I always make sure like Bre (ANTM) that what is said about that person when they are not around is said to their face. I mean I'm your friend I ain't got to lie Craig. If you doing wrong you doing wrong if you acting stank you actin stank and if I am I would hope that as my girl you would tell me as well. There is nothing to hide, plus I think that if you are brave enough to say to my face something that I've done than to go behind my back then more power to you. I need someone to tell me what is going on with me, cause sometimes I don't even know. What I do miss though is that friendship I have with my bestfriend. I mean we talk like once or twice a week and I'm the godmother to her lil girl (who is the cutest thing since my sis had my nephew lol) but I miss when we were in school together and we would eat lunch together or ride the bus home or even come over each others house since she lives like 2 blocks from me.

I miss knowing that day or night she was there for me and I mean that literally. I've tested her on it many times (lol). I miss just being around her and knowing that even if we were angry at one another sooner or later one of us was going to come around and we might not even have to say what we fought about but things would be back to normal. I miss her being my sidekick, because once we graduated from HS she chose a diff life. We now have seperate friends some of which are ones that we know colelctively but some are ones that the other doesn't know but have mentioned. It's funny how you grow apart then grow back together. I've established friendships that will last a life time. I have a bestfriend in my buddy and I love her to death she and T are two diff people, but they each help me when I need them. Needlesstosay I miss T and each time I'm home I make sure that she knows that I'm still her sister (just born to diff moms, but we call each others moms mom) and that I'm always down for her as she is me.

So when it's all said and done or written down...what is there left to be said or done. Nothing except a bunch of randomness.
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November 17, 2005  

I think i'm still stuck on you being concerned about a bug eating your eye from the inside out (lol). That really sounds drug induced. Funny. But drug induced. ;o)

November 17, 2005  

lol! Aww this post was nice. Yeah,I agree with serial dater. The soft eyeball was too funny.

I have a lot of friends to. I you are a true friend. I place you in the sister category. Cuz, you got friends and then you got your sisters. You don't even have to worry about no drama except for sisterly bouts and what not. This was a good post. I liked your! Thanks for coming by my blog an leaving those really nice comments. I sure do appreciate it.

November 18, 2005  

Hey, thanks for the B-Day greetings....Yes, I truly did have a wonderful day!

I'll be back to read some of your post when I get off work today!


November 18, 2005  

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