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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

There's Some Hoes.....

in this house, there's some hoes in this house. Don't you just feel like doing the perculator (I wish I could) not something that I could pick up on well enough to do.

I'm at work, today is better than yesterday, I didn't get work till about 12:15 am, and yes I was at work this morning and I was only 5 min late (Get it boo). Jammin on the twos (meaning my earphones to AOL radio) I started thinking about how one of my girls always calls me a freak.

Aight I know you're like what HL is a freak...nah boo I ain't no freak. I don't get down with just anyone or anywhere. A sista gots to be more careful these days, plus I really am a good girl. I think being in college somewhat created the more sexual advanced portion of who I am though. Plus I can honestly say that I've only have about 2 bad sexual experiences well three if you count a minute man LOL and I don't. am I really a freak?

I mean i like wait I like good sex. That sex that has you knocked out after you're done or rummaging through the kitchen cause you got the munchies, or the fact that your legs feel as if they are full of liquid and you can't even walk. Yea I've had that before and you know what I realized very rarely has it occured with someone that I didn't care about. I realized that the mind blowing sex that I have gotten has in fact come for people that I was on the fence about loving..does that even make sense. I mean isn't sex so much better when it's with someone you cliche intended.

Cause it's not just about sex anymore it's about love and making sure that each person is satisfied after it's all over. I mean after it's over you both feel content, you cuddle, you talk, you laugh, with someone who you are just banging (I would use another word but I'm working on the foul mouth lol) it's wam, bam and sometimes you don't even get a thank you mayum. Plus they be actin like you owe them something....when in fact they should have thanked you cause you can see why climaxed so quickly (I mean yea I'm cute and what no but can you wait a sec). Talkin about ohh so you cute I just couldn't help myself..yea you could think of something gross like Star Jones naked (lol) in the words of Foxy Brown on Star pays to pay less LOL anyway that was madd random

So anyway I've realized that yes I am a bit more liberated or should I say open minded in my views on sex and all of the things that it encompasses. But that doesn't make me a freak. I know what I like and that's a good thing. I also know that not every Tom, Dick or John will get this and I've also realized that every woman has a lil freak in em. It just takes the right man to bring it out of her.

And yes I know that I'm professing to love God...I do. I didn't say I was perfect....but you best believe that I'm focused on doing better but that won't change that I like sharing my free time with an attractive person of the opposite just means that I'll be working on saving the freak in me for my husband (lol)

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So so true. From my personal experience, the older I have gotten the more I have learned to cherish sex. I am even starting to feel very uncomfortable about premarital sex I am partaking in. You made a lot of valid points. I think that is why a lot of older women demand more out of sexual partners. But some men think that the woman is getting too involved when really she is not. We begin to think I am giving you my sex, so you need to start sharing more of yourself too. Now, That make sense. This was a very good post.

December 01, 2005  

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