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Monday, December 19, 2005

DJ Honey on the 1's and 2's

Not really lol I can't deejay to save my life unless you call burning a CD and playing it...deejaying (lol) So this weekend was too fun. Me and a couple of the girls went to LOVE which is Dream in another life. This was my first time being in the new atmosphere since it had been created and I must say it felt the same to me..other than the strategically placed booth when you first walked in the door. Aight so of course the first problem was trying to determine what to wear...that was easily handled too bad I didn't take a pic cause I would post it. So we looking jazzy and not hoochie (I ain't catchin pnemonia for no man) and head out.

We find a good parking spot and are harassed by these kids talking about we'll watch your car while you in the club and I'm like ain't it past your bed time (of course I'm thinkin this cau
se the same kids that say they watchin your car will vandalise it as soon as you clear the corner) So I said sorry I dont' have any change and kept on moving towards the door. Then some homeless man was asking us if we had passes to get in for free and I'm thinking boo I wouldn't even be here this early if I didn't (lol) so he was like I'll give ya'll some passes for X amount of dollars and one of my girls was like how we gonna pay him for a pass when I can print it out at work for free..which is very true. Then again I was like how did he get access to a printer more less a printer....and on top of that it was smelling like fish for real for real. I don't know what it is about that area but burn some Christmas trees or something cause WOW they be trying to kill you while you standing in line for the club.

After being traumatized(of course I'm exaggerating) me and the girls make our way to the bar and order some know I'm ready to party cause I bought my plane ticket to go to NC for New Years and I have the next two fridays off with 3 day work weeks so I'm bout to do some damage for real. Out the corner of my eye I spot some people we went to school with so we shoot the breeze for a second and catch up. People commented on how I have twists and of course they asked me what made me want to do the natural thing....what can I say I've tried everything else might as well try this. My first drink was Tom Collins which was pretty good...I didnt' want to get too torn up as soon as I got in the club..I hate to see people at about 10pm falling all over their friends and half asleep cause they didn't know how to space their drinks over a 2-3 hour period. So we drinking and we start dancing and what not. They playin my songs (I be on that KRYPTONITE, DIAMONDS ON MY NECK) and please believe the alcholo is making me hype lol. So let's just say that night was a BLAST!!! To make things even better I met a cutie and we chilled yesterday..watching movies and what not.....he lives in MD.

I've been bad....Green Eyes came over. I know why do I even bother....I know it's not his eyes (so what could it be..wink) so he came over after he was out with his boys and left around 11 cause he was takin his mom out for her bday. Me and the roomie went to brunch at this place down the street who has the bomb French Toast..I mean better than IHOP...then back to the house and I was passed out till about 3pm on the dot. Then I got up and called myself trying to shovel the ice off the steps. I was out there with my lil hammer banging on the ice making it crack and what not. I created somewhat of a path so me and the roomies wouldn't kill ourselves trying to get into the house...we get enough of that since the porch light has blown out. So I'm banging on the steps trying to do somewhat of a good job of not throwing ice in my face...and I get some of it done enough that we won't kill great

Sunday I went to hang with Kshine. She was still trying to shop for her boo and I tagged along, bought something for my god daughter olivia who will be 10 months (boy does the time fly) and my nephew who is one and is wearing a 2 T....he gonna make his auntie some money (lol)..he already be trying to throw the football..of course he doesn't know the concept but I'm sure he will get the hang of it pretty soon. Ended up going to this gourmet grocery store called wegmans..kshine wanted me to know how fun it was lol. To be honest it was kinda nice if you got past the bougious side of it. It kinda felt like a street market on the side we were on and I liked that. They had all these lil stations set up for pastries and cookies and they even had a lil cafeteria in there. I was diggin it...kshine (not her real name lol) be puttin me on to lots of good the internationl grocery store. Man their meat in there is cheaper than the regular grocery store and so is their fruit. A pineapple in Giant was 3.99 and in the international store it was 1.99.....yea that's a lot when you tryin to conserve money especially around these times.

Ended up coming home and cooking dinner then the date came over and we watched Crash and 40-year old virgin.....which wasn't as funny as I though but it was aight. Then I passed out and went to sleep and here I am now writing this in the blog....I'm so ready for this week to be over and in 3 more days it will be...YES

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You betta leave them pretty boys alone and check us ugly niggas out!


December 19, 2005  

An Ugly Nigga won't cheat!

December 20, 2005  

@zed I didn't say I've never messed with an ugly dude...then again does that really need to be said

@boss no one cheated lol

December 21, 2005  

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