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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Emotional Rollercoaster

So I'm in this 20's crisis. I call it that cause I'm not in midlife or even close to it. I mean I've been out of college for almost 2 years and ok I like my job but I need something different. So needlesstosay I've been buming it and thinking about what the heck I can do to create some change in my life.

I was talking to my buddy AG and he mentioned that I might need to do something totally diff than what I'm doing now i.e since i like to read then I must love to write (which I do so maybe I'm gonna be some great writer) anyway he told me to write down 10 things that I liked to do, how I could do them and what's stopping me from doing them. We decided that 10 might be too many so we agreed on 7. So here goes:

7 Thing I like to do

1. Read
2. Write
3. Play and spend time with children
4. Volunteer
5. Go to museums
6. Cook
7. Spend time alone

Ways to do these things

1. Go to the library or join a book club
2. Submit something to a magazine or join a writing club if there is a such thing
3. Volunteer at a childrens home
4. Take time on weekends to volunteer (therefore accomplishing number 3)
5. Venture out to DC more
6. Go to a cooking class
7. Date myself (not the weird way lol)

Why I can't do these things

1. No reason
2. Takes too much time in other words I'm lazy
3. No reason I just have to find a good organization to volunteer with
4. Have to get up earlier once again not a bad thing but I love my sleep..then again Honey love the kids so I will sacrifice.
5. Gas is a MUTHA!!! lol then again I can do the metro thing....but that takes cash and that be going fast these days (That kinda rhymed I should be an MC lol sike)
6. Have to find one
7. Sometimes I feel too quiet when I'm alone (not a bad thing but sometimes it gets deafning)

Aight so has this given me any insight to what I'm gonna do with myself....we shall see

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I feel on that roller coaster girl. I've been on one myself. I just got that 'wonderful', something different kinda job I thought I always wanted and now I've scared to death!

I start next week and I wonder if I'll like it, will I be able to do the work, is it what I really want?


December 06, 2005  

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