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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


How many of us have them....friends. Yea that song has been going through my head for the last couple of days cause sooner or later crap is gonna hit the fan. One of the reasons I think I'm a good friend is because I don't tell you what to do or what you shouldn't do..I give you my opinion cause it's just that my opinion it's not gospel. If you want to go out and do whatever at least you know that I told you what I think as your friend. Even friends will say things that you dont like at least you know they aren't lying to you. I mean who wants to hear lies all the time....the truth hurts.

So aight I have this good friend who I love dearly. I mean she is my roll dawg..I would ride or die for her she is as much my fam as my sisters are. She's been dealing with this guy for a while and she came to me with an issue. I'm not gonna get into it cause her business is that just that her business. But anyway I told her what I thought about it and also told her that it was just my opinon, she should take time to think about making a futher decision and even pray about it.

Why this chic comes to me yesterday asking me who did I tell about her business..I said no one. Do you have a reason to think so and she was like no i just figured since you told me about someone else and their man I figured you would tell them about me and mines (the person she is speaking of is also a good friend who told all of us about her issues with her manipulative, crazy boyfriend so it was no secret). I said no I didn't then she said have you ever told anyone about what's going on? I informed her that during our college years she knew all of us said how we felt about her man treating her bad and what have you...she knew all this and her man knew it cause we told him..she's like well I'm talking about now. I said boo you said ever, and besides that I don't have time to create a newsletter on what is going on with you and your man. I have my own issues. I asked her that I was trying to clarify what she was saying and she said are you trying to clarify for me or you know Honey don't fight unless it's with the siblings and we ain't had a good fight since I was in middle school. But at that moment I felt like jumpin throught the comp and dragging her pretty lil hair all over her office.

This girl has the nerve to say well you didn't like him from the beginning. I said boo I didn't even know you and him when you all first got together, so what are you talking about. If you come to me and all you have is negative to say about him then that's what I'm gonna think...but you have told me some good stuff about him and I've seen some good stuff about him (how ever minimal it might be) so I said do you..then she says I know you wanted it to be over didn't you when I told you what was going on...I said as your friend I prayed that you would make up your own mind and not listen to other people..that's what I did.

Her attack on me made me rethink how we are supposedly friends. I mean what kind of person do you think I am if you think I'm gonna sit around and be vindictive enough to think of ways to break you and your man up. WOW not for real. I would be a total loser if I did that not to mention having a problem with my own self esteem. So since I vented to moms for a second and she told me to take a step back and pray for clarity. I don't want to say something that I will regret 5 years from now cause she is my girl. But to think that she would even dare think I'm plotting on her and her man...that hurts. I clearly told her I didn't hate him as a person...hate is too strong in this world already. I just didn't like the way he treated her and if he made it up in his mind to treat her better then great...I love black men that love their black you.

I have since told her that I needed some time to think cause what she said was hurtful...she didn't answer my call so I left her a message. I will miss her for however long this takes cause I'm so use to her being there, but if she feels like she needs to be away from me then aight...she can do her. What hurts is that she even said she was working on her relationship with God and her man. I'm thinking don't put God into your mess...don't think that just cause you go to church one sunday and you pray that you all will stay together that it will work out. What you need to do is pray that God does what he needs to do to get you to where you and he need to be and that might not mean being together. Plus if you working on a relationship with him and God excuse me God and him why isn't he with you at church....yea uh huh that's a whole nother conversation.

Ah well, I'm done. I'm done being the good person and always asking what's wrong do you need anything. People take advantage of that and it's finally come to an end..somewhat cause I can't totally change who I am (smile). I will not baby you are a grown woman and if that means I have to stop talking to one of my best friends for a while then so be it.....I'm DONE!!!!!

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Some times friends can be life's biggest dissapointments. They never cease to amaze me. That's why I don't use the word loosely.

December 13, 2005  

Honey don't fight unless it's with the siblings

Ain't that the truth! I have fours sisters. So the last thing I am trying to do is fuss and fight with my friends.

Yeah she lost some cool points with that little conversation. I could see if she just asked if you have ever discuss her relationship, but she got a little too carried away with it.

December 14, 2005  

@serial I never did either which is why I'm blown

@peach you know I was ready to throw down...she was bout to catch it....

December 14, 2005  

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