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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Stop and Smell the Christmas Trees

Of course I miss my buddy but hey she has chosen to choose her man over a friend, so what can I do? I'm not gonna chase her down, we are not in elementary school where we have to fight to make someone our friend....

Anyway I'm on the metro this morning and this chinese man get one and says excuse me good morning and busts out singing a christmas carol (at first I was like what!!!) then I was like aww this lil man is taken time out to brighten my day by singing (even though it took me a while to understand him) I felt so much better sitting there and listening to him sing about happiness and I began to feel the Christmas spirit.

The last couple of days have taught me that you can choose to be happy or choose to succumb to the evils of unhappiness and feelings of low self-esteem. So in the DC area it's been snowing and they have issued a winter warning for this evening. Me and the girls have planned to go out tomorrow and I hope that it doesn't snow or ice up too much as to where we can't go.

In other news the Green Eyed One called last night and left 3 messages on my phone and the 4th time he called I finally answered to be honest I had gone my jobs Christmas party with my room mate and had passed the heck out. Drinking wine and a cosmo didn't help me staying awake either. He says I been calling you why didn't you answer your phone (I always answer my wakes me up when I'm sleep so if I don't then it means I'm hurt or either passed the heck out in the bed) anyway..I said nah i'm here I was just sleep he said I wanted to make sure you got home ok...I was like yea I'm good then he asks me if I was bunned up and I was like what..he said you got someone over there (I'm thinking boo you messed up why you worried about if someone else is over here) he says you just sound different...I said that's cause I was sleep I mean how else am I suppose to sound he was like yea I hear you talking I was like listen I don't have time for games or to play them with you so say what you got to say so I can be on my way...he was like aight well i'm going back to sleep and I said aight bye...and left it at that and to be honest it felt great not to lose sleep over him.

I have chosen to not let the small stuff sweat me....2006 is gonna be a great year, cause I'm gonna make it one.

Happy Holidays everyone...may God bless you and yours!!!!!

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Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know exactly how you feel about losing girlfreinds over a man. What is worse, they always come crawling back when it doesn't work out. Why can't grown adults learn how to balance their relationships?! Grrrr. Well, thanks for stopping by.

December 15, 2005  

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