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Friday, December 16, 2005

Get Krunk!!!!!

How come I can be so sad and depressed all week and come Friday (especially on a pay week) I be hype as I don't know what. It's not like my life is all party city and I go out every weekend but I mean what can I matter if it's raining, snowing, or if the sun is shining outside come Friday I'm all smiles and nothing can change that. So this Friday is no different. I'm listening to the Krunk station on AOL it's not really called the Krunk station but it's the Top Jams station, the R & B station might cause me to mellow out and I love me some Gospel but I need to be hype..cause me and the girls are hitting the streets this weekend and I plan on doing some damage (don't ask me what that entails cause I don't know yet)

The plans for New Years have been set in stone. I talked to the ex last night and instead of me coming in the middle of January for Martin Luthur King weekend....I'll be celebrating New Years in North Carolina. Is what they say about celebrating the new year with someone mean that you will spend the rest of the year with them....hmm not I love him dearly but I don't think our time is coming and I'm fine with that. He's a sweetie and we get a long great so I'm looking forward to having a blast with him and he said he's anxious to see me since he hasn't seen me since the summer which is of course weird for us cause even though we aren't together when I go home to the Tidewater area I always make it a point to stop by and say hi to him....and yes both of us have gotten grips from ex's about still talking and seeing one another. What can I say...we're great friends and that's all not benefits or nothing like that.

So I'm hype, sippin on some kryptonite...not for real cause I'm at work, but in my mind I'm jumping up and down and dancing around. If I did all that at work they would probably ask me to leave then again knowing them they would just be like aight sit down and get back to work lol. These fools don't play. It snowed earlier this week and they were like call the emergency number to see if we will still be open. Why me being me called the number and they were like we will be open today if you would like to use a personal day due to your children being out or unsafe conditions then please feel free to do so just let your supervisor know. Now come on I ain't using my personal day for some snow then again I aint' tryin to kill myself coming to I called my bosses and told them I might be late...turns out I wasn't late lol well unless you consider 5 min late and I don't.

We will see what the weekend has to offer, if today is any forewarning of how this weekend will be then that means it's gonna be on and POPPIN!! So be safe out there in the blog and real world...cause people can be crazy when they've been in the house for the last two weekend (hence people like me going crazy at the bar) LOL

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That was a fun entry. I remember working a 9-5 and Friday at 5pm sent a jolt through me! That energy just comes out of nowhere. Enjoy your holiday.

December 16, 2005  

Cause you just got paid! I love to have money in my pocket. Even if it is all going somewhere.

December 16, 2005  

I hope you have a nice weekend too.

December 16, 2005  

Have a drink for me as well. I got politicking (wedding and comencement ceremony) to do this weekend and won't get a chance to toast it up like I wanna...

Enjoy your "$$$" weekend

December 16, 2005  

Hoping you enjoyed your weekend. Im looking forward to reading about the damage done young lady. And Im glad you refrained from getting on the kryptonite while at work. LOL....

December 18, 2005  

I've always said...the weekends are meant for partying. Get yo party on gurl. ;o)

December 19, 2005  

@princess...thanks and you do the same

@peach yea girl I love that feeling knowing that you are free to party with no restraint cause of some cash lol

@hassan..I will def do that

@teej it took all I could not to take a sip lol

@serial I am def getting my party on

December 21, 2005  

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