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Monday, December 12, 2005

Weekend Thoughts

So after being blindsided before the weekend by someone who I thought was my ride or die man (lol) I was a bit in the dumps and thanks for the comments and well all were correct I feel 100% better, especially after going to church on Sunday. It's just something about knowing that there is a calm after the storm. I prayed and thanked God for allowing me to go through drama because he knows that I can handle it. I'm a pretty strong chic to deal with all this and not succumb to psychiatic help (lol) or low self esteem. So I'm thanking him for giving me strength and knowledge to recognize the good the bad and the ugly and keep it moving.

With that being said I realized that as "Ecstacy" said you have to kiss a few frogs before you can find the prince and when I do find him I'll be able to appreciate knowing what it is in a mate that I want. So many women just marry for no other reason than they are pregnant or lonely. I refuse, I may be young but I'm old fashioned when it comes to marriage. In the words of the pussycat dolls Ima stick with you forever once I say I do..unless you turn into the devil and try to be on me then we both gonna have to be put under the jail (but I digress) and in the words of Toni Braxton ain't no body gonna love you like you are if you take whatever he brings your way and you can't demand respect with a change is coming...ya betta look out!

The green eyed monster decided he wanted to call me and I gave him a good talking to. I am not 60 years old so I am not your suga momma, everyday is a struggle for me to pay my bills just like the next person. The only difference is I don't tell you about my struggle, which means I usually carry my pain alone which means I rarely cry in front of someone unless I've been stuggling with something for days.

The weeked was chill...hung around on Friday night, went to a party Sat night and church and laundry (yes I know I'm not suppose to work on Sun) on Sun. In between all that I changed my room around and actually got some really good sleep..hung out with K-shine who is strangly becoming one of my favorite people to be around. Although she and I are totally different she's always been there for me and it surprises me how much we are alike..yea we still argue like sisters but that's my girl..she is too funny. Had me helping her wrap her "husbands" gifts for his birthday I tell ya..I told her to make sure she told him that my well worn, ashy hands helped with the presentation (lol, no my hands aren't really ashy)

I've also found out that a very close friend of mine is going through some serious issues. When I say issues I mean that I think home girl is so dependent on men that she can't go a whole 6 months without having a man. I mean you break up with one dude cause he's too possessive and you want to be alone but then not even a week later you dating someone else and you even have a promise ring (that's a whole nother issue) after you've given the other dude his back. WOW come on girl. Then on top of that you buy the new guy a ring..uh yea sure boo you just admitted to your girls that he's your man...I mean if you don't know what you are to one another why would you accept a promise ring and you talking about buying a house with that's a whole nother post. I am just glad that even though I have my own issues none of mine are even close to that.....someone always has it worse than you.

The time is coming closer to my lil weekend away in NC visiting the ex. We talked last week about what we would do when I came to visit. I must say it will be weird cause this is the first time that I won't have my car and since he just moved there the other times that I've seen him I've been able to drive home or leave....I can still leave if I want to but it's gonna be weird being in his face the whole weekend....hmmm (Oh how I miss him)..that's probably half my problem lol

Navy guy is surprisingly trying to be up on his toes....he calls more and is talking about coming to my moms for dinner on the holiday if they don't have him working. You know the military..they don't care. So we shall see, K-shine told me to take it one day at a time...and that's what I'm gonna do cause after the drama I've dealt with I can't take no more. I might end up just being a cold, cold person. Then again I doubt it I love being loved and loving too much to be cold.

Aight so I've done enough rambling..this post was all over the place (hope you didn't get confused)

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I am sooooo happy to hear that you are feeling better. That's great! It sounds like you had a good weekend. As for me, I didn't do a damn thang! It's all good though...

December 12, 2005  

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