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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Case Closed

So I'm back! For those that have been wondering how Honey's holiday was let's put it into one word: AIGHT! yea I said aight and that's what I mean just aight. I mean it was nice to go out of town see and old friend get some much needed sleep but I'm glad I repeat I'm glad to be back home and in my own environment.

I've had the pleasure of cutting some people off already and allowing some individuals to get to know me better and I plan on doing so much better in 2006 than I did in 2005. So it's time for no drama and time to focus on Honey Libra cause when it comes down to it ain't nobody gonna take advantage of me unless I let them and that ain't happening. I've learned in these last couple of days that just when you least expect it people show you who they really are. Sometimes it ain't pretty but hey life ain't pretty. It can take some ugliness to show you the right way to go....I hope everyone will at least try to keep their new years resolutions....till march lol or at least the summer. I know I am doing my best to keep mine throughout the whole year. We shall see.......

First my flight down to NC was delayed for about 3 hours. It was suppose to leave at 7am tell me why we didn't leave till almost 12 so that put me in a hotitude mode (hot plus attitude). The flight was short not even an hour so that was cool. A lil girl on the plane threw up..yea kinda gross but I felt sorry for her cause her brothers and sisters were looking at her like ahhh haaa we're not sick but you are. Anyway I landed safely and met Z at the baggage claim and we headed back to his house so I could take a nap since I had been up since dang on 5am.

I didn't take a nap cause we decided to head out and go to this liquidation sale that they were having at the fairgrounds. I know everyone knows what those are...where they have DVD's and CD's for like $10 and laptops for like $199. The only thing is you have to get there early or everything will be picked over like a thanksgiving turkey. So anyway we got there and we walked around....I didnt' really see anything that couldn't be classified as anything less than some junk other than some incense and some reggae CD's that had some pretty good music on em. He bought a nice leather jacket and yes I helped him pick it out he tends to be a lil fashioned challenged. We left there and we to his sisters house where we stayed the rest of the evening and watched Roll Bounce (which was the worst movie I have ever seen in 2005) and ate some dinner.

I'm not going to go over every single day cause to be honest I don't really feel like it. I took a sick day yesterday from work which means I'm still feeling the effects of having the opportunity to sleep all day yanked from my fingers. So I'm bumming it pretty much....and at work no less. I'll be aight. I guess what I can say is that no I didn't do the nasty lol and I'm glad I didn't cause I would have had to cut someone.

To make a long story short let's just say I overheard some things that made me look at him in a whole new light. It's so weird to hear someone that you love pretty much play you and then never think that you might be hurt by what they said. I know you're like dang what did he say aight so here goes.....if there is a pause in what I say then you'll know that I'm trying to stop myself from either crying (and not from sadness from madness) or that I'm trying not to call and curse his tail out.

Aight we decided or rather he decided through some ways of not suggesting anything that we were going to watch movies and all that jazz for new years. It was fine with me cause I mean I told him to plan our activities cause I didn't know what the heck was in Durham. So I figure aight we can chill take it easy I came to spend time with him and what not so it's all good. Tell me why after we had watched our lil movies and the ball drop I kind of dose off...but I'm still aware of what's going on around me. I hear him on the phone with his sister and I know this cause he said her name and mind you he is in the same room as me so he knows or rather thinks I'm sleep. You know how you can tell the way a conversation is going even though you only hear one side well that's how this was.

So I'm sleep or he thinks I'm sleep rather. And I'm guessing she asked him what did we do cause I heard him telling her what we did. Then I'm assuming that she asked him why we didn't go to church with her or do something else. He was like cause this was kind of last minute and I didn't know what she wanted to do (which is semi true cause me coming in Jan wasn't last minute but the whole new years thing was) then he said plus some other stuff that you can figure out if you think hard enough. So I'm assuming she was rambling off stuff and he was like yea that but I don't care what they say but yea you know if it went there it would complicate things. Aight so you can imagine me laying there thinking what the F*** (I know I'm trying to stop using foul language..forgive me) I was about to hop up and be like give me my stuff and take me back to the airport that's how hot I was.

But I decided to lay there and see what else he was gonna say. So he was like yea I know but I mean I'm not trying to complicate things and I keep thinking well if you didn't want to complicate things you shouldn't have asked me to come visit. I mean why invite someone to visit and then keep them locked up like they are a prisoner I could have done more crap at home. So that put me in a funk for the rest of the time I was there. I think he knew something was up but he didn't let on and of course I didn't say anything cause I didn't want to say something that would damage our friendship (yea we dated but we're friends first and foremost) so I let it go and in the process I came to the realization that we both have changed over the years. Perhaps some for good and some for bad. But I do know one thing I'm not in a hurry to visit him again. I mean if I see him I see him...If i don't then I don't. Won't hurt me any....but that phase and chapter of my life has been closed.


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Dayum menz!!!!! You are better than me cause my evil ass would have had to get up and busted his ass out!!!!!!

i'm working on my cussing too..........shit it's hard between work,kids and mens.bills, traffic and drama.we have to cuss!!! It's free therapy!!!

January 05, 2006  

Girl, just when I think I done nipped my cussing shit in the bud, somebody goes and pisses me off real bad, and then I open my mouth and all the cuss words ever invented come flying out! It's a wonder why my kid aint cussing because I know she done heard me say some BAAADDD words! And another thing: why is Sister all up in your bidness with Z? Is she like his evil siamese twin or something? Boy, I tell ya, Libra, peoples need to keep their bidness to themselves, because if they go blabbing it, sho' nuff, somebody is gonna put their two cents in and blow things all out of propo... But, at any rate, I hope the new year is getting off to a good start for ya. Will catch ya' later.

January 05, 2006  

@Dee yea it was def hard for me not to drop kick his tail over the balconey

@insane I'm assuming him and sis are close she's actually pretty nice and I'm sure if she knew I was in the room she would have talked to him later so I blame him....jack butt!! Men I tell ya

January 06, 2006  

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