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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cool Relax

...listening to Jon B..I wonder what happened to him, cause he was a cutie. So I had a 4 day weekend and decided to spend it in Hpt, VA with the family. Let me start by saying that I almost lost myself at work cause one of my bosses (I have two main ones) who is in charge while the other is on vacation tried to act like he didn't know I was leaving early. I informed him that I did tell him while we were in the hall along with the attorney that was going on vacation. So here is a run down of my weekend:

Friday: Got off work early thought it was going to do some good but turns out I still got stuck in traffic. I had to get my transmission changed in the blueberry (my corolla) so I get out the metro and try to leave the parking lot only to find out I am short 20 cents on my card...wouldn't you know that I had to go back into the metro to put the measly amount on my card so i could leave...dang on kids! So that set me back about 5 min lol, then had to go to the car place and they couldn't get to it right away so I chilled till they could and by the time she was all nice and ready it was about 4 something. I had to go home and put some jeans in the dryer since I thought Iwas going to wear them...then I decided that I really didn't want to wear them so I left home at about I get to the bank to get some cash out and discover that I have misplaced my check card.....WOW. So I scamble around the car, trying to figure out what I did with it and then go home and scrounge around the house finally I find it in the pants that I wore to work in the pocket. Aight so now my heart is racing and I'm finally on my way....wouldn't you know that the traffic on 95 was just like someone had announced that whoever got on the highway before 6 would recieve $1 million dollars cause people were out there and were heated if you tried to get in front of them..I kept my head straight and turned up my radio lol and pressed on till I reached my parents house which was around 9pm. Played with my nephew for a lil bit then was passed out.

Saturday: Took my nephew and sis out to the store and what not. Then decided that we would take him to see Curious George the movie. It was really cute and since he's not even 2 yet (he'll be 2 in June) I was surprised that he sat through most of it..except about the last 20 min then he started to get tired and wanted to throw popcorn and what not. It snained at home (rained and snowed lol) so the roads were kinda crucial. I brought Saw II but I haven't watched it yet, will probably watch it this weekend..make a whole day of watching the first one and the second one back to back..should be fun. But anyway most of the day was spent chilling with the fam and just watching tv....the pic is of my nephew after the movie lol..guess it's hard work being a cutie. Went to see my bestfriend and her lil girl. Found out that her baby's father proposed and apparently she didn't say no (her words not mine)'s so much to that, then again she's my best friend and I told her I'm here for her no matter what and I meant it....we've been best freinds since kindergarten so yea we're sisters and it's gonna take something more than an ashy African (no offense but he is annoying) to make me leave my best friends life alone. My goddaughter will be 1 tomorrow and she is getting so big. Has a lil gap in between her front teeth lol and she is bowlegged I told her she walks like a cowboy (lol) This is her getting into trouble.

Sunday: Went to church with the fam then went to Va Beach to the roomies church and hung around that part of town for the rest of the evening. So I was in church till about 4 something (8am service, 11 service and 2pm service) yea crazy but hey God deserves his time too...then I went to a baby shower. I won a set of drinking glasses..they are cute, have to think of an occassion to use them. Worried about the Constant cause he got into a car accident but apparently he was alright cause he went to work the next day. So had to make sure he was aight before I breathed easy. He is a very stubborn person and since he's so nonchalant I had to make sure that he was really alright before I left it alone. I talked to my mom about him and I told her I was taking things slow cause marriage is something not to be entered into lightly and I plan on being married till I die unless he beats me then I'll beat him and we'll work out a deal (sike I'm jokin lol). She' likes him but I know that it's gonna take some changes for me to be secure in being with him for the rest of my life. Don't get me wrong I love my suga to death but sometimes I want to be like do you even notice the days that I don't call you lol...I know he does and he shows he cares in his own way so I can't get mad at that. Found out that roommates boyfriend's apt had apparently caught on fire so I'm assuming she thinks he is gonna stay with us...WRONG...I'll give him till Friday then I'm saying something. But I'm not getting into that cause then this post could become awhole page and a half long. Let's just hope when I say something to her or him that I don't forget she's my friend.

Monday: Slept a lil late and played with the nephew and my goddaughter who was at my house (my mom babysits her). Sang nursery rhymes and all that stuff for about 1.5 hours literally and i'm not exaggerating lol. It was fun though cause I hadn't done that in a while. It's always nice to remember what it's like to be a kid and sing off tune, and run around the house chasing the lil ones. The ex from Texas called me and was chatting about wanting to move up here and what not and wondering what it would be like if we got married. I of course informed him that I wasn't entertaining that idea till lots of things changed one being he become a different person (lol)...ah well..he's cool people and I'm sure he'll make someone happy just not me (smile). I'm glad this week is gonna be short I can't wait for Friday to come..I get to see my new baby cousin and once again be around some family so that should be nice. Hope everyone's weekend was fun filled...back to the grind

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I'm glad you are having a good time with the family. It's nothing like being around the people you love!

February 22, 2006  


February 22, 2006  

Saw 2 - damn good movie!

February 22, 2006  

There is nothing like family, glad you enjoyed your time with them.

February 22, 2006  

i always love reading your posts and you're just talking about your life! it seems like you're never stopping, always doing something. i want a life like that.

February 22, 2006  

hey girl, let me tell you...YOU are killin em with the locs...they look so good on you girl!!

girl i've been to hampton..hehehe, whooooooo!!! I had a good time!

Glad u got to spend time with ur fam!

take care!

February 22, 2006  

To everyone aww thanks I love being with the fam especially since I haven't seen them since the holiday season. Glad you all enjoy reading my post...cause I enjoy reading all of's funny how I don't know any of you but I'm reading those blogs faithfully boy I bored probably or am I just nosey LOL

February 23, 2006  

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