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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thirsty Thursday....

...I naming this post thirsty thursday because 1. I don't know what I'm gonna write about today, 2. I'm ready for Friday to be here and 3.It's kinda catchy.

Well my goddaughters first birthday has come and gone. I can't believe she is already 1, she is having a bday party on the first weekend in March so I'll be getting her a gift then. Of course she get a toy or something, but I had a epiphany this morning. I want her to know that I love her and want the best for her in everything she sets out to I've decided to write her a letter for her 1st bday. I know she can't read it but hopefully her mom will save them and then when she turns 16 or whenever her moms feels it's the right time she can pull out all the letters I've written to her. By reading them I hope she will come to know that I'm always in her corner and am here to support her throughout the years.

Green Eyes (the crazy, deranged police officer) that I use to date, sleep with or mess around with whatever you might want to call it. Sent me an email yesterday saying that I partied too much which is why he had to walk away from me....umm NOT. So I politely sent him an email telling him the exact dates of when I went out and asking if that was partying alot..coincedentaly yea I spelled that wrong but the brain is already on weekend mode....those times were the exact times that he was out with his who parties or you buddy. On top of that if you are serious about spending time with someone it would help if you told them..they can't read your mind..which is what I told him. Then again I don't miss the drama that he brought to my life....subconsciencly sometimes I do..sad I know lol but if gave me something to talk about. Anyway I also informed him that I figured dealing with an older man..he will be 30 this year would be different..yea right....I mean tell me what you want to occur or dont' want to occur I don't read minds for a living. And when you do tell me what you think don't berate or belittle me yelling into the phone like I'm some lil kid..needlesstosay I don't want him back (did I really have him to begin with lol..probably not) I just wanted him to understood where I was coming from...I ain't some lil girl. If you have a problem with me..say it to my face.

I haven't talked to my constant since Sunday..which is of course a problem for me..cause he is forever emailing me when he's out to sea. Half of the reason being is that he's not a phone person..I think the longest conversation we've had on the phone might have been about 30 min if that. I don't mind although I do like to talk on the phone..he makes up for it in person. I was worried about him because he got into a car accident but still went to I tell ya. I am proud of him for pressing on but dang dont' get hurt worse after already being hurt. I'm still dealing with issues about our whole situation....especially us not seeing each other like I would like us to. But hey until he either moves back here after the navy (he gets out in 3 years) or I move back near there or we get married (weird I had a dream about that last night) I'm gonna have to deal with him being away and make the most of our visits when one of us has time to visit the other. He calls me his girl but he has a weird way of treating his girl so I say we are just chilling for the time being until something concrete has been established or am I really running away...hmm too much to think about.

Do dreams mean anything? Cause last night or maybe I should say this morning (it was stil fresh in my head when I woke up which is why I say morning) I had a dream that me and constant got married. Only it wasn't my dream wedding. First he was late, then we got married in my church vestibule instead of the sanctuary and the audience was sitting in the fellowship hall looking into the vestibule. On top of that none of my girls were there except my best friend and even she wasn't dressed like she should have been...all in all it was just plain weird. I mean ok we were getting married, but when I woke up I was like dang this is kinda how our relationship is. He was very affectionate at the wedding which causes me to think that ok he does have feelings lol and he does show them he just does it when he wants to or in his own way and yes I'm dealing with that and coming to accept's just taking a lil longer than I thought it would. But as many females understand once you come to care about someone it's hard to just walk stay and try to work things out..not saying that I would let him walk all over me, cause he hasn't and that doesn't me Honey knows better. But I'm so lovey, dovey all that dang on time and he's like that about 50% of the time and it's the 50% that comes up when I least expect it which is the funny part too cause just when I think I'm ready to kirk out he'll do something and he gets me geeking all over again.

I'm going to see my new cousin this weekend. I know he is a cutie....but of course i'm gonna have to deal with the crying of a newborn, the not sleeping all through the night and trying to entertain his brothers..should be boat loads of fun.

I have a date later tonight..yea a date. Me and constant clearly haven't established something..although I have cut a few people lose so I can understand how I feel about,care....etc whatever you want to call it. So me and this guy we'll call KK (I think I've talked about him before) are doing dinner and watching Saw II, I bought it the other day and haven't watched it yet. I'm trying to make an effort to not cut people just because something minut is wrong with them i.e. they have small lips...even though I have a fetish for some big juicy lips, or the fact that they may eat funny.....all of this yes pertains to him we'll see what occurs. What I do know is that we have great conversation together, although I'm not feeling the urge to be physically attracted to him....he makes me laugh, and that's cool for right now.

I've been reading posts lately where people have been telling the people who read their posts to ask them questions so that they can respond..I thought this was a good for all you people who have wanted to ask me something or want to know something about me...ask away..I'll do my best to answer all your questions as long as I don't incriminate myself LOL sike I'm playing but for real you can have as many questions as you want and the next post on monday will be a response to your think long and hard, tell your friends, your friends friends, your momma, daddy sister or brother sike not all them..but you feel me....have fun thinking up the questions..let's hope I have fun answering them...

Have a great weekend.....and I'm OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not literally but I won't be posting tomorrow cause I need a break from thinking (lame huh lol)

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Okay....I'll kepp it simple 'cause you know I like to make people think!

What are 3 main things that you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

February 23, 2006  

that drink looks good

February 23, 2006  

why do i have that martini glass set? ummmm, i think i'm an alki....(salivating at the pic)

February 23, 2006  

some days i just dont feel like reading.. so i look at the pics.. that's a sexy martini glass.. LOL

February 23, 2006  

That drink is making me thirsty! Okay let me finish reading.

February 23, 2006  

How do you like being a Libra has effected your life?

February 23, 2006  

How many times have you been in love?

Do you have any regrets?

If you could live anywhere where would it be?

February 24, 2006  

Well i don't have any questions, but I really love your idea of writing a letter to your goddaughter for her birthday. I'm sure those will mean a lot to her as she gets older.

February 24, 2006  

Dreams do mean something. Dreams are a way to express what we think about subconsciously. The things we repress come out in our dreams. So maybe subconsciousl you wanna marry the constant??? Or you at least love the constant?? I dont know. It is something only you can determine

February 26, 2006  

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February 23, 2007  

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