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Friday, March 03, 2006

Fallacious Friday

...aight the word for today is fallacious (which means false)..funny how you can use these big words to make yourself sound like you know something about something lol...I'm gonna start using some of them and see what kind of reactions I get (It's so tempestuous outside).....

So I'm calling this fallacious friday because usually I'm all hyped up being that it's the start of the weekend and what not. I won't have to be at work for two days, but I excited..not I hype not as hype as I I have a false sense of friday hypeness (is that a word) I've been doing over time ALL this week, so I'm dead tired. I even got to work at a lil after 8 so that I could do some stuff which could be ready for my boss's review when she came in so I wouldn't be doing it later on in the day and it can be done way before I leave tonight.

Of course the good part is that once again I got dinner (free dinner that is!). I ate my dinner and sat at my comp for about 1.5 hours doing nothing till I asked one of my boss's if she had anything for me to do and she was like ohh no, you can go..great so I was just running up the clock. Not a problem for me..I'll scroll the web, message, and read misc crap on the internet for as long as you want me to..even though I would like to be sleep. Got on the metro to pick my car up from the station..why is it that when foreigners talk on the metro they talk so loud. There was this Mexican up there and he was talking to this woman and he was yelling I mean yelling and on top of that instead of coughing he was like hacking and clearing his throat like he was coughing up a hairball..and then he was diggin in his pants...I mean not trying to sound like a blondie but EWWW, Gross (lol). Have you no couth about you..there's another word I'm gonna have to use more (it means sophistication, smoothness, etc)...I was like this man is soo nasty and then he is leaning all in front of the door like he stretching when it came to a halt and everyone was lookin at him like..what the piss! I didn't even want to touch the pole cause he had been hacking in his hands and digging in the jungle down under...who knows what i would have gotten, if the train had stopped suddenly I would have just

I haven't lose another pound of fat...err why is this so hard. Then again maybe it's cause I haven't been walking like I was doing before. I've been stuck at my desk doing this work that I haven't even had time to really eat lunch....I take a working lunch. So starting Monday I'm gonna make a conscience effort to leave my desk for an effort to get my exercise back on. Cause these suckas ain't gonna take care of me if I ever get so obsese that I can't leave my house (WOW) I'm noticing appetitite changes which is a good I don't eat everything on my plate or I get smaller portions and I drink water before and throughout my meal so that I can be full and not feel like i'm stuffing my face like a fat kid on a hot day eating ice cream.

My goddaughters first bday party is tomorrow so I'll be heading out after I look at some resort presentation and then right back here at her party is over. I was gonna spend the night but my roomie is suppose to go with me and she has a date later that night so we be coming back after the party. Then again if I spend the night I could see my suga....but never knowing his schedule could mean that I don't get to see him, then again if I spend the night I could see my toot (my nephew). I have to go to things remembered and find a keepsake box for my goddaughter. I've decided I'm gonna write her a letter and of course get her a gift (two:one she can play with now and one that will go in her box) and each bday that she has up until she is 21 I'll write a letter and get her something to put in the box. I'm thinking this year it might be a bracelet or a charm of some sort. As far as her gift goes that she can play with now, I might get her some shoes and a tricycle.

My youngest sister got her first real job..she starts on Sat. I'm so proud of her, cause she's been find her way, to deal with her son's father not acting right. So I'm praying that she sticks this out and I'm beside her all the way. My middle sister got a job too soo my parents look like it might not be stuck with two grown women in their house (lol). I joke with them that they will be living with my sisters forever....of course my parents don't laugh, but hey it's funny to me...then again something could happen and I might have to move back home (AHHHH) let's hope that's doesn't happen.

Here's to hoping that I don't have to work overtime tonight, cause boy do I need to go to sleep or get a drink which ever one..probably sleep. I haven't gotten some real sleep in a lil over a I'm pretty much walking around like a corpse. Have a great weekend.....

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1st birthdays are cute!!!! God children are the best!!!!!

I need to hit the gym while I have all this time on my hands but naahhhh!!!!

Have a great weekend and thatnks for the kind comments!!!!

March 03, 2006  

EWWWW GROSS, there I go sounding like blondie.

Thanks for the word for today.

I'm not hyped about Friday the weekends are that special anymore, now that I'm home all day....

March 03, 2006  

crossing my fingers for that drink and sleep...sounds like we are on the same mission.

March 03, 2006  

I am crunk about
Hope you have fun at the bday party tomorrow.
Good luck on your diet.
Thanks for the new words that I have already added to my
Am I forgetting anything?
Thanks for coming by my blog and saying whats up. Today is the day I read all of your past post I have not been able to get to! Be on the lookout for my comments.

March 03, 2006  

ha! i have a fallacious weekend alllll the time... but b/c i work EVERY saturday and most sundays.

how bout your goddaughter is going to LOVE you! i have the best godmommy in the world!! she always gives me the best gifts! and the care pkgs in college? all of my friends were soooo jealous.

March 03, 2006 are most welcome, kind words and thoughts go along way.'re welcome, I do what I can to educate (lol)'m leaning more towards the sleep now lol, hopefully you fare better than me

@georgia....WOW, where the heck have you been girlie. I've missed ya in the comment section and on your blog but sometimes you do need a break from things..blogging makes me think too much sometimes lol, glad you're back I'll be on the lookout.

@jameil..I'm hoping so she's lil right now but I know my godmother was the one I always went to when I needed a lil extra cash and when I couldn't talk to my we'll see lol

March 03, 2006  

that guy on the train sounds totally disgusting. this is why it's doubly important to always have those antibacterial hand wipes with you or those cleaning wipes. never know when you're gonna need 'em. i'm not normally one to carry that kind of stuff around, but i'm beginning to see the benefits of doing it now, cuz folks iz just NASTY.

March 03, 2006  

@nikki..yes but knowing me I might take it to the extreme and be wearing gloves in the summer just so people's germs on the metro dont' get on me lol

March 03, 2006  

For the weight loss, I recomend doing some exercise. Try exercising when you wake up. It helps you feel energized throughout the day.

March 03, 2006  

I feel ya on the weight loss thang! And yes, why does it have to be so hard dammit!
Congrats on your sister’s new job.
Have a great weekend!

March 03, 2006  

You said COUTH! LOL That used to be one of my favorite words when I was a teen because my mom would always tease us about being "uncouth." lol Brought back allll kinda memories when you dropped that one.

LMAO that Mexicans are considered foreigners there! lol

March 03, 2006  

@epsilonicus..thanks for the tip..I usually walk during lunch cause I know how I am about my sleep.

@n'search....girl when I saw I feel like throwing that scale out, I don't exaggerate..I've become obsessed (lol)

@onecool..I do what I can, sometimes I find myself saying stuff I know my mom would say LOL...

March 06, 2006  

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