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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wiped Out Wednesday

I was at work till 11 pm last night (and yes I got here one time...10 min before 9 to be exact) so you know a sister is tired. Times like that make me want to have another job lined up and be like I'm OUT!!! Then there are the times when I love my job and at this point I could be here for another 2 years. I don't plan on being here all my life which is why come Monday morning I'm going to turn in my paper work so I can start classes to have a paralegal certificate. This will allow for more career choices and perhaps even a move to another city or state. I have to make a chance and no one else is gonna do it for me so why put it off?

On to other things....don't you hate when someone gets in the elevator and they stand right in front of the door like they are a body guard..this lady did that this morning I wanted to laugh so bad..she looked like one of those women from Sweden or something. I hate when people come into the elevator after having smoked a cigarette and it stinks up the elevator..someone did that yesterday and everyone started coughin attorney said they should have a non-smoking elevator...ummm yea and why were they all laughin at that...losers....on top of that on the way home I was sitting waiting for the metro and anyone who lives in this area knows how metro runs after rush get a train about every ten I when I got to the platform I had 8 min to wait....this lady sits down beside me WOW..I promise instead of going to happy hour it smelled like she took a bath in happy hour!!! I was like woooohhhh chic...I had to get up cause she almost made me intoxicated just sitting next to her...I was sooo ready to go home that when I got to my station...I almost went out the wrong door....the side that wasn't even opening lol....umm great. Got home and didn't even close my eyes till after 1...I was up watching Wild N Out on MTV......that show is pretty funny.....

Someone has told me that they stopped talking to me cause I sound like a white girl when I say WOW. Now I only say WOW when something annoys me or surprises me..then again do I really care that you think I sound like a white girl...NOPE. On top of that have you noticed that I don't talk to you I guess we are even. Man I had to pull his card...he think that I'm really chasing him down nah bookie not really..not even for fake(my sister and I use to say that when we were little lol).
Backstory behind all this: This guy is from the islands and I stopped talking to him cause he showed his crazy side one night when he threw rocks at my window cause I wouldn't answer the door when he came go the heck home don't call me from my neighbor's house or try to break my window what would you have done if you had broken would have paid for it that's what.

So anyway he wants me to come over this is after I've had a convo with my suga and we've clearly come to an understanding that yes we are now's all or nothing, ryde or die...whatever you want to call I was like aight you been buggin me for a minute I'll come over and all along while I'm getting dressed talking to the roomie...I keep getting this feeling that I don't need to go over there.....and at first it was just a lil feeling then I walked out the door, down the stairs to my car and BAMN!! It was like someone was like don't go...I walked back in the house called him and said I'm not coming. Now being that I hate to hurt people's feelings I lied and said I had a flat tire..I know..I've since asked the Lord to forgive me. I should have been honest with him and said you annoy me and I have a man now so leave me alone.....I think I read on a fellow bloggers post that we as women many times stay in a situation cause we don't want to hurt someone's feelings or because we are afraid of being alone. Well she was many times I've acted like I wanted to be around someone when I clearly knew it wasn't going to go anywhere or because I didn't want to hurt someone's feelings. So no more..I've deleted numbers out my phone and since then some guy who lives in B-more has called me and I laughed cause I was about to call him back and I had deleted his number and his message with his number on...God knew I was saving myself from myself LOL

Hopefully I'll see my suga this weekend and I'll finally get to see if he has this infamous tatto that I keep hearing about. I don't believe him then again seeing sometimes is believing. So we bet that if he really does have it (he said he wanted one and has never gotten one before) I have to get something that represents him on me...I'll probably get it on my back...perhaps a symbol or something I don't know yet..then again loving is enough maybe he'll take that lol..let me stop. It's funny cause I called him on Monday night and he was already sleep (he has to be up by 5am) and he called me after work on Tuesday..which is quite unusual knowing his track record of letting a whole week go by without hearing from him....perhaps he's understanding it all now. I'll have to post a better pic of me and him together cause the other one was a lil smushed since it was taken on a camera phone.

I talked to my nephew last night..then again talking to him is gabber and sayin what the cow says mooo and what the turkey say gooooble goooble lol and no it doesn't sound like gooble gooble it sounds more like gouble gouble LOL. He is saying auntie now so that's kinda cute and he tacks on baby to everything he says. When we got off the phone he said love you baby (lol)

I feel like today should be Friday, two more days to the week and I feel like I've been working since dawn..well not literally but you get my drift. Let's see if I can be productive today....

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I hate to work late... thank God that only happens about twice a year.

Things with your man are going good dont let anything mess that up.... stay away from the strays.

March 01, 2006  

I agree with msnhim. Stray dogs have rabies

March 01, 2006  

it's a see how strong you are...good luck, i hate working late too...only to see the same sommmmabytches the next day...

March 01, 2006  

Awww! You aren new sweetie are sounding cute. I love the beginnings of a new relationship.

I can't wait until my sister has her baby and I will be auntie.

March 01, 2006  

@msnhim....well this is a busy season so it might be going this way for the next 3 weeks. I am def trying to stay away

@epsilonicus....I agree as well and I'm not trying to be foaming at the mouth (lol)

@sarccastik....well I'm passing so far...YES!! and they be trying to laugh and joke and I just be ready to go home. I can't wait to see him this weekend if I get the chance....I love spoiling my nephew he is soo cute!

March 02, 2006  

Hope thing work out with your new man....

March 02, 2006  

@luvin me....all I can say is..I'm taking this slowly as they rush

March 02, 2006  

Now that's some sh*t right there--for somebody to tell you they quit talking to you cuz you say WOW. Some people are so shallow it is truly pathetic. Clown! Good riddance!

I feel the same way 'bout my job. Working so closely with attorneys has major benefits (like my divorce got HANDLED for free), but then other times I'm ret to go...leave the legal career and focus solely on the other one. I thought about becoming a paralegal once. It does offer job security and a nice salary practically anywhere you go!

March 02, 2006  

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May 18, 2006  

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March 02, 2007  

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