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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tempestuous Thursday

I tell ya trying to find words to go with the day of the week is causing me to think up my own make up words of use a dictionary or a thesaurus. So in case ya didn't know tempestuous means stormy..but I'm sure you all knew that (wink)

So last night I got off a lil earlier than the other day..I was here at work till about 8:30pm. The perks of working late are that you get free dinner..which a sister like me ain't even gonna pass up lol..especially since I have cooked dinner for real for real in a while. So bring it this point I'm past complaining and just thanking God that he gave me the OT cause he knows how much I need the extra cash.

With that being said why do supervisors, bosses, managers, whatever you want to call them (higher management) tend to take out their frustrations on the people who work under them. Man I was at the comp yesterday asking God to help me and venting to the girls and they were of course making me laugh and that helped me cool down. One of my boss's I guess got hung up on somethings that were overwhelming him. So the time comes for me to get lunch and I go upstairs and heat my food up on my way back to my desk I can hear a intercom going off I peak over my ledge to see if it's mine and it is. I see that it's my guy boss so I go to his office instead of sitting down and calling him, at the time it seemed easier. I said i just got back to my desk what's up..he give me the be gone motion while saying go back to your desk and call me when you get there.....WOW..needlesstosay Honey did a sidelook and rolled her eyes and walked on out. Ok he wanted me to look at his email and fax it to someone but I mean dang did you have to give me the "you are but a servant to me" hand motion. On top of that I went to the bathroom which apparently isn't suppose to occur during work hours cause he was like why did my phone go to that point I got kinda irritated..I was like I don't know and I think my tone kind of set him off cause after that he closed his door and was real nice the rest of the night lol even said thank you after he asked me to do everything.

So I got off, rode the metro to the station to get my car, got home and got on the phone with a friend who I haven't talked to in a month of sundays. He goes to school down south and we have a pretty good convo good that it lasts till a lil after 2am. I told him about Constant and all that and he told me the girls that he was kicking it with or trying to kick it with. But it kept going back to him wanting to see me when he came home and I'm like I don't think that would be a good idea. Cause I know how I would feel if constant saw someone I knew had a thing for him. I know he has female friends..he's even been on the phone with one of them (he calls her his lil sis) while he was at my house...she knew I was there cause he kept talkin to me and sayin nasty stuff lol which is why I trust him whole heartedly (spell-check). If he says he's sleep or he was at work..I never have to think or read between the lines with him. He's so chill that it scares me sometimes. He's just that laid back and I have to get use to that lol. Anyway me and SC boy were chatted and of course he's asking questions about how I am and what not....yea sexually. Why is it that after 10pm..convos held after hours tend to be risque? I didn't indulge him as much as I'm sure he would have liked cause that is saved for Constant....but he did tell me that I surprised him. By looking at me he said he wouldn't have known that I'm so open about sex.

I've posted about this before but of course growing up lil girls are taught not to do things and what not. So once I found out what I liked, how I liked it and where or when I liked it..hey what can I say it just kinda went from there. Now I'm gonna let ya in on a lil secret...then again if I tell you it wont' be a secret anymore, plus this is the internet so secrets no longer exist lol....when asked what's the wildest place i've had sex...of course I could say no where, and in actuality this place isn't all that wild..but I've had sex in a the raggae room to be exact. I'll leave it at that..needlesstosay the guy that was the second party in the situation still says to me this day that he didn't know I would do something like that...everyone got a lil freak in em. And by no means is that my definition of a freak cause there are too many to even get into....moving along

He asked me if I indulged in some self pleasure lol.....silence.....crickets....I think I'll leave that alone lol....then again if you dont' love yourself who else will (wink) that's all I got to say about that.....after that convo I was actually a lil surprised at myself....cause hearing some of those things out loud and coming out of my mouth lead me to believe that I still have a lil ways to go before I'm totally open with my sexual side..and that's cool. There is always room for improvement.

EDIT: Aight so I'm upstairs at the microwave heating up my lunch and this woman is standing beside me putting her lunch into a bag..I'm assuming to take it back to her desk. Instead of her bending down to look in the cabinet for a bag...she leans over sideways and put's her leg up in the air like she is a figure skater..on top of that she was kinda big and I could see her panty line..not a good home or at work lol especially at a firm full of "conservative" people if you know what i mean...I was like wow..never are your dress pants that tight that I can see your draws and can tell you have a wedgie....and NO I wasn't lookin that hard it's just that her butt took up half my line of vision LOL....back to work!

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I didn't become totally comfy with my sexuality until around 32 and it was not gradual it was full blast!!!! LOL

I hate to be "waved" off like be gone.oooohh that burns me da hell up!!!! If you really want to piss me off, tell me to "calm down" when i'm heated!!!!! That will get you cussed out for sure!!!!

March 02, 2006  

@dee...LOL WOW..well I'm glad mine is coming gradually cause I might hurt someone if it came full blast! Yes, I was soo heated I was a bit salty for the rest of the say towards him.

March 02, 2006  

i hate the waving off.. dont do that! so rude!

im only open with my sexuality w/ my hubby! my 1 homegirl and i can have all types of conversations about sex though..

March 02, 2006  

I feel you on the hand wave. I mean unless they were born with a silver spoon, chances are they were in a similar role to you not too long ago.

So why now do they feel the need to look down at you? There have been times I've had to bite the inside of my cheek to make sure i didn't cuss someone!!

March 02, 2006  

ha! about the wedgey lady! that is gross and I'm glad they don't sell stirrup pants any more, that was a way gross fad.

I think I'm starting to come out of the shell with my sexuality also.

March 02, 2006  

Just plain disrespectful, and he knew it too. Then gon try to flip it a lil' bit. I would have been hella mad! I don't know how my temper would take something like that.

I agree with you that having sex in a club ain't enough to qualify one as a freak, but ol' boy was getting waaay too personal for me. All up in ya biz! Dang. lol

March 02, 2006  

Hey firl, jsut checking in.

I'm glad you defined tempestuous for me, because I didn't feel like looking that one up....

I hate management trying to treat you, girl, everyone deserves respect, boss or not. He got some nerve, BITCH!!

March 02, 2006  

My sexuality, man I can't remember when I became comfortable, but I have no hang ups. My strong sexuality sometimes scares men who aren't in tune with their sexuality. Thats a huge turn off for me.........learn yaself, then holla back!!!

March 02, 2006  

That waved off motion has almost made me cuss out one of my supervisors (I say almost because I guess putting up the "digit of defiance" is not verbally cussing someone out).

Now that other stuff, I know if I was your Constant, I would be a little perturbed to hear you talking sexual with some other dude. That would make me raise an eyebrow or two. Be careful!!

March 02, 2006 should have seen my over exaggerated eye roll (lol)...had to do something cause that's all I could do

@mocha..all I kept saying like a lil old lady was lord give me strength (lol) was so upset at her and the fact that she lifted her leg that high in the air I mean if i had tried to walk past she would have hit me...all that dang on food she was takin back to her desk..dang

@onecool...yea he was I chucked me talking up to the fact that I had worked OT and it was after hours lol when I get sleepy who knows what the heck comes out of my mouth (lol)

@insanely....I felt like knocking all his papers off his desk or just ignoring him the rest of the day, yes why can't men be comfortable with what they want and what we might want..they so scared of everything if they haven't done it before..losers

March 02, 2006  

@epsilonus...I know (shaking head) which is why I was like why did I even bother talking to him knowing that after I get sleepy I talk out the side of my neck...I'm being good, pray for me

March 02, 2006  

maybe it's cuz i don't know you like your folk do, but i get the impression you got more than a little freak in you (a good thing!).

you just come across as a very sexually confident sista. i ain't mad atcha!

March 02, 2006  

Ummmm I will admit that I did not know what tempestuous meant (smile).

I think that everyone should be comfortable with their sexuality, but it surprises me how man people arent!

March 02, 2006  

Thats messed up how the manager tried to play you like that. He need to leave those personal problems at the house. I feel you on those inappropriate phone convos. I alway seem to have those at night too.

March 02, 2006  

Of course I knew what temp, wait...what was the word again...LOL

I would have been mad at him too.

My sexuality has never really been an issue for me. I have been comfortable with 'me' from day one.

March 03, 2006  

@nikki..what?! nah girl not me, I ain't no freak lol (winking)..but if you aren't confident then why would someone want to have confidence in you

@n search..yes they always talking bout they want a woman that is willing to try new things and they be the first ones scared when you pull out a toy LOL

@t...yea I'm not gonna get myself in trouble by fussin him out like I want to but I'm also not gonna let him run over me, lol yes I have to realize that being up late may cause for me to open up a side of me that everyone isn't suppose to see or know about

@luvin...LOL, well I'm glad you know what it means now, you go girl! I of course felt a lil uncomrtable in my own skin for a lil bit that's cause kids can be cruel (laughin at how my butt was big lol) then when you get older and things start to fill in all the guys come running..yea back then you didn't want

March 03, 2006  

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