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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tolerable Tuesday

If you don't know what tolerable means then I'm sure you have clearly been living in the dark ages lol...then again half the words I have begun to find since I've been on my quest for a new word a day...I dont' know so ah well (lol)...tolerable means average, enough, so-so or adequate. Yea that's how I'm feeling, not too tired, not too wide awake. Today is just plain ole tolerable. I found out that the day to register for class at NOVA is the 28th so I need to hurry and get some funds together so I can at least take one class. I'm hoping they have payment plans LOL..cause a sister like me is broke.

So I've been tagged by Onecoolsister ( to write down 6 weird things about me. After narrowing the list down (lol) I came up with these:

1. When I was a little girl I watched this horror movie one night before going to bed and although I know that nothing is going to come out of my closet to this day I can't and will not sleep with the closet door open.

2. I eat ranch on almost everything..yep, everything. Fries, chicken, fish, if it tasted good on eggs I'll probably try that too (lol)

3.I had a fish that was a beta and I named him Beta (lol) I promise that the maintenance people at my last apt complex killed me and the roomies had a funeral for him (ROFL)

4. I can speed read and remember what the book or article was about. I was once in a reading contest in middle school my team won, I remember there was a question about what color dress did someone have on in some chapter and wouldn't you know that I guessed it right (hmm, I need to work on that more)

5. I love ICE CREAM!!! and when I say love it I mean it in every sense of the word....I could eat it every night if I knew that I wouldn't gain a pound LOL

6. Sad but I have a shoe problem. I will buy the same shoe in different colors sometimes which leads to problems'll be glad to know that I am slowly going to meeting about this problem and God is helping me through it (smile)

So instead of tagging six people...I figured I would just let you tell me something weird about you in my comment section....

posted by Ms.Honey at 6:19 AM


I love ranch on baked potatoes, i use season salt as table salt....i bought a speed reading course one time, but i never completed it, hell i dont think i started, i could use those skills right now, you got any tips????....

my story: I was kidnapped twice. When i was 5 my dad had me while my mom was in boot camp, but he hide me and wont tell her where i was, when she found out she came and kidnapped me back...she told me her and jesus rode up the highway up...until 2 years ago i thought she meant Jesus in the figurative term, not an actual person, lol firt time here, thanks again for stopping by my site...I'll be back

March 07, 2006  

ps. i know we just blogmet, but tag you're it...ABC's check it out

March 07, 2006  

I will have to steal this and put my 6 wierd things on my site.

March 07, 2006  

One weird thing about me is that I have a spitting habit. It is weird because the only time I will spit is in Baltimore. Here at college, I do not spit. Whenever I travel outside, I do not spit. Only in the city of Baltimore will I spit. I do not know if it is a subconscious thing or what.

March 07, 2006  

@no1special...LOL...that Jesus I tell ya he be in more places that we know about. Umm I baked potato sounds good right now..speeding reading is pretty much about skimming and scanning lol...dang aight I'll make that my post for tomorrow (smile)'s all good we're blogfriends my lists are your lists LOL

@epsilonicus....hmm adding to the filth huh..not good (lol)

March 07, 2006  

LOL That was GREAT!! You're not weird either though! Now epsilo...that is very odd.

*dap* @ Ms. TJ. I gotta go check out your list too.

March 07, 2006  

@onecool..yea I concur..epli is a lil weird I'm still getting use to spelling his name I have to scroll down every time LOL

March 07, 2006  

dang - well whats weird anyway ? its all relative I guess..

1. I flex my toes in weird positions when I am relaxing - my family hates it - ( it looks like im crippled when I do it)

2. I suck everything I eat,,seriously .. i cant just chew and swallow I have to suck it ...and I suck my drinks in too .. LOL weird I know

3. I have a really sensitive smell so I'm always sniffing myself .. LOL

4. I make faces without realizing it. People always walk past my desk like "whats wrong , why your face look like that" LOL

5.I have an obbsession with phat azz's. If I see one pass me I HAVE to stare at it.. LOL

6. My eyebrows are totally different. One is arched and one is straight..which doesnt compliment the lazy eye I have either LOL

March 07, 2006  

I am soooo with you on number 1 and 6 ! LOL

March 07, 2006  

I definitely have the shoe problem and don't plan on fixing it anytime soon. Let's see what else:
-I write my number 8's backwards
-I hate washing inside my ears
-at 4yrs old I use to swing on the shower rail because I didn't want to wash my ears. One day the rail gave way and down I went. I swear I was a gymnast in another life.

March 07, 2006  

@me..tru which is why I told onecool that the facts are just that foot thing would freak me out lol

@msnhm...I love me some ranch matter of fact I could go for some fries right now with that on it..em

@tanya..what was so bad about your ears lol

March 07, 2006  

1. I hate domestic animals (dogs, cats, birds) except fish.
2. I cant sleep at night, but i can sleep during the day with no problem
3.I only eat once a day.
4.I still put the toilet seat down even though I live by myself (comes from growing up in a house with 4 generation of women)
5. I have an English Degree, but I don't read books
6. I know almost every lyric to almost any song even the ones I don't like.

March 07, 2006  

I can relate to the shoe thing, I also have a hat and purse fetish. let's see, something strange about me.... thinking.... I rock myself to sleep sometimes. When I can't sleep, I lay on my side in the bed and rock until I fall asleep,(stop laughing)

March 08, 2006  

I can tell you one weird thing right now-I hafta use a straw to drink my sodas. ANd i don't like to drink bottled sodas onlyl canned sodas. IF there are no canned sodas, I won't drink anything.

I can speed read-I just finisehd reading a book that I started yesterday, last nite but I don't remember the title. SOmetimes I end up reading the same book twice because I'll forget

I change my undies 2x a day because I can only wear thongs at nite.

I like to PRANCE around my house in the BUFF

March 08, 2006  

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March 08, 2006  

Now those are interesting very interesting especially the rock myself to sleep thing...hmmm

March 08, 2006  

1. smoking weed makes me paranoid so i can't do it.

2. i taught myself how to play piano but can't read music.

3. i have one pussy lip that's larger than the other and i pull on it at times when i'm bored (no masturbation, just pulling on it.)

4. no matter what eyeglasses i wear, they all end up lopsided on my face and i can't fix it.

5. i hate shopping. not because i can't find things to wear, but because there are too many options and i can't make a quick decision about what to buy. the only time i go shopping is if i've got it in my mind exactly what i'm going to get.

March 08, 2006  

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