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Monday, March 06, 2006

Monotonous Mondays

Let's see how long I can keep this word of the day thing up (Monotonous means boring) and of course I'm talking about today not my weekend (smile). I know you're expecting a wrap up of my weekend so I'll minimize it cause in this post I'm gonna let you all read the letter I gave my god daughter for her 1st birthday.

Friday: Overtime till about 8:30. Then I went to dinner with a former room mate. We chatted and what not caught up on different things. We were really close in college and even though we live in the same area due to work and other things we don't get to see each other too often but the funny thing is that we talk on instant messenger almost every day. After dinner since it was so late we decided to hit up the wal-mart. I brought the dvd Their Eyes Were Watching God (saw it on TV and loved it)...was knocked out after about 15 min of it (lol), yea I was tired.

Saturday: Got up, packed and headed to Hampton for the rest of the weekend. It's funny how home can cause you to be so relaxed. Made it in time to chat with my dad for a few, then waited for my sis and we hit up the mall where Hechts was having a BAD sale. I mean my mom had been there about 2 times already and when I got home she was just coming back from there..she got about $200 worth of clothes for about $50..yea that's how serious it was so of course I had to go up there. I got 3 skirts and a sweater for $25 and mind you the original prices were like $35 to $ I was too excited. Then I got some cute sandals for $5..yea it's not summer but that doesn't mean I can't rake up on summer shoes...I can't wait till it gets warm so I can wear them...I tend to become obsessed with shoes (even more so) during the summer than the winter. My mom says I probably have shoes in every color, which I think I do..but that's a whole nother topic. So after that I had to run to walmart, get my "livia"..that's my goddaughter..had to get her some ballons, a card, a toy, her jewlery box and pic up her charm (I got it from things remembered and it's in the shape of a baby's face with her name on the front and love Aunt D on the back..soo I was running kind of late but I got there. The party was pretty good, she got a few gifts, we chatted and caught up with old friends and her older family members played with her, so it was pretty nice. I went home and chilled with the fam, watched the dvd then was passed out

Sunday: Went to 8am service, went home to take a nap, left to come back to Northern VA at about 11. Got home, did laundry, went to see Madea's Family Reunion which by the way is a great movie and if you haven't seen it, you should go see it. I will def buy it when it comes out on DVD. Watched some of the Oscars and then went to sleep therefore leading to me being here

Here's the letter I wrote my goddaughter Olivia:

February 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Olivia,

Today marks one year that you have been here in this world. I wanted to get you something for your birthday that you would always remember and be able to keep through the years. So I decided to get you a keepsake box. Each year I will write a letter that will go in the box and along with the letter I will give you a charm. Pretty soon you will have a bracelet to go along with the charms that you have received. The significance of the charm will be explained in the letter. For your first charm I have decided to give you a silhouette of a baby girl with your name on the front and Love, Aunt Danielle on the back. I chose this as your first one because you’re just beginning and in everything you set out to do you’ll have to go through a baby phase. Not only can you keep the letters that I give you in the keepsake box, but keep things that are most near and dear to you. When you are old enough to read and understand them I hope that you will enjoy each reading letter as much as I have and will enjoy writing them to you.

I want you to know that you are dearly loved and not just by your mother but by me. Your mother has been my best friend since we were in kindergarten together. We’ve been through a lot together and I know that no matter what she will always be there for you. You are special and I want you to know that the best is yet to come. I take my role as your godmother very seriously and I plan on being here for you whenever you need me, you are my first godchild so that of course makes you even the more special. I’m sure throughout the years your mother and father will tell you how special you are but I want you to know that you have changed your mother. She’s so much more focused because of you and you are her world. I know you will make her proud in whatever you set your mind to.

When your mother told me she was pregnant I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to hear her say that I would be your godmother. I can’t wait until you begin to fully understand who I am so that we can become closer. Right now you’re just a little thing, who doesn’t’ even have all of her teeth yet (smile). You just learned to walk and what a coincidence that you decided to do it about a month or so before your birthday. From what I hear you are into everything, but hey that’s what babies do. I know that once you start talking there will be no stopping you. I wasn’t able to be at your birth, and believe me I wanted to be there. You were born the day after I went home from being in Hampton, I would have thought you didn’t want me there (smile), then again maybe you just weren’t ready to come out yet.

Although at the present moment I live a little over 2 hours away, you have been to visit me a couple of times and I look forward when you are old enough to visit even more. I live in Northern VA which is near Washington, DC (the nation’s capitol). Hopefully when you can walk a little better I’ll be able to take you to the zoo up here, right now it’s just a little too cold and you’re still a little thing so you wouldn’t be able to understand what’s going on.
I only hope and pray that once you are old enough you are able to realize just how special you are to me. I love you and I want the best for you because you deserve it. So as the years pass and you grow into a beautiful young woman, I hope you realize that you are and will always be a blessing to those who are in your life.

In closing I’m sure you’ll soon find out that I love poetry so I found a quote that I’m sure you will understand as you get older: “Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body” (Emily Stone). When I read this I know it’s true because you are your mother’s heart, always remember that and you are mine as well.

I love you and happy birthday.

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That letter is soooo Beautiful. Your such a good God-Mommy. That is so sweet. I wish we would have a good sale like that around here. That was a deal.

March 06, 2006  

@hali..thank you. Just wanted to know how special she is. Man was it ever too bad the sale ended on Sat cause I would have been back in there after church on Sun (lol)

March 06, 2006  

Luuuv the letter to your GodDaughter. My Godchildren are long distance. I wish I could see them more.
Also, I see you have a charter membership to The Power Shoppers as well, LOL

March 06, 2006  

your goddaughter is going to look at this as the most special thing that anyone could have given her. I am impressed with your dedication.

March 06, 2006  

@chez...thanks, I tend to be sentimental.....I hope that as she's older she will come to value the relationship that we will have in the coming years.

@t...thanks, I'm hoping she loves it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

March 06, 2006  

Your god daughter is lucky 2 have you!!!!!

Sounds like a great weekend!!!

March 06, 2006  

@dee....awww I hope she feels that way when she gets older..cause you know now they tend not to care (lol) was a great weekend, thanks for stopping by

March 06, 2006  

"It's funny how home can cause you to be so relaxed. "

^^ Yep! That's exactly why I decided to go home to L.A. rather than anywhere else for my mini-vacation.

That letter was the sweetest. Y'all may want to have that one laminated!!

Oh, and you've been tagged, by the way. ;)

March 06, 2006  

The letter is a great idea. That definitely almost brought a tear. I like that idea.

March 07, 2006  

@cool...dang! LOL sike I'm jokin I kinda like being tagged especially since I really don't know what to write about today....I love going home...I feel so at peace there (smile)

@epsilonicus...thanks, I try to be somewhat creative when my brain has the time

March 07, 2006  


That was beautiful!

March 07, 2006  

@luvinme....(hands you a tissue)...thank you

March 07, 2006  

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