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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

For My Shero

I miss you and you know that writing this is hard. In the time that I've known you....I can honestly say that talking to you has made me a better person. So I can't be sad now...because you're in a better're watching over all of us...and laughing and smiling waiting our arrival. Thank you for your advice....your laughs....your well wishes....your confidence..... your in honor of you and what you stand for here goes.......

I'm greatful.....

...for love, life, health and strength

...for being able to call you friend

...for my phone being off right now...I really don't need the distraction (I need to study)

...for having a house phone..those who need me, know the number

.....for R, he said so much last night without even having to say too much at all

....for waking up to a hug and a smile

....for having a job to go to each day......

......for time spent with family last weekend, I needed it

......for being able to talk to your sister the other night....she made me laugh when we talked about you

.....for understanding that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord....

.....for finally understanding that I deserve so much more

....for the will to change the things I need to change

.....for the strength to walk away and be fine with it

...for my nephew...who amazes me with his touchdown dance and his reciting the books of the bible..he learns so fast.

......for each and every wednesday.....because of you I take this time to stop, think and be greatful

....for you.....

T...I miss you and that's all that can be said cause if I write more I'll tear up again. I pray for your family each night and those that were touched by your life. I pray that fat baby understands just what a great woman you were and are. I pray that God allows me to touch someone's life as you have touched mine. I heart you girl LOL and each wednesday from here on out is for you (and me of course LOL)...

So from here on out I'm taking time to stop and smell the roses!!!!

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wow i'm so sorry to hear about ur friend. it amazing how life is so precious and yet me take it for granted. this was beautiful that u took a moment for her.

November 29, 2006  

That was nice Honey. I was going to give her a piece of my blog space as well on Monday, but I thought that would offend you all that communicated w/her on the regular, so I didn't. Sad to say, I was just a lurker of hers :-(

Thanks for the reminder to appriciate everything big and small.

November 29, 2006  

That was so sweet to bad so many people take things for granted. For now on I am gonna try to appreciate everything and not take things for granted.

November 29, 2006  

guess i need to go catch up to see what's going on w/ you chica.. but just from reading this....


November 29, 2006  

I like how the blogging community has come to show their love for one we loss. We may not have all met her in person but we felt her spirit everytime she has blessed out blogs with her words and kindness.

November 29, 2006  

i dont know where i was to have missed her blog....from reading every one's tribute it appears i missed out on an angle here on earth....i guess God needed her back home...

November 29, 2006  

I too was going to dedicate a post to her but i wanted to celebrate and rejoice not be sad again. I say we all get one of them things like they have for Breast Cancer or something in her honor and put them on oru blogs.....she will be missed

November 29, 2006  

You got me tearing up over here. The thing I love is that even when her situation could have made her bitter she rose above that and made her last days, happy days. R.I.P T.

November 29, 2006  

i love that she's touched so many people. i didn't know her either, but i got chills reading her blog yesterday. its always wonderful to remind ourselves what we have to be grateful for.

November 29, 2006  

Gorgeous tribute Honey :)

November 29, 2006  

honey-- this was so sweet. i too miss her and keep hoping there will be a "trish unleashed, the unmastered demo" posted sometime soon...she's with us in spirit and swollen with pride (and humility of course) i'm sure by the beautiul ripple she's caused across the wire...
thank you for sharing

November 29, 2006  

I am sad to say that I was not familiar with her blog. I can definitely say that it appears I have missed out on something or someone wondeful. I have been seeing different people pay tribute to her. So to those who were familiar with her I would like to offer my condolences.

November 30, 2006  

"God allows me to touch someone's life as you have touched mine."

I echo those sentiments. May we all be able to have an impact on somebody the way she impacted us.

November 30, 2006  

i know the feeling about losing a loved one....

November 30, 2006  

Wow, what a beautiful post!

November 30, 2006  

you perfectly captured what seems to be a lot of our emotions right now. thanks for making me smile, yet again, in remembrance of trish.

November 30, 2006  


December 01, 2006  

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