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Monday, November 27, 2006

Musical Monday

I have been jammin all weekend on my new toy. I LOVE IT!!! I'm not at all exaggerating. I'm bout to go online now and find the closest high school so I can hit the track and sweat to some music.

Thanksgiving was great

Food was wonderful...time spent with the fam is always a blessing

Talked to everyone that mattered....and a few people hit me up that I didn't even know still had my number (I dont have theirs)

Can't wait for my next mini vacation next weekend....I'll be in the bean....WOOHOOO

I erased all reference to Red (Texas) from my number, email address, IM name..he gets no love although he never really got any LOL

Not so constant is coming home...ekkkk! I can do it!! LOL

R called me....I'm beginning to slowly but surely not focus on him as much as I use to and I think he knows that...what can I say we've known each other 2 years and if you don't know how you feel about me never need to lie to kick it

Music came over when I got back in town...he's funny....kinda cute that he put his arm around me while we were in wally world LOL....

I almost fell in the toilet cause he forgot to put it down.....come on!!! Then he said I should look before I sit...ok and.... it's my house LOL....

I spoke to DC as well.....just getting to know him so we'll keep our ears to the ground on that one LOL...

Why I asked Music did he miss me and he was like I'll say it if you say it LOL....ummm no how about you say it LOL...we went on like that for all of 5 min hhaha.

I hate when people said they've told me something when I know for a fact that they haven't do you think I'm boboo the dummy....I can hear and see dont' try to play me

My nephew is the cutest lil boy I know...everyone else is second to him LOL...he has a touchdown dance

We sang and danced and chased each other around for over an hour...needlesstosay I was TIRED!

He will keep sayin Hi, or good morning until you say it back LOL...and everytime he sits down to eat even if he just got up..he has to say his grace and he makes sure that you say it too LOL

I take the GRE's on Dec other words no partying (other than next weekend in the BEAN) after work it's right to studying I need a bangin score first time around.

Speaking of that I didn't work on my essay...I'm a bum LOL...I'll work on it this weekend....I have to!

If constant comes back next weekend...I wont' be here...woohoo good way to prolong that slap in the face that I've wanted to give him since all that crap went down.

Why did Green Eyes (a cop I use to talk to) call me....talkin about I missed no you didn't...stop the LIES! And why everytime you call you ask if I got that your business....NO


It's monday and I'm trying to decide if I want to listen to my new toy or the radio LOL

All my fam said I'm doing a great job losing weight...WOOOOHOOO that makes me feel so much better and makes me want to stay focused so next summer I can be tight as spandex on a fat lady in my two piece LOL....and I don't mean tight nasty HAHAHHA

I'm gettin new bedroom furniture FINALLY for christmas some of it should be in on the 18th.

What am I gonna do for New Years?

I gotta pee LOL

I just found out that one of my favorite bloggers has gone on to a bigger better place...she will be missed. Thinking about what she has taught me is causing me to tear up...I thank God for her strength, her words and that precious baby who will carry on her spirit. I love you GIRL!! Thank you for being you and teaching me more than I could ever dream.
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Chasing after a child is good exercise too!

I can't keep up the friends! LOL

You can deal with Constant! You got this!

Ummm yeah, go to the bathroom!

November 27, 2006  

I tear up everytime I think of her.

Yes he had me cracking up and out of breath LOL...he and I were passed out napping

I only have 4 major ones LOL

I can deal with him via email but face to face is another subject...I might just go off...

and I did LOL

November 27, 2006  

Can we get a cast of characters list sometime? It's like trying to watch Lost after you missed the first couple of seasons. LOL!

Red got purged. Ha, ha!

I bet the look on your face after you almost took a dip in the toilet was classic.

Congrats on the new bedroom furniture. I had three dirty comments off the top of my head but I'm walking away from them. :o)

Sorry to hear about what happened to one of your favorite bloggers. R.I.P.

November 27, 2006  

(HUGS)) NOw what weekend is you coming?

November 27, 2006  

Sorry to hear about the blogger. I've read some of her stuff before.

November 27, 2006  

have you been helping me drop some hints? You promised. lol

She is in a better place and she will always be in your heart.

Please look before you sit that is so yuck.

I'm gonna will you some strength so you can get over mr red and out of your system.

November 27, 2006  

Freaky..I'll have to remember that LOL. I'm stoked about my new furniture can't wait till it comes in...and what you got to say LOL...I'm tryin to get my beads come on cleatus haha

negro..I'll be there next weekend..sometime Friday

thoughts..yep she will be missed :)

ladyj..I'm doing what I can LOL, yes I have learned to look before I sit no toilet water on the boota LOL...and red is gone (along with those sausage fingers) it's constant I'm worried about LOL

November 27, 2006  

How many songs do you have on there now?

I was like that with my iPod...oh wait, I still am. :-)

Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving! I spent mine chowing down and making Kahlua Mudslides for my girls! LOL.

November 27, 2006  

i still haven't got into the ipod thing...everytime i talk to you your phone is ringing off the hook with a new cat....KEEP IT PIMPIN' PIMPIN'....

November 28, 2006  

Hey Honey

I promise when I get over my funk...I'll post :)

November 28, 2006  

Glad you had a good thanksgiving

November 28, 2006  

"Music came over when I got back in town...he's funny....kinda cute that he put his arm around me while we were in wally world LOL...."

As horrifying as any WalMart shopping experience always is, I am glad you found some comfort while you roamed the isles of hell.

November 28, 2006  

The Mistress...I think almost 600. Apparently it can hold up to 15000....I know insane LOL. I love mudslides...send me one haha

Sarrcastik....yea what can I say....

Tenacious..aight take your time as long as you have a good one when you come out of the funk LOL

knowone...I am so glad I got some rest....

Stilt...I thought it was rather we weren't in there long...we didn't even get in line so that might have helped LOL

November 28, 2006  

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