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Monday, December 11, 2006


I was saying that all weekend..sounding like Jim Jones LOL

We were suppose to leave at 930...we didn't leave till 1am (guess we were more tired than we thought)

Traffic was great, then again I was knocked out so I wouldn't know either way.

Those tolls are something serious!!! Why was one of them like almost 7 dollars (yes i know i sounded like a white girl oh well lol)

It's extremly too cold for me up there...I need some balance when it comes to weather lol

Her dad stays in a cute lil one bedroom apt why this puerto rican lady was like staring out the window when we were leavin to go to the mall..we waved at her..she just stared I mean at least wave back.

She didn't even try to hide that she was staring just hiked the blinds up some more.

Missy is officially my favorite blogger LOL..sike let me stop....but for real home girl is INSANE!!!

We met her at this place called progressions after we saw Dad's play which by the way was WONDERFUL

I realized this weekend that I love wearing blazers with a matching bra underneath LOL...perhaps cause I have nice boobs I don't know LOL..but it's sooo sexy looking haha

Besides the fact that I almost had to curse this gay man out (who I later found out to be the director) cause he said I couldn't take pics ...umm boo you should have said that at the beginning....I still took a pic later...just made sure the flash was off and that the lights were on LOL...I think his "partner" saw me but he looked a tad bit don't do it to yourself..I will scream on you

So it took us like 10 min to park LOL...roomies wheel was cold and wouldn't turn..missy was laughin at us.

Lil spot is cute..opens at 4pm and closes at 2am.

Missy hipped me to all that extra drama about oh girl...all I have to say is she must have been pretty desperate...and I could care less anymore...thanks but no thanks I don't need no more information to come to the conclusion that either way you put it plymouth rock landed on us LOL..she's in my prayers cause either way she's dead

I swear Jamaicans and lesbiens are everywhere in Boston!!

I must admit that accent had my panties wet though (not from the lesbien LOL)

I had some shots of something called a red death (had three over the whole weekend) I tell ya....nice that's all I got to say and i have a new drink...hypnotic and pineapple juice..umm yummy

We danced, laughed at people..took pics in the bathroom.

I was trying to talk like I was from Boston haha...not too good might I add

Missy fell down the ramp (she was walking up it LOL but you get what I'm saying) LOL..I was dying LOL....cause it was in slow motion....

Too bad I didn't get to meet time it's on and poppin LOL

Sat we did the mall...bought some cute red pumps...and finally found some silver shoes.

I really didn't want to pay $50 for my dress and shoes for new years..found some at burlington

Had the best sandwich this side of the east D'angelos'. We ate there for lunch everyday this weekend LOL

Saw some Nike boots I want....and babyphat ones...they are def on my christmas list.

Went to this place called the blue wave on at first we were like what the piss...but it got a lil packed

Might I add they have something called Soulful Saturdays where people from the area can perform...these two guys were there that SANNNG their tales off...I have been pumpin homeboys sampler since then LOL....

Met some cuties...i have found the secret to getting free drinks.

Sit at the bar...and have guys breathe over you to order drinks...I was done at the end of the night LOL

I think I had about 6....and I got a number from a cutie....his name is Alex (same name of Red also known as Texas) but that didn't deter me...he was tall and em em yummy lookin lol

Let me find out I'm bout to be in Boston again.

Why dudes so persistant though...this one dude exchanged numbers with roomie..talkin about we should come to his house he tryin to get it on and poppin (he went to VSU) we were like we goin to meet her godbrother (who lives in CA and was home visiting) he was like well call me after...needlesstosay we ate at IHOP and we didn't get home till 5am.

Her godbrother by the way is a cutie...too bad he lives in CA..and he has locs ummm I love a man with hair LOL

Got back a lil before 9....Music came over...told me that he did in fact miss me (what he never says that lol) calls me Apple face...great

I must admit that he is beginning to grow on me.....he was watching the game on the floor of my room and I went to watch it with was cute both of us all curled up watchin the game...I could get use to that

R phone was off....says he's sure he'll hear from me after work sometime today....ummm will you....maybe, maybe not.

My phone is back on and when I say I'm happy I mean I'm HAPPY!!! Man I have missed that thing and it's only been off for what a lil over a week LOL

Music says I have the softest butt he's ever felt LOL...great....

I take the GRE's on I ready...a lil I'll be studying this week and then partying after I'm done on Sat LOL

Pics will be uploaded later this week...have to use the rest of my film :)

Off to see how your weekends were while listening to Fantasia, Tyrese and Mary J's albums on AOL music.....
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glad u had a great time! gtl and i are going to boston sometime in 2007... nyc too... you should come!

make sure i get them club pics :-)

December 11, 2006  

Man Im mad i fell UP the st eps..where did u find the silver pumps at? Did yall go to the Braintree mall or Marshalls'/./and u ended up @ Blue Wave..I never been tehre...a little too upscale and boring for my tastes..but yall did better than me on Saturday at least u got out......And we had 2 shots that nite remember we was getting fawked up with that big dude....My trip was so uneventful im not even inspired to blog about it......

December 11, 2006  

ttd...for real!! You have to let me know cause I had a ball!!! are crazy girl LOL...yea we had two shots and we had shots on sat of the same drink with the same puerto rican dude LOL..I asked him where his friend was and he was like I don't know...I had fun, it was kinda chill...we went to the mall umm I think it was braintree it had a lord and taylors in it...and it's near a d'angelos..we never mad it to marshalls and I got them from burlington coat factory down the street from the mall.

December 11, 2006  

My girls and I always sit at the bar. Not only can you get free drinks from unsuspecting dudes but if the bartender is a guy we usually sweet talk him into giving us a free drink or extra liquor.

December 11, 2006  

We not trying to do the equilibrium thing any more??? With all that stuff going on you need it! LOL

I still like the new look tho'

December 11, 2006  

nice new layout

all that fun--wow, I'm inspired
and red death? wow--could they have found a safer-sounding name for it though?

December 11, 2006  

What happened to my previous post...Oh well.....hope this one shows up....Testing!!!!

December 11, 2006  

Okay so it does work..any the same SPanish cat was @ BLue Wave? IM rolling with yall.....get shots, IHOP...u doing better than me this weekend. i shoulda stayed my ass home and went out with yall....

December 11, 2006  

Thoughts...girl I was like if I had known this before I would have been doing this LOL

ladynay...yea I kinda like this through my eyes thing..we'll see how that goes

GC...thanks and yea girl at first I was like umm no but I tried it and it was pretty good...

missy..yes you should have you loser LOL

December 11, 2006  

"(yes i know i sounded like a white girl oh well lol)"

It could be worse. You could have acted like a white girl masquerading as a black girl.

December 11, 2006  


December 11, 2006  

Bad RObert MACK go to your room!!!!!

December 11, 2006  

Robert...yea yea LOL..I've heard that before too haha..thank you missy he tryin to pick on me LOL

December 11, 2006  

Sounds like you had a BALL! Next time we have to hook up!

December 11, 2006  

BTW: I like this template. Everyone is getting face lifts...LOL!

December 11, 2006  

Put me on your Boston list for the next visit, too! :-)

December 11, 2006  

dynasty...I know I'm heated we were probably sitting right near one another LOL... doubt..I'm trying to decide when I'm coming in the area again.

December 11, 2006  

heyyy honey!

well it sho' sounds like you had a VANGLORIOUS time, ma'am! thank you for sharing it with all of us who were stuck at home doing anything BUT something fuckin' exciting!! (LOL)

have a great week, momma! get ta studyin'!!


December 11, 2006  

jus.b...I'm gonna hit that as soon as I get home and grab some food...putting the headphones on and having at it till I fall asleep LOL

December 11, 2006  

Love the new layout :-)

post up them club pics!!

I'm feeling the blazer and bra...but Im always looking for an excuse to show off the "new growth" LOL

I'm glad you had fun in Boston...I'm seriously going to have make a road trip

LOL @ gay man...stop hating!!

December 11, 2006  

tenacious..girl you know he was all up in my face...wishing he had boobs LOL...I had a hot pink blazer on with a hot pink bra I must admit I was killin em LOL

December 11, 2006  

Ok I really like this layout. peaceful and reflective. glad you had a good weekend! Everyone had such a good weekend! and plenty of men were seen - always a plus!

December 11, 2006  

pam...oh yes they were everywhere LOL...I love the men LOL

December 11, 2006  

can i be you when i grow up? wait, i think we're the same age. lol... but, really, you clearly had a ball, which is always a good thing.

likin' the new layout. i had to make sure i was at the right spot for a minute...

good luck with the GRE!

December 11, 2006  

blk...LOL girl you know when you go out of town you gotta act a fool cause when you're at home you gotta be about the business LOL...thanks I figured it was time for a change....and let's hope I do well...or should I say pray I do well LOL

December 12, 2006  

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