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Friday, December 01, 2006

I'm Focused Man!!!

The fact that it's Friday always makes me feel rejuvenated (who cares if I spelled that wrong it's friday my brain has been on weekend mode since wed lol). I mean I come in to work on Monday wishing it were Friday. I saw R last night (yea that's what I and he was like wow the other day you weren't smiling what's up with tonight, your cheesin and everything...I said tomorrow is Friday LOL..that's what's up. He is another subject all together...too funny. Acting like he needed some Ritalin last night cause he called him self so happy to see me. I was like umm what's gotten into you LOL..he wanted to hug and joke and watch me walk outside when I went to get my granoloa bar that I left in the car. Gave me a kiss bye this morning when he's usually knocked out...which means I kiss him on the forehead LOL...but he was awake and what not..probably cause he has to go to his sons school...that's never fun..but hey you do what you gotta do.

I know what dress I'm wearing for new years.....I'm going to NY and I have to be on my grown and sexxy :) ( let me know what you think

Here are the shoes I'm gonna get to wear with it (

Me and DC are suppose to go see Deja Vu either tonight or tomorrow night..depending on what time we both get off from work.

He's sweet or perhaps testing me LOL...he said he would give me money to pay my cell phone bill..I told him it wasn't a priority right now and it would get paid when I paid it...a sista trying to get her christmas I got a house phone.

Kinda funny cause I've never been the one to take money from ANYONE I hate to even take money from my parents..I'm that stubborn..I mean I will cry and cry until someone pretty much puts a gun to my head and makes me take of course I was like hmm I could use it..then I was like nah...I ain't tryin to be indebted to him or even feel obligated to chill if we don't vibe like that anymore just cause he paid my cell bill..ah well...

Says he doesn't feel safe knowing that I'm in the streets without a phone..I told him I keep change in the car lol....

Music is aight...he was gonna come over yesterday but of course I don't have my cell (and he was out with his boys) so I don't know what occurred with that LOL...I wasn't at home.

I so have to study this weekend....after or before the movie of course lol...I take the GRE's in less than 2 weeks.

I want a good score first time around so I don't have to take it again....

I'll work on my essay and send it to my prof next week so she can look at it before know how that goes...gotta get it to em or they become busy with other things lol like life

For some odd reason I'm on this Tank (the singer kick) he has a song out now called Please don't go and I'm soooo feeling sis was like umm do you wanna be in the video LOL

...he also has a song called I'm the reason (from a previous album) that I've recently been putting on repeat on the mp3 player

which by the way is a DREAM!! Man it makes me want to go walking LOL...

why my crazy tail be walking with a lil extra strut when I'm listening to it LOL

I'm loving that new track from b-jay (beyonce lol)...Listen....I'md one believing don't know what i'm feeling..i'm more than what youmake of me I found the voice you think you gave to me!! Sing it girl!!

some girl was staring at me on the train yesterday (tell her tenacious I ain't apart of that club LOL)...I guess I was lip singing too hard AHAHAHAH

I'm getting my nephew a trampolin (with a tent) for christmas...he loves jumping so I'm going to give him something to jump on

might get my mom an Ipod to use while she is on her walks....she said she would use it :)

not getting too many other gifts...maybe some gift cards..that's easy

So my Christmas gift to myself is my furniture and some curtains for my room....see I can be sensible

I'm so thankful for everything right could be worse but it's not and God knows just what I can handle right now...I'm a soulja :)

Have a great weekend

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when i get home i'm goin to have to check out the dress. i bet it hot aways. that great ur goin to be in my neck of the woods. i might go to fl. but that looking grim cause the tix are too high. gurl get the doe for cell bill one less thing to worry about. have a great weekend!

December 01, 2006  

sweetness...we'll have to do drinks if I'm up there longer than a day LOL..but you know how that goes. It's a cute dress, I'm gonna have to be on my p's and q's so I won't have a pregnant tummy..we'll see if he mentions the cell phone bill again LOL..i might have to meditate on using it...have a great weekend

December 01, 2006  

Yeeeeyaaah!!! It's Friday, so I had to come lay a voice over for your blog like it's a mixtape...drop this on the mp3...rejuvenated was spelled right (triple word score) but u bounced too high with trampolin (u left out the e and landed on the edge and fell off!!)
Do this Friday thing like it's supposed to be done!!! Show'em how to do it son!!!!

-Digga Digga

December 01, 2006  

That dress is nice and the shoes are cute. Are you getting it in blue like the chick has on or a different color?

When are you leaving for NY?

I guess I need to step up and get a mobile music player. I don't even have a walkman! LOL

Do a mini review of Deja vu, k?

December 01, 2006  

ANON....I knew you would come LOL..sike let me stop...(if you call them they will come haha)..anyway..umm yea you can tell I'm a lil excited that it's friday cause I'm spelling things wrong and not even caring...why I gotta fall that means I'm hurtin right now lol

ladynay..yea I'm gonna get it in blue..that's my favorite color and I don't have a real blue dress so I figured I'd do it up for new years..we're just going for New Years weekend...leaving sat come back mon i think lol..and girl I will def talk about Deja Vu...Denzel is in it..need I say more LOL

December 01, 2006  

hot dress and shoes

and if you getting mom an ipod hit me up....cause i get a gov't discount....not much but better than nothing :)

December 01, 2006  

Love the dress...U love colors I see. I have some silver heels like that..makes me feel like DOrothy from the Wizard of OZ.....

December 01, 2006  

I love the dress, but I'd like to see it in black. I have no new years plans but I'm always looking for black cocktail dress.. the shoes are really cute. I like the color on them.

December 01, 2006  

that's a sexy ass dress.. where you partying? i might get that... don't want to be in the same location as you :-)

ok.. going back to reading your post!

December 01, 2006  

ok.. i wont be in NYC for new year's... i might have to cop that dress!!!

i walk w/ an extra pep in my step too when im listening to my ipod.. lol.. and i though about getting my mom one for xmas too... we great libras think alike :-)

December 01, 2006 know me all too well LOL (a lil discount is better than no discount) I have to make sure she's gonna use it though lol you know how that goes

negro..yes I do..especially blue :) plus I love silver

brwn_eyes...yea black would be cute too but I love blue LOL so I won't mad plus I have a black dress just didn't want to wear it..we women always lookin for a reason to get a new dress LOL

ttd..yea girl!! and I won't be mad at all if you copped it LOL..since we wont' be in the same area :) on top of that you can't beat that price libras are the BOMB lol

December 01, 2006  

Love the dress and shoes!

You are better than me b/c I don't turn down money that is offered to me.

December 01, 2006  

I could say a couple of things about that dress but it would be expected of me so I won't. It's a nice dress though.

December 01, 2006  

You are gonna to be to hot. Every head in the house is gonna be on you. Tank is ok I only like his one song and that is baby I deserve but that was when he first came out.

December 01, 2006  

thoughts..thanks girl I was trying to pick something different (that I've never really worn) and still not look like a lil kid me that money is lookin real nice right now..we'll see

freaky...I can take what you got to say...personally I was thinking a lil freaky when I picked it out the shoes would be killer with it

lady j..that's my plan..I might meet my future that night can't be lookin a mess..I think tank has his moments but I'm def lovin those two songs right now

December 01, 2006  

Heyyyyy Honey!!

Happy Friday momma! Just thought I'd come out of hybernation for a minute to drop by and say hello and to tell you I hope you have a wonder-full week-end!! :)

The New Year's Eve dress is hot! I'm sure you'll rock it out!!

Thank you for stopping by my spot. And BTW, I finally had those cheese grits and I thought of you!! (LOL)


December 01, 2006  

I aint mad you. That dress and those shoes are hot. You are already fly but that is gone have you smokin. I know what you mean about the money situation. I would hate to take the money and stop feeling dude and he think I owe him cause he paid the cell bill. Then again money...hmmmmmmmmm.enjoy your weekend

December 01, 2006  

STUDY, STUDY, STUDY, I recently took the GRE, not only did it kick my ass, but it kicked ass!!! GL Mami, I'll pray for you...

December 01, 2006  

Study for that GRE, that test is not a joke. I wish you much luck. I may take it soon.

December 02, 2006  

Love the dress and shoes...good you are planning now- I see you didn't forget that quote: if you fail to plan-you planned to fail....

December 03, 2006  

That dress is the hotness! Sexy Sexy!

December 03, 2006  

I am going to have to check out those Tank songs. I have not heard anything from him in a long time. I know he has been writing songs but I did not know he had soemthing recently.

December 03, 2006  

I am going to have to check out those Tank songs. I have not heard anything from him in a long time. I know he has been writing songs but I did not know he had soemthing recently.

December 03, 2006  

The dress is HOT! I say, "Work it, gurl!" :-) Nice of you to think about hooking your Mom with a little listening music while she's walking. Very nice!
Peace and blessings!!

December 03, 2006  

LOVE the dress... it's hot. I haven't even THOUGHT about New Year's Eve. It always turns out to be such a disappointment that I never look forward to the next year. But maybe, just MAYBE this year will be different :)

December 03, 2006  

That dress is HOT and I love the shoes! I havent even thought of a NYE outfit yet *sigh* Something slutty and far too short and tight for the cold ass weather I'm know keep up the tradition of coming into the New Year half drunk and dressed skank *lol*

Funny story...I was on the train saturday and some girl was giving me the fierce eye...I had to move...Fish is not on any of my menus *lol*

December 04, 2006  

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