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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What time is it....'s time to get live it's time to represent..remember that cheer from I wasn't a cheerleader. First it takes me too long to learn a routine..ask BK whose jazzercise class was easy but I didn't learn the routine till the music was almost done LOL....Second a sista got hips and a my skirt would have had to be altered LOL..dont' want the goods showing...., my favorite day of the week...I take time to smell the roses and thank God for everything around me..the good, the bad and even the ugly LOL......(Shoutouts to my personal angel...thanks for your advice the other day....I could hear you loud and clear lol)

I'm greatful for....

you and how you call me a blessing....knowing that I have that affect on you makes me blush each time you tell me

the cold outside, cause I have heat to go home to when I leave much heat the my glasses fogged up when I walked in the house last night

my best friend....she's not here with my physically but when I talk on the phone to her it's like we're right down the street like we use to be when we were in school

my mom, her advice and love reaches me even when I don't talk to her.....I pray that I'm half the woman and mother that she is when I "grow up"

for realizing last night that I don't have to chase you.....from now on it's me and only me...if you call you do and if you dont' then I'm fine with that

the Steve Harvey morning show....I tell ya he gets my morning started off right

for having Friday off...I'm bout to do some damage to the BEANNNNN LOL

hearing your voice the other day and realizing that I'm fine and will be fine if we never enter into a relationship

for completing my grad school essay....and it only took 3 drafts.....

for studying yesterday.....although it was only a short time....I am confident that I will be fine

realizing that God has it already planned out...he knows what's gonna happen and it's up to me to just chill and let him do his thing

for being your's nice to know that when you think of someone and something that makes you happy you think of me

understanding that change takes movement and I'm all about the business right now

for realizing that people come and go.....and sometimes it's best that you let them

DVR......I know I know LOL...but I tell ya I love that thing haha

you all thinking I lead an exciting ain't the words of mary if you looked through my eyes and see what I see :)

being able to have things to be thankful matter how small


taking time to smell the roses :)

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I absolutely love my TIVO.....I just hate when i get behind....I'm thinking about getting a second one in the basement....

December 06, 2006  

whew.. well I have gotten behind and my DVR is FULL.. but that will change on Monday.. I'm off and well I'm gone be watching :) LOL ERRYTHING..

*yeah she a black girl in da club but put her in a exercise class and she a white girl who can't catch da beat* LOL

*hugs girl* and IT'S GONE BE ALRIGHT.. Take you as you are.. YUP.. I do and if they can't.. then F'EM!

December 06, 2006  

All great things to be thankful for...

Congrats on completing your grad school essay...I KNOW that was hard, I'm in the process of typing mine

Steve harvey show...what station does he come on?

@ Honey

Wouldnt be me if I didnt flash someone every once and awhile.

Let's not being a discussion of old man in the club, they flock to my young ass just like the lesbians!

And hmm if I ever dated outside my race he would have to be FINE!

December 06, 2006  

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY you finished your essay! *doing happy dance*

You got the right attitude, all you can do is all you can do and God had to take care of the rest!

BTW, just about every high schools cheer squad had a chick with extra junk in the trunk so you would have been fine! The boys would have been waiting for you to jump! hahahahahahaha

December 06, 2006  

knowone...I try not to forget that I have DVR'd things..I would get confused later LOL

BK...yea I know, I was like let me find out I really am white LOL..and I say F em to..they can kick rocks haha

Tenacious...I am so glad it's kindergarten everyone is fine LOL

lady...girl I was soo happy that it's I have to focus on studying and do what I can..leave it up to I would have been too self concious LOL

December 06, 2006  

I have to agree with you on Steve Harvey that man gets me every morning but I be on my way to bed but he gives me sweet dreams.

December 06, 2006  

i hardlly ever watch anything live....i love fast forwarding through commercials....:)

December 06, 2006  

I didn't see your post from yesterday, but glad you broke 'em down for me! LOL

December 06, 2006  

Tivo really is a good thing. I love mine too.

Congrats on finishing your essay.

You wouldn't happen to have a cheerleader outfit I could possibly see you in do you? Nothing ventured, nothing gained you know. LOL!

December 06, 2006  

wippie i was first today.... :)

December 06, 2006  

I love the Steve Harvey Show!! I listen to it whenever I go home!!

Dont do too much damage to the Bean!!!

December 06, 2006  

Now you know you've been my sunshine for quite sometime, stop acting all brand new...

December 06, 2006  

Steve Harvey was hilarious this morning...when he read the Strawberry Letter and straight called that woman out this moring I almost crashed my car laughing so hard.

I love grateful wednesdays...beautiful!

December 06, 2006  

I loved your Grateful list!

Just shows you how good God is :)

Hi Honey!!!! *waving*

December 06, 2006  

congrats on finishing your grad essay.
I miss tivo.
I just read nikkis'blog and you are in my thoughts.

December 07, 2006  

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