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Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday Frolicking

Aight so it's Friday and as you know other than pay day this is my favorite time of the week unless it's Pay Day Friday then I'm amped LOL...but bills have to be paid on PayDay Friday so I prefer the other LOL...

I missed greatful Wednesday so here goes.....

I'm greatful for....

the holiday that was spent with my family and friends

my nephew who loves taking pictures with his auntie

for meeting some of my bilogical family I see where it all comes from LOL

for good food and sleep

for coming back home safely people get dangerous around the holiday season

for being able to spend time more than money with those I love

for those pop up guys..I'm flattered that you still have my number although I no longer have yours LOL

Ok so this wasn't too long but hey it's Friday and tomorrow evening I'll be on the train going to NY for New Years. Me and the roomie haven't decided what we're gonna do we'll probably decide that tonight. However the people we are going with don't really wanna do anything which is freaking annoying. One guy was like I went last year and just got drunk in the room...umm OK. I'm not getting drunk in the room cause I'm not gonna be all horny and not be able to release my bent up energy LOL....hey I'm just being real. On top of that why do pussies fart LOL....ok yea I know TMI but I've always wondered that....

Music came over as he tends to do throughout the day he came over after work..he brought his clothes with him for work the next day and I fixed him some leftovers I brought from home. His tail is hilarious talking about I am too loud...please man I'm biologically created to be loud and I mean that for real. My aunts and biological mother are loud and I mean it's only right that I inherit it as well. I try not to be so loud when he's around LOL...he be laughing and saying I'm right here in front of you, you don't have to scream....great. I downloaded some music to my mp3 player while he watched a lil tv and then we were knocked out. I slept so good that I drooled on him and my pillow LOL...gotta love that

R is in Atlanta for New Years..talking about he misses me..yea right if you did I'd be right there with you...loser LOL. But I'll be in NY hopefully toasted by 10am, dancing with some NY cutie or any cutie for that matter. Looking jazzy in my black dress, sipping on some wine or a tom collins LOL.

Young one is home for the holiday and I have yet to see him. He's been working and spending time with the fam which is understandable cause I know how that goes when you come home for break...everyone wants to see you and hang out and on top of that you gotta get money so you can have money for the next great. He talking he wants to go to a sex class and wants me to go with him..I siad where is it at LOL..talking about find out. I said if you gonna mention it you should already know where one is so all I have to do is show up HAHAH. He cracks me up

Me and the girls are going out of my old roomies (who I consider a sister) sister turns 21 at midnight so we're taking her to a 18 and over club and then we're gonna get her toasted at midnight LOL..that's always fun I was like dang girl couldn't you have been born a lil earlier so we can hit up Love cause they talking about depending on whose at the door they might not let her in till midnight..that's nonsense....I mean she's gonna be 21 eventually you might as well let her in LOL....they be fakin...I need some connects another one of my goals for 2007..get out more LOL...not a resolution a goal..cause I break resolutions

I'll be wearing a blazer (with a bra of course), jeans and heels. I think we're all gonna wear blazers....professional yet deadly LOL..sike let me stop..I'm rambling cause I dont' wanna do no work and on top of that I know there isn't gonna be crap to do today cause no one is here and I wanna go home! NOW

Save me from boring myself to death...yesterday I was sooo bored after I did the little bit of work I had to do, that I watched Youtube and read emails alllll day. Man if I could have left at 1pm right after lunch I would have....anywho I'm bored so I might come back and write some more if not

Have a wonderful, safe, joyous NEW YEAR!!!! And party like it's 2099 LOL

See ya next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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you grateful for popup good shawty...POPUPS ARE AGAINST THE CODE!!! ...have a happy new year...

December 29, 2006  

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I came to visit yours. I have to say I think your template is the prettiest I have seen.

I hope that you have a blast this weekend and find a real sweet hottie to dance with and ring in the new year with!

I'll be back to visit again, I love that you write a lot, I'm a talker and I bet you are too LOL..

December 29, 2006  


Hope you have fun tonight.. too bad u couldnt come up for the happy hour.. but dont worry.. there will defintely be more!!

December 29, 2006  

Oh sorry I forgot to say that

FOAD stands for 'F*ck Off And Die'

LOL which I really wish she would do!

December 29, 2006  

Sarrccastik...I'm greatful for them cause I know that they think of me even though I've long since stopped thinking about them prob I was crackin up I was like FOAD sounds like something I need to use LOL..and yep it is...I will be adding that to the vocab and yes I will admit I do talk alot :)

ttd...I know I'm sad but you know I'd be there if she was 21 LOL...I'll be at the next one..Happy New Year!!

December 29, 2006  

I hope you have a Happy New Year.

December 29, 2006  

I just knew Freaky Deaky was going to answer your question, why pussies fart. LOL

Happy New Year!!!

December 29, 2006 too...pop some bottle for me then again you probably want some you know what LOL

TSG...I know!!! He didn't he's slacking LOL..Have a great new year!!!!

December 29, 2006  

Hey, I'm not slacking and I actually know the answer to why queefing occurs. I'm just way too sweet and innocent to expound on it.

[Goes back to my corner munching on popcorn.]

December 29, 2006  

Happy New Year...

December 29, 2006  


I LOOOOOOVE the new layout!!!
It is soo pretty!

December 29, 2006  

Happy new year lady.....don't hurt them in NY

December 29, 2006  

Hey HONEY!!!
Gurl you are OFF the and my ladies are going to Miami for New Years and we are all wearing dresses...and heels...

WE are all going to be doing it BIG in the 2007...

I will talk later...

December 29, 2006  

them damn pay the bills Fridays suck, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. and that damn youtube is going to get me fired or beat down soon. Happy New Year!

December 29, 2006  

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