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Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday Musings

I DID NOT see Constant this weekend and at first I was a lil ticked off, but I realized that his claim to have changed was probably just a ploy to try and get back in my good graces.

He was suppose to come over Friday after I got work, but when we had a meeting of the minds (a phone coversation) he said that he had to take care of some stuff and would call me when he was done. But he said that if he didn't see me on Friday night he would see me on Sat (I should have smelled it then).

He can kick rocks or go stand at the edge of a cliff and seriously think about jumping (got that from Music lol). I mean don't lie and say that you've changed and the same thing that drove me wild and not in a good way when we were dating is still driving me wild not in a good way. I mean've been here since Thursday night and just because I didn't see you when you called and asked means that I don't see you at all..who does that.

I mean ok you just found out your dad had cancer but I mean what can you do, he doesnt' live in the US so you can't go see him, you can call him but no one wants to feel your sadness over the phone, especially since people go into remission from cancer everyday. On top of that how were you suppose to see me on Friday and the nothing..meaning you weren't gonna see me on Friday anyway..freakin I am detesting him more and more each day. I think he knows it cause when I told him that he couldn't come over he sounded taken back...I said what I said, got off the phone and proceeded to chill with Music..I mean it is what it is. I'm a dang on good woman and you lost out on it when you decided to send I love you emails to half the women in the nation.

No call, no text, he could have been in the ditch somewhere, but I get nothing till Sunday night around 745. By then my Friday/Sat morning had been spent with Music and he was at my house again on Sun afternoon/night. So Constant calls and I'm like are you home ok..meaning back in Norfolk. He says I'm leaving now, I said ok well drive safe...he's like well I figured I'd stop by on my mind you it's sunday he has to be to work on monday morning and it's already almost 8pm. It takes about 3 hours to get back to Norfolk. So I was like why don't you just go on home, you gotta be to work and it's already late, so i'll catch up with you when I get home this weekend. He then says well I have to work this weekend and I said well you don't work 24 hrs do you ....he was like no and I said ok then I'll call ya when I get down there and we can meet up for dinner or something...I don't plan on being too alone with you...I might forget my common sense LOL

On top of that he was like well I had to finish up some family stuff and I said that's fine I'm not your family so it doesn't really matter anyway. My thing is dont' make it seem like you trying to see me and talk to me and you're no where to be found...not only that you don't even call or send up smoke signals..I mean dang how inconsiderate is that...but it did help me to be a lil stronger to tell him to keep on going down the highway...cause any other time the other me would have been like well how about I meet you somewhere or make up something else other than just tellin him not to come dont' have the privilege to just think you can pop lost that when you said you loved oh girl (but in a diff insane is that)

I just don't see how you could not call, just to say hey I was more busy than I thought can I stop by on Sunday (that would be too much like right)..don't just assume that you can stop by...cause I'm gonna sniff that out like a hound dog sniffs out deer. Your BS is not needed here...I've already eaten and I don't eat S$%@. I'd prefer to hear the truth as lame as that might sound..but hey I'm not even worried cause Music kept me occupied...he is sooo cute when he smiles LOL....I call him my homeless man cause when he doesn't shave he looks like a cute homeless man LOL or like common with all that hair on his face.

Roomie was like he was probably about to get off the exit to come here and I was like well being that we moved and he doesn't know where we live at now..he had to call and on top of that he better not pop up..he'd get his feelings hurt..cause Music sure was sitting there LOL.

After I said bye..I informed roomie of what the call was all about so we get to talking about what a jack butt he is and of course Music chimes in and I give him a watered down version of what occurred. Mainly because I don't like talking about it and besides who wants to hear about drama between an ex and someone you're trying to get to know..not me. He adds his opinion calling constant a homo LOL...meaning his behavior was homo LOL...i was like umm ok moving along. We ate dinner, or rather he ate (some baked ziti that I made on Friday when he came over for dinner), watched a lil tv. He worked on some music and I added my lil 1 cents in, played around and went on to sleep.

Funny thing is Green Eyes, the cop that I use to date last year called talking about he wanted to watch the game with me. Man this fool was sleep and I wasn't tryin to see his psycho tail anyway..sad but sometimes when I'm bored I could care less who I'm talking to as long as I'm talking..I know I have a problem LOL..and I'm quickly fixing it. Fools be thinking that just cause I answer the phone or whatever when they call that I want to chill...ummm NO, I'm just bored at the moment.

I took the GRE's let's just say that I'm glad I can take them again in January and prayerfully I will do wayyy better. But I'm not mad, it was my first time taking them and I got to see what I should expect and that's always a plus. And on top of that my application as a whole will be good so they won't just be looking at my GRE scores.

So as you can see I hung out with Music for most of the weekend...last night he was going to leave to meet one of his boys to work on his mixtape cover and asked me would I be mad..I told him no, cause he came over and if didn't spend the night I wouldn't be mad...he decided to stay cause he has today off and will work on it today...we've been trying to figure out what this weird smell is in my bathroom LOL..we think it's the water but I can't do nothing about that but buy a freshner and keep it in there LOL...his toothbrush looks so cute beside mine haha

I have yet to see Young One..he was with his son all weekend which is nice..I did talk to him on the phone though and R wanted me to come over the other night but I told him no that I was coming over. Cause he had his son and first he was gonna ask him mom to keep him but the time he spends with his son is few and far between because of his sons mother so I told him we could do drinks some other time.

I'm ready to go home for the holidays..get some much needed sleep and do a lil shopping...I'm getting the pics developed this weekend LOL..I didn't go anywhere to take pics and you might not have wanted to see me and Music great

Off to see how your weekends were..hit up (Nas's cd is up there among others)

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wow ur entry was very organized and to the point this time. ur life must be comin together. u seem to have clarity of everything goin on. Except for that darn constant. Gurl let go and move on. cover that chapter. he can be a friend from a distance. but i understand it's ur emotions involved so it's easier for me to say leave him alone. music sounds great and enjoy!

December 18, 2006  

Constant...that's all I have to say about that...

December 18, 2006  

I just had to let you know that I was laughing at you for saying "his toothbrush looks so cute next to mine." LOL

December 18, 2006  

sweetness...It's funny cause I had no problem telling him to go on and home and I'd see him when I'd see him..I think after I confront him face to face you will be hearing less and less about him lol

luvin...yea I know LOL

Diva...well it does LOL...I smile whenever I brush my teeth LOL

December 18, 2006  

So Music is the main friend or Young One? I am guessing cuz he has "property" at your place. LOL

Sorry Constant is being his old self. :-( Helps makes your decision easier tho'


December 18, 2006  

looks like a homelessman or

Dont sweat the gre. Maybe you did better than you think.

December 18, 2006  

lady...well right now Music is..Young one was at first but since he lives so far...and Music lives like 20 min away you get the picture and yes he has property at my house LOL...I don't feel bad about constant being back up to his old tricks..that just shows me that he thinks I'm stupid when I'm not.

deep...yep that's my baby LOL...girl my score popped up after and I was like ok so I add these two together and then multiply them right LOL...WRONG :)

December 18, 2006  

Haaaaaa! Not kick rocks & seriously think about jumping!!

December 18, 2006  

paula..yea girl I had another one that I usually say but I forgot it LOL

December 18, 2006  

I feel you...if you know you are GOOD and deserve MORE, than don't settle PERIOD!
I had a 3am phone call Saturday night/Sunday morning about being SO in love with me...OFF the HOOK...and another phone call from someone else I used to talk to and it ended because he was a liar and just out there, that he is IN love with me...all that said...I feel you about the randomness of guys coming and going, saying one thing and doing another...
ME, personally, I could care less and will be taking it ALL in stride...

I am just going to keep doing ME...and you keep doing YOU...the only person's actions that we can control is out own, so you just keep being the BEST person you can be...and it will all eventually fall into place...

Kick rocks and seriously think about jumping...CLASSIC!

December 18, 2006  

oh and my phrase that pays is:
"you can got sit on it and spin"...I don't know why but I say that all the time

December 18, 2006 are hilarious LOL...I mean why call in the middle of the night anyway..cause you want to make sure I'm not dealing with no one and if I was I wouldn't be answering the to you..don't have no time for games and as tenacious says don't be calling my phone with phone games lOL

December 18, 2006  

although i know ur salty about how things went down.. im glad constant didnt come thru... i see "PLAYA" every time u discuss him....

better luck next time on the GREs...

December 18, 2006  

TTD..I was salty at first now I'm like that just goes to show that you haven't changed and feeding me BS lines about having to do family stuff and I said oh yea I'm not fam so it doesn't matter if you see me or not...yea I'm thinkin better next time LOL

December 18, 2006  

So U got a man now?

December 18, 2006  

negro...Heck no LOL..what are you talking about

December 18, 2006  

hey you!!

soooo... your week-end was pretty interesting, huh?

how come i'm sittin' over here mad at Constant and i don't even know him? it's almost like he did somethin' to me personally!! must be cause i'm feelin' real salty towards men in general at the moment!! (LOL)

anyhoo... have a great week! and try to behave yourself, will ya?? :D


December 18, 2006  

[Pulls up a chair and munches on some caramel popcorn while reading the Constant drama.]

Looks like everyone on Team Honey is trying to jockey for position. I wonder who's going to win?

Sorry to hear about GRE. At least you know what to expect and where to spend more time on for next time.

December 18, 2006  

jus...YES!! be mad at him LOL I know I am and I know the fool LOL..but Music did a great job of making me smile so it's all good... need to stop coming here with no popcorn for anyone else LOL...everyone ain't trying LOL...yea I'll do better next time :) You didn't send me good thoughts thats why i did a lil bad lol

December 18, 2006  

Constant sucks.

That is all.

Honey girl I so need to get on your leve LOL...and who says there isnt any straight men in DC...shit Honey's swiping them all....I need to take lessons from you

*sits on floor indian style taking notes*

Will there be a quiz?

December 18, 2006  

@ Honey

LOL @ "Aids" movies they do seems to put out a lot of those movies dont they...I mean it's not bad that they do it....but umm yeah it would be nice if I didnt see it 3 times a week

and the stuff video chicks wonder little girls are going to school looking like a reject dancer from the "One more time" video...I dont remember catholic school uniform being that sexy...and um isn't that sexual harrassment if a teacher tries to push up on a student aka bow wow?

December 18, 2006  

Constant shows you who he is. You just choose not to believe it.

December 18, 2006  

*his toothbrush looks so cute beside mine*



December 18, 2006  

i think you're right that once you have your last say, you'll blog about Constant less and less. it'll be like closure.

it looks like i'm going to have to pull out my cast of characters cheat sheet! i was getting a little confused. :-)

ah, the GRE. when i took it, i chose to see my score right after i took it. girl, i almost cried in that testing center, and i'm not really a crier. i hope the next go 'round is better for you!

December 18, 2006  

This dude sounds like a CONSTANT pain in your ass, that's what he sounds like.

But oh I can surely relate!

LMFAO @ "You don't even call or send up smoke signals."

Ha ha!

December 18, 2006  

constant can kick rocks...

glad you had a great weekend....despite him

December 19, 2006  

love the new look. and glad you had a good weekend despite the idiot.. oh I meant Constant

December 19, 2006  

you are one busy lady :)

December 19, 2006  



December 19, 2006  

Dude should be named Nonsense.....

December 19, 2006  

When you know the nature of the beast why question it???

December 19, 2006  

You've stopped by my place once or twice, so I said let me check her out...I'm terrible at reading and you see I don't write often myself. But girl, you long-winded! LOL Let me take my tired butt to bed. I'll check you out again in the morning, after some much needed sleep!

December 19, 2006  

playa no "pop-ups" need a soundtrack...ooh i now one...UGK..Pimpin' Ain't No Illusion...that need to be your soundtrack shawty!!!

December 20, 2006  

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