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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday Thoughts

I'm ready to go home

Why am I so tired

I mean are you really that stupid to think that I'm gonna answer my phone when it clearly says Don't answer on the caller ID LOL...

You must have called everyday cause my phone has been off for almost 2 weeks...get a life...delete my number

Why must you think more highly of yourself than what you really are...I mean I haven't talked to you, I no longer have your number, and you talking about you gotta get back to being number you ain't even on the list (if there was a list lol)....hope you didnt feel bad when I told you that I had to get off the phone and if you did oh well

You're gay and that's who you are, I really wish I could come out and say that I know....but how would that go LOL

The nice side of me wants to see you a bday card...the other side of me says to hell with it..especially since i deleted your email, im and phone number. Guess I need to leave well enough alone..I deleted it all for a reason and I'm gonna stick with it

Music came over again last night...I'm not assuming anything..he just said he wasn't focusing on his music so he wanted to come through....I studied and he worked on music....

I enjoy his much in fact that I haven't seen R since before I left for Boston...he might be feeling a lil left out

R is sick and called me last night..I told him I had to study and that I noticed he called and was just returning it....great

I'm helping him look for a job...gave him 3 places to go to cause they were hiring immediately and this man ain't been to a one....I mean if you want a job you gotta get out there and hit the I sent off a couple of emails for him and I'm done...I'm not the one that needs job buddy

It's funny how I'm noticing Music change a first he wasn't all touchy feely now he sorta is....when he leaves in the morning to go to work he gives me kisses (at first I'd be like gimme kiss LOL)...this morning it was funny cause he gave me like 4 lol....

He calls me Apple Face haha...kinda cute

I have yet to talk to Constant..which isn't a bad thing but I must admit I want to slap him in person lol, that might make me feel better.

I only like about 4 songs off Fanny's album (Fantasia) and I'm feeling disc one of Tyrese's double CD and Mary's album is great!

Being someone's assistant isn't where it's at..I need to seriously submit my apps for grad school after I get my score.

Sometimes I feel like a gopher.

I'm ready to go home...and get in the company needed LOL

I seriously have to get back in the groove with loosing weight I am not trying to buy any new clothes because I've "let" myself go

Ok so why instead of 2 weeks from now..the money for my NY trip is due on Friday. I hate when black people change things up...freakin I'm still going, just might not go to that party...what am I made of money....not I said Honey

Poor lil Music as soon as he put his laptop up and laid down he was done LOL..snoring and all...he is so cute when he sleeps

DC wants to come over on Sunday to watch the game....he said for peace and quiet...yea cause I'll be in my room watching lifetime or knocked out.

I need to get my locs retwisted before I go home for the holiday....I don't like them to look too rough

Im' sure Music will be over another day this week LOL....I just dont' want us to get in the habit of doing that then we annoy one another....

I sleep so sound when Music comes over...I wonder why LOL...then again I sleep sound all the time but I guess I like the cuddling part of it all

Is it Friday yet?

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posted by Ms.Honey at 8:19 AM


Hey honey like the new pic.
You wish it was Friday, you will just have to suffer with the rest of us. lol!

I dont think any of us is made of money but if you are I need to meet you *holding rope and blindfold behind my back* for conversation yea conversation

December 12, 2006  

lady...LOL well you can meet me all you want but it will be futile LOL...we'll both be standing there with rope looking for "Me"

December 12, 2006  

Like the new look! I need to change mine b/c I'm tired of looking at it.

I'm tripping off you putting "Don't Answer" as someone's name in your phone! LOL

December 12, 2006  

It's me thoughtsofsoutherngal.

December 12, 2006  

Thoughts..hey girl at first I was like I wonder who that is LOL...yea this new blogger has folks names changing..thanks I'm diggin it too...and girl that's the only way I know how not to answer the phone..sometimes I forget and this way I know he's someone I don't wanna talk to LOL

December 12, 2006  

Honey I love the new pic...quite nice..........hmmmm seems youre in deep thought today!! I know the feeling.....

December 12, 2006  

Okay my comments keep disappearing...I said i have only 2 Do NOt ANSWERS.......u know u have a list..u doing better than me....cuz i dont have 1.

December 12, 2006  

is that yo eye on the background...diggin the new set up....maybe i'll change mine one day....but i doubt it...

looks like yall had a blast in the BEAN....can't wait for the pics....

Music sounds interesting.... :)

December 12, 2006  

I'm slippin on my game...I guess..I gotta get my cuddle harem tight...this brotha works night swing shifts so by the time I get off, if you're in the crib, you're not coming

It's all good, I'm cleanin my chi...I got my eye on the prize.



December 12, 2006  

I gotta find me a new cuddle buddy. I should put up "Please Apply Within" signs on my front door.

December 12, 2006  


December 13, 2006  

I love the subtleness of your pimp hand. But no doubt it's strong! LOL.
There is one brotha that I desparately need in my cuddle harem. But Imma chill and play it cool. I hate to say it but I want to have him just to say I got him.

Monday was long as hell. It was long enough for two days. Tuesday wont no joke either. I woke up this morning and it definately felt like it should be Friday already.

I'm ready for the weekend.

December 13, 2006  

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