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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stopping to Smell the Roses

I'm greatful.....

for talking to my mom last night...I have to just let go and let God

for everyone believing in me when I don't believe in myself

for realizing that what I speak out of my mouth will cause things to occur..from now on only positivity

for understanding that I'm a good applicant and if they don't accept me I'll just keep applying till they get sick of seeing my name LOL

for R acting like he didn't want me to leave and for having the ability to help him get an interview :)

for creating attainable goals in 2007...I'm doing it REAL BIG!!!

for today being Wednesday, tomorrow being my Friday and for not having to come back to work till Wednesday!!!!!

for R who made me feel like I'm the best thing in his life right now...of course after his son lol

for his honesty and how he communicates with me

for my mom who always knows what to say even when I know I sound like I have a bunch of nothing to say

for my daddy who always yells out to me when he knows I'm on the phone...I know God is gonna bless me with someone somewhat like him lol

for God...just being who he is and helping me realize just how much he looks out for me when I don't even think I deserve to be looked out for.

for almost crying yesterday and then realizing that applying to HU might actually be a good thing

for understanding that he never gives us more than he thinks we can bear

for knowing that sometimes my heart really does listen to my head

for instant oatmeal....emm I love mixing cinnamon bread with maple brown suger it takes soooo GOOD!

for listening to the radio in the morning with roomie on the way to they have us crackin up

for the tourists we saw coming in to work who were in a convertible with the top down in the back seat on their knees taking pictures of the sites as they came into they all had scarves on around their faces looking like they were so cold but they had the top down LOL

for just having the opportunity to take time and be thankful

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Nice thoughts.
Why are u so special that u get a long weekend though?

December 20, 2006  

Thank Him for that instant oatmeal girl! LOL

We really must be thankful for all things big and small, but that one tickled me!


December 20, 2006  

missy...cause I'm LIKE THAT....and don't you forget it LOL

Lady...girl I love that in the morning especially since I haven't mastered that skill's so cold in the morning and oatmeal is so warm emm emm

December 20, 2006  

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December 20, 2006  

i love me some oatmeal!

i love this list some extra today. i'm glad you found so many things to feel grateful for.

December 20, 2006  

nikki..girl that oatmeal hits the spot especially in this DC weather.

Gotta find things that make you smile even when you feel like crying :)

December 20, 2006  

im hating that you get off on fri.. im jealous!

December 20, 2006  

Not an oatmeal eater. Girl keep sending in those applications!!!

December 20, 2006  

I love your thoughts...
so therefore...I am Thankful for being able to totally relate to some of what you are saying...

Attainable goals for 2007??? I honestly need help with that...

Please keep your head up...when I say 2007 is going to be OUR is...keep your head up

December 20, 2006  

"for realizing that what I speak out of my mouth will cause things to occur..from now on only positivity"

Aint that the truth!!

December 20, 2006  

TTD....yep and I took tues off as well wooohoo LOL

TSG...I love that stuff girl plus it keeps me full till lunch..I'm trying :)

TC..thanks glad someone can relate LOL and we gotta do it big cause that's the only way it can get done LOL..go hard or go home :)

so wise....girl it's funny how your mouth has so much power

December 20, 2006  

its nice to read some joy in blogville. now you have this to come back and read when you're feeling down.

December 20, 2006  

Sweet and thoughtful.

Girl I love me some instant oatmeal too! They have one that tastes like banana bread!

It kicks ass.

December 20, 2006  

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December 20, 2006  

Jameill1922...Yea I have to remember that cause you know how feeling down can get you to thinking that nothing good ever happens

Mistress...girl I had that this morning emmm emm lol

December 21, 2006  

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