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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Boredom a horrible thing

I'm so ready to go home and it's only 11:00am

Why does time past so slow when you want it to go faster and then when you want it to slow down it acts like you didn't even say slow down

Vicki's is having a semi-annual sale I will be obtaining some new undies this weekend..I brought some last weekend but you can never have enough vicki LOL

Why did this dude who likes me say that he has a TV..ok and...LOL...he asked what my plans were for the evening and I said watch ER at 10 and thats when he said you know I have a TV right...I said yea I remember..great

Talking about I should come over and check out his satin sheets so he can wrap me in them...Ummm NO...I said people fall off their sheets LOL...he says you wont' fall cause I'll be holding you....great, just great

He is what we of the slow ones

I wanna wear my sweater dress this's soo cute!! I was gonna wear it on new years but didn't get to :) LOL let me stop

We had the "talk" last night. What are we doing, were are we going that type of thing. We're both on the same page but decided that we're spending the right amount of time together and we like we'll keep going and see where it goes.

So Missy NO I don't have a boo boo yet...but I'm close LOL

If you don't call I ain't go cry...please I just delete and move on. Please believe that I'm not playing when I say who is this..cause you did that to yourself LOL

Talking about you been thinking about no you haven't I ain't got time for your mind games....I think about marrying Denzel but that ain't happening LOL

R called me last night to tell me about his new years in Atlanta...talking about folks was paying $400 to get into this one club..I told him that's what he got for leaving me on new years....

I think we got into a tiny spat..I say think cause I never called him back to finish the convo. He lost his job and was saying that if he keeps going on this path and not progressing towards a job then I might stop talking to him...I was like No and for you to think that I talk to you cause of what you can buy me or whatever is deformation to my character...I was a lil teed off....let him meditate on that

Why has Red my ex who lives in TX (and now has a kid) been emailing me talking about he wants me back but he's moved on umm great your a walking contradiction can't say you've moved on and then in the same breathe tell me that you want me and don't want me to be with anyone else. Talking about he's coming here and wants to see....and that's FINAL!!! Umm boo you don't even know where I live or the vicinity of my guest LOL

I wish this paycheck was the one that my raise shows up in..I have to wait two more weeks.....great...then again God knows I am trying to budget better this year so he knows I need those two weeks to prepare my mind LOL

This year will be about accepting no excuses and just dropping folks if I find that they are trying to feed me BS. No more games, no more Ms. Nice's bout time to let these fools know that I'm so SINCERE LOL..I love saying that hahaha

I need to go buy some books on saving..I'm going to a financial workshop later this month so we'll see what I learn.

Music was over last night as stated earlier....he tail is hilarious..we were in the kitchen for about 20 min tryin to poke a hole in his belt cause it was too big on him LOL....

I was surprised at how open I was about what I was feeling..usually I try to skirt around it. He was like do you really like me LOL...I was like umm who says that..I mean I just said I did. Then he was saying how folks act like they do but they really aren't. I said I dont' have time for games great. I like you that's that....and like the potentialness (made that up) of where this could go.

We made up a word last night...emotionalessness LOL...that's what he is somewhat. Cause after I said what I said he was like do you want a response you're looking like you do. I was like well you can and if not then that's fine. I said what I said and that's that.

I think we're digging one another but we just wanna make sure. No need to rush plus I've noticed that things have started to change on their own so that's a good thing.

We're going running Saturday morning..I told him I don't run I walk or lighly he might have to leave me LOL

Later on that day we're going to Dave and Busters so that should be fun...get a couple drinks, play a couple games, eat some food and then go to sleep LOL

I'm gonna see if I can convince him to go to the movies...he's not a movie person though LOL

I promise time has it out for's only 11:15....come on MANNNN

I am on my grind come Monday with this weight lost thing. I wanna lose 10 pds by March which would mean that all in all I want to lose 20 pds by October...pretty reasonable since I lost 20 pds last year..I can do it..I just need to focus!!

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yes you can do it....

dammit why did you have to tell me about the vicki's sale...i spent $200 last time they had the sale....

and i don't think he's slow...he's persistant. lol..

ps can I borrow your perfume....

January 04, 2007  

knowone...I'm gonna try. I just found out about it last night whoohooo...persistant when I'm not interested is slow LOL...and ps I wear dolce and gabba light blue LOL or just body spray LOL

January 04, 2007  

Umm I'd rather be naked next to Music than in some sweater dress! ROFL

That stage you 2 are in is so cute, what you gonna do with YoungOne?

Just think, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

P.S. I cosign on the never enough panties/underwear comment! LOL

January 04, 2007 did you know what I was thinking LOL sike let me stop. But the sweater dress might lead to the nakedness haha. YoungOne is just chill, I mean he has a kid and what not so we're friends more like movie since he's been home I've seen him once...I told you girl New Year New attitude if you wanna chill with me make it happen no games...I know I can't wait..I love me some undies hahaha...this chic I know was sayin she doesn't wear them I was like umm wow..don't that hurt LOL

January 04, 2007  

Why u gotta call me out...A spade is a SPADE u got a boo boo :)
Bath n Body works is having their sale too i need to hit them up today.....

January 04, 2007  

congrats on your raise and I love the new pic

January 04, 2007  

negro...LOL well a flirt is a flirt you flirt LOL

GC...thanks :) and I'm gonna try to save the raise part of my check LOL

January 04, 2007  

I have so many undies that I can wear a different pair for maybe 2months and not wash. ok that is a over share but my infatuation with undies is a little

tell me your weight loss plan I am interested in knowing.

January 04, 2007  

One can never have too many panties or too many people looking at them and thinking inappropriate thoughts. *Hint, hint* :o)

20 minutes trying to poke a hole? I'm going to walk away from that comment after saying next time try using a nail or possibly even a screw to at least start the hole.

That sweater dress wouldn't happen to be soft, snug, comfy looking, and short would it?

January 04, 2007  

that dude with the tv and satin sheets wants you kinda bad...oh well...make sure you read the books on saving and don't let'em collect dust! lol.
dave and buster's id FUN!!

and i agree...NO MORE BS in '07!!

January 04, 2007  

Lady J...I love having cute undies..I just write down what I eat in a lil book and I try to walk a lil more.

Freaky Deaky...You are hilarous...just walk away and yes my sweater dress is short, black and soft

Omar...yes he does and it's not happening. I'm gonna read them I promise LOL..No more drama in '07

January 04, 2007  

Ok tell me why whenever I read ya blog, I get down laffin? Goodness. I guess I laff because you remind me so much of me! Good luck with the weight loss chile, I too am on the battle of the bulge journey ha! Good luck!

January 04, 2007  

durty...I do what I can just for you know I'm gonna be watching you LOL

January 04, 2007  

you and music are that sickening kinda cute..LOL.. I love the sexy undies. I say youcan never have enough. I love dolce and gabba light blue,but like somany other things it sets off my allergies. ((sucks)))
Friday is just a night away...LOL

January 04, 2007  

Its all about using what u got to get what u want *wink

January 04, 2007  

Deep...I know right I was like this man is at my house 2 to 3 nights a week and sometimes the weekend and if not during the week then I see him on the's nice to like someone as much as I like them LOL (I'm wishing it were friday NOW)

Negro...yea yea that's what you call it LOL I call it being a SLUT!! LOL sike let me stop

January 04, 2007  

Good luck with your new budget. And don't spend too much in Vicki's. That place is addicting!

January 04, 2007  

single ma...YES it is but I've vowed to only buy undies so I'm sticking to it!!

January 04, 2007  

Hey! My raise dont' kick in till next check as well so I know how you feel.

I am looking to throw away my entire underwear drawer and just start over. I get fustrated however - why don't they make matching sets for plumper girls? Got all those cute bras and no matching drawers! And the sets I find are cheap and now that I'm tying the knot - I need to upgrade my panty game.

January 04, 2007  

lol @ "you know i have a TV, right" i know exactly what kinda dude you're talking about and they are a trip.

as far as Red... he's just trying to get your attention with that and that's FINAL talk... bless his heart. he must know 'bout Honey! lol...

January 04, 2007  

I am so glad you and him are going well!!! I am sooo happy for you!

Time does notlisten to anyone! It does what it does no matter what we try to do to change that!

January 04, 2007  

dave and buster's? YES!
weight loss grind? YES!
vicki's secretions? HELL NAW!!!!!

January 04, 2007  

u can give your unwanted weight to metabolism is too fast

January 04, 2007  

Yeah I noticed Victoria's secret was having a panty sale. I think I'll be putting the credit card to work this weekend! ;-)

Oh and I'm cracking up at your ex being a "walking contradiction" have the same problem as me- You can't shake 'em once you take 'em!

Me either either.


January 05, 2007  

keep it up...your trying to lose 10 pds by march...trying to look RAW in the spring...trying to show the new body...GOOD LUCK!!!

January 05, 2007  

So I made my way to Vicki's on thursday, the day their sale started, talked about crowded... it was crazy... but i did find some cute stuff...

You & music definitely sound like you're in a good place... so enjoy it and go with the flow...

Hmmm, i started my diet earlier this week... gotta stay focused, i need to drop like 15-20 lbs myself..

Have a good weekend

January 05, 2007  

Hey Honey! Happy New Year!

"This year will be about accepting no excuses's bout time to let these fools know that I'm so SINCERE"

I'm loving this!

January 08, 2007  

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