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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!

So I'm at home and I decided to post because when I get to work I probably won't do it either because I'm busy or because I could have posted today.

Friday: I'm at work bored out of my freakin mind trying to find something to entertain me till 5:30 and not succeeding.....when I get an email that we get to go home at 330...wooohooo. This gives me time to look for a dress for New Years and just chill before the girls come over so that we could take one of the little sisters out for her 21st bday. So I go to lunch at 1pm, get back to my desk, and watch the clock till it's 330. I head home and decide not to go look for a dress (should have been my first sign), chill out and then the Buddy and her lil sister come over...she's the one who is turning 21. We decided to take her to Platinum which is 18 and over and supposedly free for ladies till 11. So we eat, get dressed and head out....of course we have to find a parking space which takes for ever and by the time we get to the door my feet are already kinda wondering why the heck I wore heels LOL. We stand in line, get inside and find out that it's $10....errrr I hate when folks be lying about nonsense....but it's her bday and we never pay anyway so why not...we get in there dance a lil, laugh at the white girls who are dancing like strippers on each other and every guy around them and this guy who has on a smedium sixed shirt (a small and a medium LOL). I mean why try to tuck in your shirt when it's already too small LOL...we're gonna see that your shirt is too small. So we're standing there, drinking and what not....letting her eat the cheeries from our drinks since she can't have one yet and we're like this is some nonsense we should have just went to Love and waited in line till after midnight....we look at each other, look at the time and decide to leave and go to Love. Now Roomie and buddy had opened up tabs at the bar....and they had to close them, you have to put $20 on your card in order to open up the tab..which means that since they had only drank $10 worth of drinks they had to either buy one more drink to get to $20 or buy enough to get to $20. Roomie got another drink and a beer and buddy went and got another martini. Of course they couldn't drink all these alone so we're passing three drinks around our lil circle like we're passing blunts around or something it was too hilarious. We finish the drinks, walk the 1200 blocks back to the car LOL (not literally but it felt like it) and head to Love...yea we had to pay to get in but it's her 21st bday and we wanted to bring it in right....we stand in line and all of a sudden we all have to pee...and I mean pee like our lives depend on it. So we're trying to laugh and distract ourselves all along about to pee on ourselves, the folks in front of us are laughing cause I was like I wish I wore a diaper LOL...and then we finally get inside, run to the bathroom and I feel so relieved I mean my bladder was like whoooooshhh LOL...

We go upstairs to get our party on...we buy her a martini...we wanted her first drink to be somewhat mild lol and she likes fruity stuff. She loved it and she loved the club, liked it better than the other one...homegirl was getting it LOL..dancing and drinking it was hilarious....these two dudes got buddy in a sandwich and her hair was all in a puff by the time they finished....why one of these fools stole her phone and got her number out of it and called her....I answered it one time he called and was like who is this...he said his name talking about I just met you at the club...I said boo I don't know you, you stole my phone you idiot, don't call me again...and hung up. The people in front of me were crackin up LOL..I mean who does the time we leave my feet are killin me and I'm soo ready to go LOL..but I had a blast...this dude is standing in my way talking about hey girl...and I said umm move out of my way (I'm usually not mean, but I had been drinkin and my feet were hurting)..he was like you're the one in my way with your big butt...I was like boo that don't make me mad LOL..I like having a big butt and you were the one cheesin at me not me cheesin at you...get a life..I tell you those Ethiopians...then this other dude was standing in the street and I said I like your shirt...and kept it moving he talking about keep it movin shorty you can't even do it for me...I was like boo who said I wanted to do it for you LOL..I just liked your shirt and his boy who is standing beside him probably all of 400 pds is laughing I was like oohhhh you got a lil wack ass side kick LOL..get a life freakin idiots...dang on we head home, and guess who comes over....Constant....yea yea I was a bad girl but hey it is what it is and since I'm not mad at him no more I figure I'll use him for whatever I need him for LOL....I'm not trying to be with him right now and if he thinks that then oh well that's on him...of course he's apologizing and what not talking about ohhh I missed you and I'm like dang just shut up and let's get to it LOL...I get aggressive when I drink ah well what can I say.....woke up the next morning and I walked him to his car.

....after he left I woke roomie up and convinced her to go to Tysons with me so I could look for a dress for New Years. We go and I find a cute black sweater dress that will be soo jazzy with my heels and I wont' have to wear a jacket so great. The whole time we're there we're trying to decide if we're going to NY, if we should go to NY or if we should go...the pros and cons. The train leaves at 5 something which means that we would leave our house and go to kimberly's at around that we could make it to Union Station on time. Well we still hadn't decided and I told roomie whatever she wanted to do was cool with me, on top of that I know the people we were going with but not well enough to leave roomie and go with them we get home and by this time it's like 2 and we're like ok we're not gonna go...she calls kimberly who is like well he can't get his money back (he brought 5 tickets on his credit card)...roomie told her that he could get them back and that we talked to the amtrak people he could call them and get a refund. The this chic is like well what about the hotel? When roomie told me this I was like huh...I thought he already had the hotel....which means that even if we weren't going he was still why ask us about the hotel. I was like I'm glad I didn't go cause if I had gotten up there and he talking about ok where is your share for the hotel I would have been like fool put me on a train back home or I will sleep on the street with the rest of the homeless's not like they would notice an extra homeless person. I guess they were mad roomie hasn't heard from them and I could care less. You don't invite someone somewhere telling them that you already have the hotel room and that we could sleep there and then be like aight where is your share...umm should have said something about splitting the hotel room at first. So after that was decided...buddy called and said her and lil sis were going to see I decided to go along. I shower and head out to meet that movie was GREAT! I love musical type movies (especially the Sound of Music and Grease) so this was good..some lady was sighing behind us and we were like boo you knew they were gonna sing if you didn't wanna hear it you shouldn't have come. I cried when she was singing and I'm am telling you and of course at the that is a definate buy when it comes on DVD. I had seen a play version of the movie so I knew some of the songs and what not...those dance moves had me crackin up. On top of that all of them did a great and roomie were like Beyonce didn't seem like she was the star of the movie though it seemed as if it was about jennifer hudson the first part of the movie until after she left and what not then it was about beyonce...all in all it was a good movie. We went to the mall after, I got some shirt and what can never have enough shirts and bought some sneakers...I rarely wear sneakers so when I do they are of course either colored ones or just plain white LOL...the ones I bought are nikes and they are brown and a fushia color..cute I like em. Went went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and I was stuffed....and guess who came over...Music...he thought I was going to NY so when he found out I
wasn't going he decided to come over. I rented the Desecent which is soooo gruesome was sooo gresome. Its one of those movies that you can only watch once LOL.

...Music and I got up, went to the grocery store and bought some food for breakfast and we all ate. Lounged around, watching tv and what not...we were talking about going to a house party that night but we didn't know. So we were just in the house...chilling, louging and cuddling. It was cute...he broke his belt and we went to Kmart to get him a new one...I ordered pizza since he bought breakfast and we rung in the new year at my house after watching movies and what not. It was cute and we also talked people and relationships as a whole. He forgot to bring his charger so his phone died and he was like it's nice being unavailable for a whole day..I like it..then he said I like you, I hope you don't change LOL..I was like great I like you too HAHAH. We watched Hitch and were at one point I was like ok this is the part where you kiss me madly LOL...then the part when they showed a clip from jerry maguire he was like oh oh you complete me LOL...we were cracking up LOL....set the alarm for 11:58 and when it went off said Happy New Year, and went back to sleep LOL. So I rung in the New Year with Music and I must say that I wouldn't have had it any other way. I like him and yesterday solidified it...he's funny, cute and I like how he makes me laugh and what not.

Monday....I'm up so far it's almost 330 and I might decide to head to the mall LOL...don't know yet. I saw some gray heels that I want that would go great with this sweater that I have but I might just chill out in the bed like I've been doing so far. I checked my messages, cause my phone was off...returned a couple and went back to sleep again...and now I'm just sitting around's that grand. Not looking foward to going to work tomorrow but hey that's life and soon it will be the weekend again LOL...I'm a weekend girl as you can see. Talked to a friend that I haven't talked to since the Million Man March so that was nice...why did I just see a commercial talking about how John Cena is gonna be fighting Kevin Federline...Ok so I don't watch wrestling but I'd watch that one LOL...just to see him get dropped on his stupid head HAHAHAH... I mean it's Cena...his looks alone would make me not want to mess with the way he is a cutie LOL...anywho off to see what I can get into for the evening before I have to come to grips with the fact that I have to work tomorrow.

Hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve and a wonderful New Years Day!!!!

EDIT: Sometimes yesterday afternoon I was checkin my notes on BP and noticed that someone who I use to date about 2 years ago had sent me a note. Now we've talked off and on various times since the time we've dated and he's even come to this area and stayed at my house last year when the million man march it's not like we haven't seen or talked to one another in two years. The funny part is when we were dating I really liked him, and I mean really liked him...on top of that he had 3 kids and I was in love with them. He lived in Richmond and I would go there every week to visit him....sometimes during the week right after work and turn around at like 2am to drive back here...let's just say I learned how to make it to the 804 area in about an hour and not get a ticket LOL. Anyway I had sent him a note just wishing him a happy new year and he sends me a response leaving me his number...I decided to call and I left him a message..I thought nothing of it. Now since the time that we've met he's cut his locs off and grown them again and cut them off again. He's very open minded and when we were dating he introduced me to different music and other things that I found very interesting. Since then he's also become a Muslim. Now when I found this out I was like oh goodness LOL...but when he came to visit during the million man march we talked and he didn't try to push what he believed on me it was just a conversation..letting me know what he believed and all that stuff. We laughed when I asked why they were bowties and how come women have to wear all those clothes and what's up with the bean pies. So anyway...last night around 1030 I think my phone's him. He asks how I'm doing..what's new we catch up and to make a long story short we were on the phone till a lil after 3. The converstaion covered his religion, my religion, different customs that they have...their dating process, the food they eat, how his life has changed. And to be honest he didn't bore me and what he said to me was very interesting. I like to hear others thoughts and views it doesnt' bother me that they think different. He told me about a sister that he had wanted to court who was a muslim and why it didn't work out...he talked about his children and how he just found out he had another son who was being abused and now has custody of. We talked and talked and laughed and laughed and we converesed about me attending a service with him. At first I asked where one was up here and he began to think then I said well I'd probably ask someone to go with me....then he said well why not just come here and go with can come sat night and we can go to service together. Now of course I didn't want to come and make him uncomfortable and assured me that I wouldn't and all that. So I'm thinking about going but I'm not too sure....I mean it's just a service and the worse that could happen is that I don't enjoy myself...but I mean what if I'm diggin it and I decide to become a Muslim....hmmmm am I prepared to give up pork LOL..sike let me stop. I know it's more to it I was just jokin hahaha...but for real thats not just a religion it's a way of life and it's sooo much deeper and you can't play with religion...I told him I'd let him know tonight if I'd go with him. On top of that he's said that other than his childrens mother I'm the only female that's had a real conversation with....great...on top of that him bringing me to the mosque might cause them to think we're on the verge of marriage LOL

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I am happy that you had a good time for the weekend.. :)

Happy New Year


January 01, 2007  


I got you next time girl, I promise!

Looks like we did the same thing for new years, slept, got up for a minute and went back to bed! LOL

January 01, 2007  

Heyyyy Honey!!!

You are HILARIOUS!! I'm still LOL @ smediums. This is the second blog I have seen that on!! Anyhoo...

Happy New Year, Momma! Hope it's filled with the best of everything for ya!!


January 02, 2007  

BK...yea I had a blast LOL...being in and doing nothing was GREAT!!!!

Ok here goes, your first, your first, drop down and get your eagle on your first LOL..thank you thank you..I'll be here all day

Lady..yea I was like I wonder if she had fun at the happy hour and I would have brought lil sis but we wanted to do it up for 21 so we hung out around here...we'll def have to get up when you come here again..I loved sleeping I was in the bed ALLLL DAY!!!

January 02, 2007  

Jus..hey girl..happy new year to you too..I got that smedium thing from a comedien LOL..but it's so true the shirt wasn't a small or medium it was a smedium LOL..but the thing that kills me is that he was trying to tuck it in...great...

January 02, 2007  

You done added more stuff! LOL

Nothing wrong with experiencing different things, I would go just to see what it's like. It just might help you confirm or question some of your thought processes. I would love to go to different types of services but I am afraid to go on my own.

January 02, 2007  

Lady...yea I guess it's just that learning something new can be scary not saying that it would be but you I'll probably go just to see..I'm glad he'd be there even if he'd be sitting on the other side I'd feel better being there knowing he was there.

January 02, 2007  

You crack me up everytime you say "who does that". LOL

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!!!

January 02, 2007  

TSG..LOL funny thing is she was like he hasn't called her back since. That's how you handle things LOL

January 02, 2007  

girl, i just couldn't hang for the entire post. i usually can, but a girl's tired today! :-) i'll come back though to read the whole post.

i did read all of your edit. i think attending a Muslim service would be a good learning experience. like ladynay said it could lead you to answers regarding your own beliefs. or, it could lead to more questions. and it'll be even better if you have someone with you to explain everything. well, at least he will be able to when the service is over...

Happy New Year!

January 02, 2007  

Happy New Year!! that's come action packed weekend you had there. I had to catch my breath to keep! Sounds like honey's!

January 02, 2007  

BLK...LOL you can come back later I had a lot to say LOL...yea cause I do have to sit on the other side.

Blu...Happy New Year!!! Yea they Honey was runnin around!!

January 02, 2007  

I just finished reading the entire post and now my laptop is dying. I willcome back with a better comment. Glad you got sleep.Happy new yearrrr.

January 02, 2007  

Happy New Year!

I hope this year is filled with many good things for you!

January 03, 2007  

Happy New year... thanks for visiting my blog... now, what's up with Music & Constant... I know i got some catching up to do, but it does sound like u like this Constant guy...

I'd go to the service with your ex, like you said, what's the worse that can really happen, and its always good to be open minded about new experiences...

January 03, 2007  

WEll after not hearing back from u i figured u wasnt going...I had a good time....better than last time with the exception i broke my glasses..Now i cant see :(
It was worth it though!!!!

January 03, 2007  

Deep...Hey girl!! Happy New Year to you too!! Sorry that one was a long one LOL...darn those laptops haha

Luvin..I was wondering where you were LOL...I wish the same for you :)

DD...No problem..Constant and I have parted ways...Music is a more recent guy LOL..I'm gonna have to catch you up..I might go we shall see

Negro..yea girl it was just too much thinking going on...glad you had a better time than the last..I know it was worth it if you broke your glasses LOL..what the heck did you do LOL

January 03, 2007  

I aint do much :) from what I remember..but it was a good time..

January 03, 2007  

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