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Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday Musings

I noticed that I've used this time once before but oh well who cares LOL.

This morning I'm listening to Russ Parr and they used the word Gangsterism. I was like what LOL. They were talking about the shows on BET, Countdown to Lockdown (The Lil Kim Story and American Gangster). People were calling in telling him that they thought these shows were history or what have you and he used that word to describe what the shows glorified. Of course others were saying that since BET is owned by Viacom (a white company) they might not have a say in what is shown and others sayed that since it's run by a black woman (get it gurl LOL) that she should be focused on uplifting blacks and not degrading. My opinion is this you can teach your child what you can and it's up to them to choose the final outcome. Example being my little sister. My parents all brought us up in the same house taught us the same values and she and I are two TOTALLY different people. Her experiences have made her who she is and mine vica you can't always blame the parents for the wrong doings of a child. Homegirl got spankings all the time so much that at one point I began to think that she liked them LOL...anywho

It's a rainy monday and yes that is how I'm feeling droppy, drowsy and all the other dwarf names LOL. I'm so freaking ready to go home then again not really cause when I go home I have to find something to eat and since I've started my official eating better routine I will be forced to eat better rather than scarf down some ice cream LOL. My free gym membership starts on Saturday so I'll be in the gym come sat morning and doing some recommended exercises that are posted on the discovery health website. I mean it's 8 weeks, if I can't commit to this for 8 weeks what does that say about me LOL...I'm a slacker and personally I love a challenge so bring it on. Plus me and Music have a lil bet going on and I'm trying to win so I can get my dinner and massage :)

I'd have to say that we are progressing nicely and I'm cool with it. He was over yesterday. This man loves my cooking and I don't even do anything that serious LOL. All we had yesterday for dinner was baked chicken breast with french cut string beans (my fav) and some brown rice. He was like this chicken breast is soft, most of the time when my mom cooks it, it's tough LOL. I was like umm great. Speaking of mother I found out that he's mentioned me to her..she wants to meet me...alrighty LOL. We agreed that when you meet someone's parents it's serious, but to know that he mentioned me to her is kinda funny, I wonder what he said to her. I was going to ask him but I didn't want him to think I was overthinking things when it could have just been a casual conversation.

We had a blast at Dave & Busters. I drove cause while on the way to my house he noticed that his tires were acting funny...come to find out when he got out to check them that he needed new ones. So we got directions to white flint mall in MD and headed out there. At first he didn't want to play the games but he got the hang of it and we had a blast...I didn't get anything cause I'm gonna go back so I just saved my tickets on my D & B card to use when we go back. While he was playing some boxing game this asian guy was using the other one beside him...homeboy was FUNKY and I don't mean that in a he had his own style type of way I mean he smelled like straight Onion and sewage water. Straight up STANK!! And then he had the nerve to be jumping around and what not LOL...people were gathering around looking at him, cause he was boxing like he was doing kung who one fu're suppose to have the boxing gloves on both hands he had them gripped in one hand and was boxing behind his back and kickin his leg up....I was crying in the corner and Music kept looking at me like what the heck....I was in tears serious tears LOL. It was cute cause I got addicted to this coin game...I found the trick out and he was like I'm taking your card away LOL....then we went to the photo booth and took a's on my tv stand and it's me kissing his cheek LOL. He talking about I don't wanna see this on my I'll keep it to myself but if you ever see my room you'll be greeted by it :) It was our favorite out of the 3 poses that we took. We left there, headed back home and passed out.

Sat he had to get new tires so I ran some errands, took R some breakfast cause he wasn't feeling well. I know I'm a great friend aren't I :) Then hung around with him for most of the day, watched some movies, took a nap (nothing happened), went home so I could head to Richmond. Let's just say I made it to richmond and drove right back LOL. His tail didn't get home till a lil after 2..when I got there at around 1130. He was suppose to leave the door unlocked and he forgot so I left....after 2 hours of waiting...yea 2 HOURS!!! Call me a fool, call me crazy whateer you want but I was like aight he'll call to check and see if I got there and what not...he was watching the fight at his brothers house...then he was like I should have given you the number...I said you need to get a new phone..he lost his other one. So he calls me when I'm almost in Fredricksburgh..talking about turn around. I was like heck no I'm closer to my house than yours (maybe I think) he was like well stop and I'll meet you where you are....or I'll stay on the phone with you while you're driving back..I was like boo I'm on one battery cell and my phone don't even hold a charge so I'm turning it off and on every couple of hours LOL...yea ghetto so what. Then he's like well what if I came up to your house and got you and brought you back home (I was like no that's too much). I said I'll come to the service with you another weekend...I'm tired, my contacts were hurting my eyes and I wanted to go to sleep. Now anybody that knows me knows I'm a solider when it comes to driving...I mean I've driven to SC and rode back (with someone else driving) in one day (I get that from my mommie), but when I say I'm tired you better take heed or we will be riding the trees on the side of the road. So I went home and passed out.

He calls me Sunday at like 745am to see if I was gonna get up and drive there. NOT I replied, I'll come another weekend, during the day so I know you're home and probably once you get a phone so I'm not sitting outside looking insane, like i'm stalking my next ex LOL. He was kinda sad but hey I came..I did my part you should have done yours. I laided around and watched Flight Plan (which is a great movie by the way, just GREAT) and got up to clean my room. I have a problem with putting laudry away..I know sad. First being that I don't really use my dresser (cause I'm getting new furniture) so most of my things are in a hamper, the first two drawers of my dresser, my closer, or a container in my closet. So when I do laundry I usually just leave them in the laundry room or on the floor of my room I moved my couch so one side of my room was clean and the other looked like the clothing monster had thrown up. So I put laudry away, including my new undies and I even cleaned out my undie drawer (any woman knows how serious that is LOL), did some more laundry, put that away..watched Bewitched with Will Ferrel and Nicole Kidman (another hilarious pic by him) and went to the grocery store to get some chicken for dinner. So yes I had a productive day and I even cleaned the bathroom which I hate doing LOL..but when I get in a cleaning mood I go all the way.

It's offical I'm going to the Domincan Republic in May for Memorial Day weekend. My deposit will be paid next week and it's on and popppinnn (Chris Brown voice). I have never been out the country so I'm looking forward to it, I'll probably try to fill out the passport papers next weekend too. Plus I will have lost a lil weight and be able to get a nice lil two piece...wooohooooo YES!!! Hopefully I'll be killen em LOL.

Why is Red so concerned about me giving him a kiss when he gets please...if I did give you a handshake it wouldn't mean nothing and that's not gonna create a baby who cares. I was like boo you don't even know where I live so fall back. Plus I'll probably igg him once he gets here (ignore) cause he can't seem to take NO for an answer so being mean might work..then again maybe not cause he seems to thrive off that too LOL....short of having one of my male friends answer the phone I don't know what to tell him....I don't call him so that ain't it...oh well

I watched I love NY online last week (I know it's a bunch of follwaggery, but oh well LOL) and I must say I was cracking up. I know it's so stupid that you can't look away but I mean hey we all have a guilty pleasure right..well this is mine. Her mom I can tell is gonna make the whole show just cause she loves messing with folks and NY is talking about someone having some bolts loose...UMMM BOO look in the mirror LOL...I tell ya. I was dyin the whole time...the only thing they didn't show online was who got eliminated so I'll be watching that tonight just to see that part of the show since I have seen the rest of it...

I haven't talked to Constant since he came over that night and I'm all right with it. I thought I'd be mad, but why he has a phone (and it's off right now), but he also has a house phone so if he wanted to talk he would and apparently he doesn't want to and I can dig it :) Plus Music is around so much that I don't have time to focus on anyone else and that's nice. Plus he (constant) never mentioned me to his mother and music might be innocent convo but I mean I've known you for 4 years and you've never mentioned me to your mom...WOW....great

This drinking water ain't no joke...I've already been to the bathroom like 2 and as I sit writing this I have to go back again LOL. On top of that I need to refill my cup. When I say I'm serious about my grind I'm SERIOUS! It's not just DR, it's the the fact that I did it before and I know I can do it again, plus I was getting a lil jazzy and I dont' want all that weight coming back LOL....don't wanna buy all new big clothes and I'm not even pregnant hahahaha.

I've been pondering if I should do something kinda nice for Music on his Bday. It's in March but I wanna start planning for it the beginning of Feb. Depending on how we progress I guess will determine what I'll do...a nice lil weekend away or dinner and ummm some dancing LOL....sike who am I kidding no dancing....I've wanted to go back to Miami but that might be a bit much being that come March we will have only known each other for almost 5 months. So we'll see...hopefully I'll think of something...maybe we could just ride up to Atlantic'll be cold but whose thinking about cold when gambling is involved LOL...hmm or New York....I've passed through it and since I didn't go on New years my need to go to NY still needs to be fulfilled LOL...hmmm I'll ponder some more

Hopefully this weekend will be as nice as the last. I have monday off and I'm looking foward to that!!!! Don't know what I'm gonna do just yet but hey I'll think of something.

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Fabulous!! i'm glad you went ahead and got the membership :) now its just to keep you consistent..

I tell ya btw you, Missy & Choc ya'll weekends be LIKE DAT LOL be doing a million and one thangs!!!

Ok so when can I see you on a Saturday am? :) LOL

January 08, 2007  

BK....hmm I'm gonna be safe and say before the end of this month LOL..cause I know I can do that...looking like the weekend of the 20th...we'll lil sisters bday is that weekend but my other sisters bday is the 31st so I might just wait to go home then...

January 08, 2007  

i WISH I could go to DR with ya :(
Say what u want, thats your MAN YEah I said it..WHAT!!!!!!!

W#E dont gett Russ Parr no more :( cant tell if its a good or bad thing.

I cleaned out the refrigerator....Im dreading the bathroom YUCK!!!!!

January 08, 2007  

sometimes I start reading your post and by the time I go to comment, I forget what I was gonna say

oh yeah on that gangsterism
ppl need to stop letting their kids watch tv indescriminately.

January 08, 2007  

I'm with Missy, Music is you are doing somethings. I won't front I wanna see that pic!

You did some serious cleaning! I hate the bathrooms too but there is nothing like walking into a clean one that smells good!

January 08, 2007  

Thanks for stopping by! Amen to the, "...going home and scarfing down ice cream." No more scarfing in 2007, unless it's low-glycemic, low-fat, low-calorie, high-fiber. Ugh! Good luck to you!

January 08, 2007  

i am tired just from reading about your weekend. lol...

January 08, 2007  

I co-sign with deepnthought.

Good luck with the exercise and the eating healthy. I know you can do it.

January 08, 2007  

You funny. Already talking about having Monday off. LOL

January 08, 2007 can go I'll put you in my suitcase...and NO me and Music are not TOGETHER'll be the first to know though

GC...I concur..tell them to go outside and play LOL

Ladynay..I know I love going into a clean bathroom I just hate cleaning it LOL

enchantress..I know I so want some too LOL..

Deep....girl it aint like that LOL

mizjj...thanks I'm gonna try!!!

TSG..what can I say I'm a weekend girl haha

January 08, 2007  

I've stopped thru before, and didn't comment, but I'm I'm going to comment more and lurk less in '07. LOL

I'm tryn to hop on that weight loss wagon also. Went for my annual today and was like, I weigh wha...??? Good luck to you and let's hope I can be as determined as you seem to be.

January 08, 2007  

"homeboy was FUNKY and I don't mean that in a he had his own style type of way I mean he smelled like straight Onion and sewage water. Straight up STANK!! And then he had the nerve to be jumping around and what not LOL.."

can i just tell you that it is for this EXACT reason that i both love AND hate going to dave and buster's????!!!! LMAO!

January 08, 2007  

synsational...Yea I say the same thing when I get on the scale LOL he was two kinds of stank LOL...I was like that don't make no dang on sense and all you doing in play boxing..WOW

January 08, 2007  

BET is straight garbage! They can show American Pimp every other weekend but cut one of the only two reasons for even acknowledging them. Yeah, I'm talking UnCut. There was no reason they had to give it the axe when they show garbage morning, noon, & night.

You weren't feeling the asian dude's aroma? You can tell me, it was hot wasn't it? LOL @ onions and sewage water. You're funny.

Um any chance of you discussing the panty drawer and said panties in more details? If you ever want to get rid of any of them, I'm just putting it out there. Had to ask.

Thanks for the heads up on I love NY. I haven't watched much of VH-1 since the Flavor of Love reunion show. I would've been irked if I missed it.

January 08, 2007  

Freaky...only you could address all that and all I remeber is the fact that you asked me about my panty drawer LOL...BET is insane, I dont even really watch 106 and park only when my fav videos come on then again why watch that when you can watch them on YouTube LOL. No he stunk! Discussing my panties LOL..what would you like to know...yea it was hilarious i have to see who was elimiated..cause her mom is straight hilarious.

January 08, 2007  

All the stuff you could've commented on and it all comes down to the panties. LOL!

About the panties: color, style, material, any pictures of you in them, how I can get on the mailing list for some of them. The usual stuff. LOL! Let me stop before people start thinking I'm anything other than sweet and innocent.

NY's mom will turn a straight man gay and a gay man blind.

January 08, 2007  

Sister, you rambled like you are totally in love.

Likes that.

And stay the hell away from BET.

January 08, 2007  

freaky....I think you're rubbing off on me

hassan...I did...umm that wasn't suppose to come out like that LOL..and yes I do try to stay away from BET

January 08, 2007  

One thing that pisses me off is that here in Phoenix, we don't get the Russ Parr show!

I used to listen to it all the time back East.


And you better post pics from your little vacation in May! Sounds like it will be gorgeous!

January 08, 2007  

Congrats @ Gym Membership...I need to get thee ass to thy gym STAT

Dont lose too much weight though...have to plan an intervention at the buffet

Ew @ stinky dude...I have a pretty strong stomach but its something about funky folks that makes me want to hurl...ole stinky ass, I wouldve febreezed his ass

LOL I finally woke up to catch Steve Harvey AND the Russ Parr show....They are hilarious!!!

January 08, 2007  

@ Honey

LOL I thought of saying that but I was like, "thats too bitchy even for me"...but he did seem like a pretty cool guy though...a lil whiny but cool.

*sigh* Lesson #5 is constantly ignored and then when we're kicked out folks wanna know why...stop hooking me up like Im single!

January 08, 2007  

you're already beautiful so anything you do from this point will only be extra. you do ya thing though! getting healthy is always a good thing and i know you got it in you to do the damn thing.

and yeah, reading about your weekend is both confusing AND exhausting. you do SO MUCH and i can't keep up with all the brothas. lol

January 09, 2007  

You always have so much going on...

Good luck on the exercise and the weight loss!

January 09, 2007  

I couldn't even read all of this...maybe its becasue I am reading so much at the new I am just tired...but I feel you I have driven two hours to NJ and come right back...its nothing...but I ain't go back AGAIN if you ain't there...I feel you

January 10, 2007  

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