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Friday, January 05, 2007

In case you didn't know betta ask somebody!!! It's Friday!!!!

And yes I'm doing my happy friday dance all inside myself LOL...I can't do it here at work cause people would be like I knew that girl was smoking the cheeba LOL, I was just waiting for it all to come out.

So what am I doing this weekend....well the supposed plans are going running with Music (more like a walk cause Honey don't run unless something is chasing her), go to Dave & Busters, maybe take in a movie and then head to Richmond to go to a mosque service with a dear friend. As of now that's about it, but we all know how that can be....

Ok so even though I've told Red that I've moved on and I said it not beat around the bush this time...cause I've done that in the past not wanting to hurt someone's feelings and he sent me pics of the baby (who by the way looks just like him and is sooo cute LOL). No matter what the parents do I still love babies anywho he emails me talking about so you wanna have a baby with me, like he passing em out or something and to be honest when I first met him I did....he was nice, kind and has wonderful eyes but after the torrential downpour of stupidity that he rained on me I have since come to my senses LOL and ain't tryin to have that train stop no where in this station. He is possesive and only wants a child with me so that he can keep tabs on me and what I do...fool are you insane, I mean WHO DOES THAT?!!! Talking about leave him please, he thinks me and Music are together (I wonder who told him that LOL). He doesn't know him by name just that I have someone and that I don't call him anymore....fool you are INSANE....that is all to it....

When I started losing weight last year it was partially due to the fact that I calorie counted..I found out what it would take for me to lose weight, wrote it down each day and stayed within that was hard at first but once I figured out that I could eat what I wanted only in moderation I was fine. So I'm back to that again, I bought a calorie book from Borders and a nice lil jounal that I'm gonna write my calories in and come monday it's on and poppin. I have got to be serious this time cause I know I can do it and it's just about putting up or shutting up. Can't complain that I think I'm getting fat and keep stuffing my face LOL...I need to lose the tummy fat and tone the butt and thighs cause I might be heading to the Dominican Republic this summer and I am NOT trying to scare the fish out the water LOL....I know, I know it's not that bad but you get what I'm saying.

I've also vowed to write in my journal at home more, I use to write in it all the time and I love blogging but sometimes you just can't get it all out in blogging or you just don't want to. Ok you can write what you what and all that jazz but we all know that we are disclosing our deepest darkest secrets and fears on here, at least I'm not and I'm fine with that. I don't need you all to know that I have to sleep with the closet door closed LOL...and yes that's true...don't expect anyother deep sercrets LOL

I need to start studying for the GRE again so that my application to Howard won't look too horrible LOL. I mean my recommendations will be good and my essay is strong I just don't want them to get to my score and be like DANG home skillet is beyond help LOL. Plus I'm not saying Howard is hard to get into but I mean it's hard to get into LOL....

Funny how when the new year starts you're all excited about what you're gonna do and how you're gonna do it and then come March you have forgotten everything that you were all excited about LOL...which is why I don't make resolutions I make realistic goals that I know I'm going to be able to reach in a reasonable amount of time. I mean if ou know you're a sex addict why would you say I'm gonna give up sex by February...yea right LOL...I'd like to see that hahaha. Or a pimp stop pimping by March....he might be able to stop but it's gonna take longer than March LOL

This morning when I was walking to Borders I saw this she was probably your regular run of the mill distraught, homeless person. However her hair made me bust out laughing. I don't know whether it was just because it's Friday and I get giddy or becuase that junk was really a mess. I mean it's raining here in DC so you know folks looking a lil like they rolled out of bed into their clothes and out the door, but dang. Remember how as lil girls we had those white doll babies with that pretty blond hair, ok now what happened if that junk got tangled or we combed it so much that it become a big ball of hot mess...well that's how homegirls head looked and on top of that she had a hat on. I was like what the devil....I thought her hair was her hat at first that's how notty that mess was. Looked like she went to the squirrel nest beauty salon and asked them to do her hair blind while walking in a fog snow storm AHAHHAHAH. Man I was cracking up.

You know how you're walking around town whether it be in the mall or just the store and you see a man looking at a woman in front of you. Why do they look so perverted when they do that. I was waiting at the metro station to go home and this guy is looking at this lady as she is walking by and i mean looking. Like he turned around and everything...I was like ewww that is so gross. It's not nasty to look but dang don't look so hard that it looks like youre trying to impregnant the woman using telekineses. So what I probably spelled that's friday and I've been on Friday mode since last night LOL

I have a problem with being mean to people. I just can't do it, unless you have done something that causes me to do so. But even then it takes me a while to be mean to you. I have this friend well an associate/friend LOL...she's borderline. Anyway I met her through roomie and she's cool folks but sometimes I wonder if she craves attention. I mean she use to be a lil heavy and she lost a good amount of weight good enough to be shopping at guess....I can't even fit guess jeans no more LOL..then again I haven't tried but I digress. She's cool and what not but we always have an idea of what she's gonna wear when we go out and she doesn't really dance or anything she sits and if guys try to touch her she gets loud the point where I be like dang if I was a dude I'd hit her LOL. So she wants us to go to Cancun with her in Aug, but we have the option (me and roomie) to go to the Dominican Republic..I can't remember which one is cheaper I think the DR trip, but that's not where the issue comes in at. The issue is that roomie went to jamaica with her and she said she acted a dang on fool. Crying about flying, getting on the plane having panic attacks and what not. She was scared cause the last time she saw her dad he was on a plane or something like he didn't die in a crash, I think he was sick. So they get to Jamaica and she stays in the room and roomie is the type that will leave you if she wants to do something and I'm the same way. I mean we're in JAMAICA!!! Island men with locs galore and you wanna stay in your room on top of that it's Hedonism which means you get to check out packages (if you know what I mean) with out sounding or looking like a whore LOL So to make a long story short roomie was like she dont' wanna go cause of how home girl travels and I ain't going alone to be stuck with someone who dont wanna have fun. On top of that she just recently gave her life back to Christ and I find that wonderful..we should all believe in a higher power that helps us better ourselves...but at first she was going over board with it. Now my mom is a reverand who just started my grandmothers church back up and my dad is a deacon so I've been in the church my whole life...and I don't rub that in anyone's face cause I struggle just like everyone does...but chic would send us daily emails, she did a couple of sermons, roomie even said that when she was at church with her one time..home girl was running around passing out and all that that's all well and good if your heart is in it...don't fake...I mean I love God but I don't give him fake praise..I have my moments when I get touched and all that but I'm not gonna be running around like oprah was when she was giving out cars just so folks can think I'm real about being saved. It's just funny to me how folks find something to jump on the bad wagon about and then they kinda start hanging off, but want you to listen to everything they we're trying to decide if we wanna go with her...we'll of course get seperate rooms and we're trying to get one of our other girls to go with us. I told roomie I'll sit by her I have an mp3 player I'll just drown her out LOL..she was like it don't matter where you're gonna hear her..I was like dang....

It's raining and I'm suppose to go out with my sweetie tonight (yes I've started calling him that LOL). I hope it doesn't rain all night..cause I have these cute canvas shoes I wanna wear with this pink sweater and of course they'll get soaked through if I wear them in the rain...he said he has to be in the studio sat night so I might head to richmond that night so I can be down there and get some sleep cause although I don't mind driving early in the morning I'd rather not if I can help it....

Have a great weekend!!!!

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This rain is for the freaking birds. You talkin about hard to get out of bed this morning GEESH!! LOL@ ole sanctified carryin her bible Geezuz wept girl! LOL I can't!!!! Aww rootin' fa y'all!

January 05, 2007  

Durty...that's what I said when I walked out the door..I was like what are you kidding me...errrr. I so wanted to turn back around and call in especially since Music is off today LOL. Girl we don't know how to tell her that we don't wanna go with her cause she would embarass us...I'm rootin (in secret) for us too LOL

January 05, 2007  

I say go to DR....
I went to our spot last nite and had some drinks...They do a black comedy explosion on Fridays now....I thought of u :) Have a good weekend

January 05, 2007  

Ur Sweetie? Awwwwww

Ur wrong for laughing at the homeless then saying your not mean! ROFL

Dominican men are Sex-EEEEEEE! If you go take pix! Plenty!

I can't stand folks that go out of town to somewhere they never been and stay in the hotel! If you ain't getting your back broken you need to see the area! UGH!

I feel you about the journal thing. Even though blogs are our space to say what we want, somethings just don't need to be on the net.

Howard Law School? You go girl!

I know that was out of order...sorry LOL

January 05, 2007  

Negro...Awww you did, you so spwecial LOL..have a great weekend too and yea we're leaving towards the DR

Lady..I know right I need to have a reason to be in the room and getting to know a woman better aint it LOL..yes my sweetie..I mean hey she looked a mess her hair did not her LOL...Howard Grad School I'm not ready for law school yet girl ekkk to that LOL

January 05, 2007  

It's 2007 and I got my own back like I'm eleven...hey, I'm not a rapper but that wasn't a bad line.
Of course, who would I be if I didn't stick to my incognito ID !!!

Make the new year, the You Year!!!
Round these parts The Usual Suspects Crew are on the GO HARD OR GO HOME mantra...

Anyway, good looks to you being happy with you and what ever shape you manifest yourself in...good looks to being happy with the company of another (I'm not really rooting for any of them, but I will say that musically inclined men are a whole somethin' other else!!! Being one, I can testify to dat derrr!!!)...good looks to the GRE re-take, something's are so much better the 2nd time around.

This long as comment looks as if I'm bloggin on your I'm gone til ltr...

January 05, 2007  

Happy New Year!!!!

Girl this post was a burst of fresh air.

Red is what I refer to as "Hot Diks"! They want to lay seeds every where. He needs to kick rocks with that one.

Hedonism, huh? Heard about it, would love to go. See, you can't travel with all your friends. I have specific travel buddies. I'll give anyone a chance to go and they have one time to act like we we're at home and they are out of the Circle of Trust...LOL!

January 05, 2007  

I'm Back Honey :-) Due the prodding of you and Nikki I rolled out the bed long enough to post just passing around active sperm like candy huh? Just wanna have a gang of BM and child support checks huh? I think men are losing it.

You know I see a lot of homeless "chic" in nigga are you really homeless or just lazy because if you can afford crisp new balances you can afford a shirt and dress pants for a job!

If she's dramatic like that...two fingers. I'll never go anywhere with one of my friends again b/c she was convinced she was a pseudo celeb and threw a hissy fit every where we went she aint getting ME kicked off the plain

January 05, 2007  

Diggz..what no anony LOL..yes men who are in the music industry do spark a certain fire LOL..let me stop..I think that's the longest comment you've ever written LOL

Dynasty..Happy new Year to you too!!! yes Red is hilarious and I will continue to use him to get my laughs off LOL and you are correct you can't travel with everyone..I have friends for travel and friend for intown events haha's about time..yea I think he is losing it talking about he can afford it Ummm no you can't boo LOL..not me and my child LOL...haha homeless chic hahaha..let me go on my lunch break to the squirrels in the park I need them to hook me up sentiments exactly!!

January 05, 2007  

Hi Honey-Libra,

Good read, hope you have a fulfilled weekend.

January 05, 2007  

girl u all over the place w/ this post! lol

i hope u do well on the gre's cause im sure they're no joke! i need u to do well so u can become my lawyer :-)

i heard the DR is beautiful... so that's probably where'd i go.. just tell her u had already made plans to go there, so jamaica is out...

January 05, 2007  

good luck with the GRE. have you also e-mailed a few of the professors in the department you're applying to. i'm not sure what program you're applying for, but it doesn't hurt to kiss up: "i find your work interesting, i'd like to work with you, blah, blah, blah..."

Red, Red, Red... what a mess!

when some people get saved they can be a little extra with theirs. hopefully she is or has come back to the middle.

have a great weekend!

January 05, 2007  

LMAO @you.. girl you got me here DYING.. I needed this for my saturday evening LOL

hope you had fun during the weekend..

and u can do it!

January 06, 2007  

@ Honey

I heart the neighborhood crackheads

if i wasnt so scared of SE I would venture over there but I actually want to come back with a car LOL

trust I am headed 2 the doctor to get some drugs, not that damn Tussin but the good shit :-)

January 06, 2007  

I think they have lots of sex and orgies at Hedonism.

Not that I'm into that kinda thing...uh...that's just what I heard.

Didn't do any research or nothin like that.

Who me?


January 07, 2007  

ummm where my response to this post go.....i don't even member what my thoughts were, lol

January 08, 2007  

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