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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Whats in a Dream?

For the last couple of nights or weeks I should say I've been having weird dreams. I'm thinking that I should stop leaving the TV on before I dose off and see if that might help.

Usually when I dream I remember it in general never in specific details, just a general idea of what occurred and sometimes I don't even remember it at all. As we all know there are different stages of sleep and normally the dream that you remember is more than likely the one that you were having right before you woke up so of course one dream isn't going to last 8 hours it's a movie or something. Anyway my dreams haven't been really weird but they've been really specific....specific to the point that I can remember sometimes what someone was wearing in my dream and what they said.

The other night I had a dream that my lil sister (my nephew's mother) was pregnant with a little girl. People had given her baby clothes and what not and she was going through them to put them away. Now she was sitting on the couch talking to my mom and me while doing this but the funny thing is that she was folding some of them away but putting some on teddy bears. Yea, teddy bears that's what I said. What the heck does that have to do with anything. Could she be pregnant or then again faking pregnancy again...hence her putting baby clothes on the bears.

Last night was even weirder. I was walking down the street, it appeared that I had come from shopping. It was a street that was in a townhouse/apartment know with no just know where to drive at LOL. So anyway I'm walking home or where ever I was going when this car pulls up near me and this woman is driving. She says excuse me, excuse me and is trying to ask me something. I keep telling her no then I take off running down the street. I run into this house and this man who appears to have been laying down in the dark on a couch bed jumps up and asks me what I'm doing in his house. I tell him a woman is chasing me and that I just need to call my mother. Yes these are my exact words I'm not generalizing. So anyway this woman shows up at the door and I tell her that I'm at home with my grandfather and aunt (the people have turned into them). Funny thing is my grandfather had a case of alzheimers when he died and tried to come on to me and my aunt is very why would I be running to these two of all people? She trys to come in and I'm pushing the door on her arm and what not, she is trying to drag me out the house. All of a sudden my sister appears..both of them. Now my middle sister is someone who I'm very close to. She calls me to check on me, when I need dough even though I make more than her she gives it to me, that kind of thing. So she's trying to fight the woman off when all of a sudden the womans partner appears. She is a slim tall woman and I begin to think that they are trying to kidnap me to make me some part of their sex games LOL (the lady at work laughed when I told her that). So I'm fighting and my sister is fighting and they end up dragging my sister away. She is wearing my favorite pair of pajama pants (blue plaid)...weird that I remember this I know. And I'm crying and screaming telling my other sister to write down the license plate number...JMW and 4 other numbers or something like that. She takes it down and then it's a blur. After that I remember somehow meeting up with this ladies son, who tells me that his mom is kidnapping girls for him. I'm like how come you can't talk to girls yourself (he is attractive) and he appears to be around 16 or 17. He says he doesn't know why she does is and some other nonsense. After that I wake up (645am) and hit the snooze button....I try to finish the dream out but nothing comes so I wake up.

Now I told one of the ladies at work about my dream and she says that something is bothering me, hence me running. Then I said well why did they kidnap my sister..she doesn't know. At first she said your safe place was with your grandfather and aunt then I told her what I thought of them and she was like well I don't know now. But she's certain that something is bothering me..subconscienly to the point where it's not manifesting itself yet but coming across in my dreams. I don't know what it could be to be honest the only thing I'm really worried about it finishing my application to Howard and all I have to do for that is a autobiographical sketch and get my reccommendation letters. That shouldn't take that long and of course take the GRE again. But that doesn't expalain the kidnapping or the fact that two woman were trying to kidnap me and not a man LOL.

Funny thing is about a week or so ago, when Music was over I had a weird dream. I had to fight someone cause they did something to me. I was all gangsta and hardcore. When we woke up to go to work I told him about it and he said he had a weird dream too. So when he's over and I have weird dreams I tell him, he laughs and asks me what the heck did I do before I went to sleep. Perhaps I don't need to eat before I sleep or something...I have no clue.

I'm gonna try to turn the TV off before I go to bed. Maybe that will help.

EDIT: I just found out that the aunt who was in my dream has disappeared. She is on medication and went out yesterday. She lied about where she was going to some family memebers and now she has come up missing. This is blowing me right now.

EDIT 2: She's been found. She said that she spent the night in Raleigh, NC (she lives in SC) because a meeting that she went to lasted longer than she thought it would. My concern is that she didn't call and tell anyone..she has a kid and her husband didn't seem to be too concerned that she was gone...talking about she a grown just cause you're running around on her doesn't mean you can't be concerned about her being missing....but they are a while nother story..I'm just glad that she's ok.

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wow.... That makes some of my dreams look like the looneytoons. lol.
Glad your aunt is home. Maybe you should turn the tv off.

January 09, 2007  

Deep..yea that's what I was saying the fact that I remeber them in detail creeps me out...we'll see what turning the TV off does LOL

January 09, 2007  

Maybe you feel like someone is trying to force you from the path you've been taking or something. Interesting dreams though.

Is Blogger acting up again?

January 09, 2007  

wow to the 2nd update.. the husband is wild for that comment!

i dont think too much of dreams... and i wouldn't stress over them, trying to remember them either...

January 09, 2007  

Freaky...I have no idea and yea it's acting up

TTD..yea that's what I said the freakin loser..I try not to think about them too much but this was just too weird for me

January 09, 2007  

i had a wierd dream last nite too... I dreamt me, bree, and her mom were in my moms house (she wasn't there). But the house was the surreal house. With the surreal life stars. Now the surreal life was the last thing i saw on tv before i went to sleep. (i wasn't watching the show it was just on when i turned it off). I actually turned the tv off for a change.

having the tv on when you sleep does give you wierd dreams. what ever is on tv when i wake up is usually incoparated in my dream somehow. lol.

January 09, 2007  

ps monday musings was long as ish...and who did you go to see in Richmond.....

January 09, 2007  

damn.. well glad that she is ok.. but still.. dreams are things you have to be careful with.. sometimes it shows you things that you need to pay attention to.. the meaning behind them eventually comes forward....

just don't be dreaming bout no fish.. LOL

January 09, 2007  

I am so glad I read this after she was found. I am terrible w/breaking dreams down.

January 09, 2007  

smm...yea what can I say sometimes I get on a roll and I can't stop typing LOL..I've heard it's the same thing with my old friend who is now a muslim

BK...girl I was like this is crazy, I'm glad she's ok and when I was dreaming about babies I was like ohhh no LOL then I remembered it's fish LOL and me both the lady at my job was telling me what she thought it meant.

January 09, 2007  

I'm glad ur aunt was found unharmed, her angels have for surly been on their job.

January 09, 2007  

Girl!! Why come *LOL* I'm doing that whole discovery health thang too?!? ha ha small world! I HATE when I remember my dreams and of course I always remember the real vivid ones. I haven't quite figured out what any of it means but its freaky as hell! Awww @ Music.. I don't know why I like him so much!!!

January 09, 2007  

Oh yea.. Thank GOD that your aunt was found safe and sound and it says alot when a husband is like "she aiight she grown" LOL .. go ahead wif dat foolery!!!!

January 09, 2007  

Ladyj...yea I was worried and about an hour later my mom called and told me she was fine..I felt like driving down there and slapping her for doing that and not telling no one..but you cant do nothing with grown folks LOL

Durtymo...FOR REAL GURL!! LOL yea it is a small world...we'll see how much I loose...the real thing starts on sat I think but I started on Monday...Music hmm what can I say that's my sweetie LOL...yea her husband and her are a whole nother topic LOL

January 09, 2007  

Dreams are sometimes a depiction of the past as well as whats to come...Pay attention closely on your next dreams...Girl that was deep for real.....usually if you turn over while having a dream, your dream will suddenly STOP...oh yeah its happened to me several times.....I was mad too especially when I was dreaming about a vacation in St Lucia and at a MaryJ concert.....lmao

January 09, 2007  

Your dreams are extremely vivid. I have a dream book & surf the web trying to interpret mine. That's really good news about your aunt. Glad she is safe.

January 09, 2007  

i have heard that sleeping with the tv on is bad (think i saw it on oprah). basically, the tv carries energy which can have an effect on you. supposedly, it's a bad idea to have a tv in your bedroom period...?

January 09, 2007  

"how I'm changing because of him and that's not a bad thing at all,"

I agree. Finding a man wh helps you evolve is as good as finding a man who allows you to be yourself without being jealous of your successes.

January 17, 2007  

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