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Friday, January 12, 2007


Waking up to your face this morning made me realize that I love watching you sleep. I haven't wanted to do that with anyone in a while.

The lil snore you give off as your eyes flutter behind your eyelids, how you sometimes mumble or moan...I wonder if I'm in your dreams...what am I doing

I remember us laughing at someone on TV when he was watching her sleep..we both said that's crazy..guess that makes me crazy

I laughed when I said...have I told you that I missed you....then I answered my own question at the same time as you did....yes (once before)

What is up with that bathroom smell LOL....we think it's the water but who knows....talking about only the devil smells that bad're so like a hubby...trying to figure out what it is

Watching ER with you last night was so simple but I smiled inward when I realized how I just love being around laughed when I got excited cause I knew Forrest Whitaker was gonna be in her I knew that man was Abby's dad and how I fussed when that nurse lady left her son in the living room (to go in the room with a guy) and started a fire.

I laugh when you say I talk loud..that my TV is on deaf and that it's always hot in my room or either too always got something to say LOL

You have a swagger about you that is soooo sexxy....but of course I'd never tell you that

I love watching, laugh, tell a that crazy

I love how you rub my face as we cuddle......

I love how you play fight with me......always pulling me close to you

I don't think you know how much I'm into you......

Then again perhaps you do......but I don't want to rush things so I'll just let it ride

Where ever this is going is fine with make me believe in happiness again

Can't wait to go to the gym with you...funny cause I feel like it's a date LOL....when it's not

Your infectious......

You make me feel all mushy on the inside......

I wonder if I make you feel the same

You're so hard to read sometimes, silence is sometimes your best friend

I smile when I heard you in the bathroom brushing your teeth....I love going in the bathroom when your not there and seeing your brush beside mine

Why does it feel as if you fit so perfectly....there....and everywhere else LOL

I look forward to waking up next to you.....

Kissing you goodbye in the morning seems so simple but it gets me through my day

I don't wanna focus on what could be....just what's here and wha'ts occuring now

I've subconciously cut others off....I didn't realize that till last night.

No one else make me happy

I'm fine with not seeing you for a day or two but when I see you I realize how much I've missed you

How you hug me, kiss me, hold me, wrap your arms around me as I wash dishes or cook

How we cuddle on the couch or on my I sit in your lap on the chair

How you like grabbing and hitting my butt LOL

I can't wait to spend another weekend with you again...having you all to myself for 2 days was wonderful....I even turned my phone off....and I could have cared less

I want you to be my Valentine....isn't that so third grade :)

I wanna write you a love note....will you be mine circle yes or no

Of course you'll think it's corny and laugh and I'll play mad and then I'll be like no really pick one and you'll pick no just to see what i say LOL...

Truth is life since these last two months has been a little better because of you and I know you don't know that but it's true

I don't want to be negative and say that it will end as the others have because something tells me this is different...then again I guess..........

....I'm thinking about HIM too much

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Why is it that EVERY time we go to each others page WE are seem to be in similar situations...I totally feel this post...its SO how I am feeling right and the buddy aren't as far along as you and Music...but I see it...but like you I don't want to rush it...that inward smile, that feeling that you get from just a thought or a memory...Man....

Its good to know you are smiling...I am smiling with you and for you...

what did I tell you before, "2007, Let's GET IT!"

Let's just BE....BE Happy!

January 12, 2007  

TC....girl you don't know how true that is..this year is just about being happy and doing what makes me's just killin me that I wanna know the outcome then again I don't....but I'll just relish in the moment :) and girl I'm smiling right back atcha

January 12, 2007  

Wow Honey! This was so sweet. I'm glad that you are in space right now that feels so good. You are right to just let it ride & see what happens.....luck you :-)

January 12, 2007  

Awww.. I want me a "him" LOL! Got dayummit! No seriously my "him" is long distance so I'm sitting here rollin my eyes at you cuz I'm feeling the way you feeling and I'm just so happy that you're able to spend as much time with him as possible. Nothing is more important than time. You can't save it, you can't rush it, you can't pay money for it all you can do is live in the moment. Awww @ Him!!!

January 12, 2007  

someone's feeling like ciara.... with a CRUSH :-)

that's nice that u have someone to enjoy simple things with... it's the simple things that makes the world right :-)

January 12, 2007  

WINK WINK WINK - don't tell me you don got bit by the CAUNesque bug, lol lol

January 12, 2007  

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww honey, enjoy it and try not to think to much. Just endulge in it.

I'm so smiling hard right now!

January 12, 2007  

Paula....I'm trying so hard to not over think LOL

Durtymo....for once it's nice to not have a long distance thing...I call him..he comes over...he calls me we hang out...and your right time is important

TTD....yes I have one (blushing) simple things make me happy

Pam...girl it's something I don't know what it is LOL

ladynay....I know I'm trying..really hard LOL...I was smiling after I read it like 3 times haha

January 12, 2007  

Sounds like someone has been hit with one of cupids arrows!

January 12, 2007  

Enjoy while it lasts. Whoa...that sounded cynical. I mean enjoy it. Everyone deserves happiness.

January 12, 2007  

TSG....LOL umm I don't know about all that but ummm yea it's kinda nice

MizJJ...dang LOL..nah I totally get ya..I feel the same way kinda cynical and not cynical but you get what I'm saying

January 12, 2007  

AWWWW....this sounds so sweet. Although, you lost me with the snoring part. THat's where i would have said, "I love looking at your picture from the other room because your ass snore too loud"...LOL! Just kidding...I would roll him over and talk about how I love looking at the back of his head!

January 12, 2007  

Nice words... so feelin "I don't wanna focus on what could be... just what's here and what's occuring now"

January 12, 2007  

*Mya's "Fallin'" playing in the background*

This serious!!! Wow! This is beautiful. Simply beautiful.

January 12, 2007  

dynasty...AHHHH AHAHA..funny thing is he woke up and I was like you snore he was like you want some ear plugs LOL...which leads me to believe he will be sleeping over more often

reddman...thanks sometimes you just don't want to worry about what could be but what is...'re silly...thank you thank you (bowing)

January 12, 2007  

Enjoy the wave!

January 12, 2007  

cocoa....I matter how long it lasts :)

January 12, 2007  

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. thiswas totally beautiful. you make me want to get my act together. awwwwwwww. just so cute.

January 12, 2007  

I am really feelin you on this. I remeber when I used to feel like this about him and in a way I still do.

You got it, You got it bad (Usher)

January 13, 2007  

Enjoy the feelings! I hope things work out.

January 13, 2007  

awwww HONEY's in love :-)

January 13, 2007  

heyyyy honey!

how come i'm up at 5:46am?
how come i'm soooo feeling this post? well... maybe it's because i'm going thru sumthin' so similar that it's scary!

I've subconciously cut others off

No one else matters... you make me happy

I look forward to waking up next to you...

Why does it feel as if you fit so perfectly...

You make me feel all mushy on the inside...

You're infectious


yeah. i'm diggin' all of those... :D jus enjoy the ride. i know i'm going too.


January 14, 2007  

I'll admit, I only made it halfway through the post - Smiling most of the way through. It's the simple things like that, that make us appreciate the people that we are with. Glad you are experiencing that, and good luck with "HIM".

January 14, 2007  

I love this post missy! Sounds wonderful.

January 14, 2007  

okay shawty..nothing wrong with the valentine wish..i'm trying to think of something player for wifey...

January 15, 2007  

I first started reading your blog a couple days ago and I ended up going a ways back just to get a better idea about who you are (and my nosy ass had nothin better to do) but I jus want to tell you that I really enjoy your blog! I'm happy to see that things are progressing nicely with Music and I'm so jealous of that feeling you have right now :P

January 15, 2007  

girl... sounds like you're falling hard for this guy... enjoy every minute of it girl and i hope everything works out for the best...


January 15, 2007  

you got it bad and i'm jealous...send some honey vibes my way...

January 15, 2007  

*sigh* aint black love grand? so that's why your eyelashes have been fluttering huh? singing eric benet's "i wanna be loved..."

January 15, 2007  

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