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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thinkings.....

Why did I just find out my application to Howard's Grad School is due Feb 15th...EKKKK

Why am I worried about it when all I have to do is get recommendation letters...

I shouldn't be too worried, God already knows the outcome and what's for me is for me :)

I haven't seen Music since Sun night/ mon morning....but I have talked to him :)

Funny how he's become a part of my time and thoughts...that lil sneaky man LOL

I start the gym on Saturday morning, the roomie joined too so now I'll have a workout buddy WOOOHOOOO

I can't wait to go to the Dominican Republic...

I found a bathing's by Micheal Kors and it's green, but it's maddd revealing well not really's a one piece but the sides and my back are out...

Which means down with the doughnuts till then LOL

I think I'm doing rather goal to loose 5 by the end of Feb is a reasonable one.

If I can loose 10 by the end of March I'll be GREAT!

Music talking about it has to be something noticeable to him....I said boo you might not notice that I lost 10 so that wouldn't be fair and of course I can't loose 20 by March...I'd starve myself and that ain't happening LOL (i like food haha)

He's working on his 6 pack or should I say 4 pack LOL....I told him I like his tummy haha but hey do what makes ya happy.

I just know I better get my dinner and massage LOL..I told him I want warm oil, candles, some music and some strawberries.....of course he laughed haha

Why is Red so concerned about what I do with my time..I mean he is sending me emails asking me does my man take care of me and am I happy..I don't respond then he sends emails asking if I got his emails LOL...WOW

I hate when people who I haven't really talked to in a while ask me for pics...WHY or ask if I have a no and if I did who says I'd send you pics or even get on the webcam...nasty folks

I mean dang, can I live can I breathe

Who in the world asks for a biographical sketch LOL....I didn't even know how to write one, but I found a sample and went with that LOL

Me and roomie are going to a play at the end of this month....Tyler Perry's What's done in the Dark..should be fun I haven't been to a play in a while.

I miss my Giz and I want another doggie....probaby a yorkie or a bichon frise....the male best friend is looking for one for me.

He's sweet and sometimes I worry that he more than likes me LOL then again I know he more than likes me cause I more than like him, he's my best friend but I couldn't see us being together.

I've known him since I was a sophmore and I like having a guy best friend....he's like a big brother..I'm sure he would laugh at me calling him that LOL....

He knows that I love him like cooked food just not enough to over eat LOL.....

I wonder what excitment I will get into this weekend....other than probably passing out at the gym LOL....oh yea I'm going to an oratorical contest so that should be fun.

It's almost FRIDAY!!!! You know I'm happy

My hair is getting longer and I'm sooo excited...hopefully by the end of the year it will be long enough to put into a ponytail.

I probably won't dye it again I'll just let it grown out and have my tips blond

I have been running to the bathroom all this week acting like it's my best friend LOL..I tell ya I've been there almost as much as I've been at my desk.

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a workout buddy--see that's what I need

January 11, 2007  

GC....yea then again I have an MP3 player so as long as I'm distracted I'm good.

January 11, 2007  

I joined a gym and now I cant figure out which one. lol. Only kidding. I dont want to go. you and music are too cute. thats all I can say.

January 11, 2007 can do it!!!! Then again I was a lil thrown off cause there were some fine men in there...HOWEVER LOL...I'll put on my headphones and close my eyes so I won't look....hmm I'm hoping we stay cute for a while LOL

January 11, 2007  

i musta missed that post.. but what happened to Giz???

u going to bally's? i decided not to go b/c there isnt one close to me & curves is right around the corner.. im more likely to go there than i am bally's so why bother?

good luck to ur 10 pounds! 5 pounds a month is a good & realistic goal...

January 11, 2007  

TTD...he was getting rather big so I decided to give him to a family with kids and a yard...I miss him...yep Ballys (free for 8 weeks) I think it's realistic..we shall see..let me know how curves is I have one around the corner from me as well...but bally's was free LOL

January 11, 2007  

Do your part for school and the rest will fall into place.

Back and sides out on the suit? Owww, watch out dere nah! LOL

You should have hit Music when he laughed at your request. I am willing to bet when he does fulfill his part of the bet he's gonna come with it!

I haven't been to a play in a minute either. Don't laugh too much at TP he is a mess!

YAY! Hair is growing! That's what's up!

January 11, 2007  

Im mad at them webcams and pictures.. da hell? I plan to move soon and I want a dog/cat something! LOL I love pets! I like tyla perry plays but he needs to STOP making sitcoms..they are sooo not his 4tay! I said I wasn't gonna even say nothing about the whole "weight" thang but umm Durty is doing it k! She's down 11.5 lbs in 8 days..yea uh huh, she's doing it! LOL@ me in 3rd person. Good luck on ya workouts chile cuz I'mma be right there sweating with you and it's good ya roomie's in on it too, yall can challenge each other. Happy Losing!

January 11, 2007  

Sides and backs out. Mmmm, yummy.

So I shouldn't ask you for pics, if you have a webcam, or to go on cam for me? How about for swimsuit pics or for you to cam while wearing it? No? Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I was like why is Honey-Libra putting me on blast like that but then I remembered I didn't send the thirsty e-mail. LOL!

I had wondered what happened to Gizmo myself but was too lazy to ask or try to search for it. Now I know.

January 11, 2007  

Get to working on that Howard application!!!

January 11, 2007  

I love your are so funny...I am about to sign up with the Discovery Health thing now you will have a blogger buddy doing it...I want to lose 40 pounds this year...YES I said 40, but I also said year...I know I am OF the hook!
And you betta not slack on that Howard Grad App...let me know if you need any help...

January 11, 2007  

Ladynay....yea I was like you're gonna lose prepare to be annialated and he was just laughing..girl that swimsuit is serious LOL

Durty...well we'll see how many I'm down this first week when I weigh in I might have to try that cleansing though..someone sent me the information on it

freaky...if you're nice I'll send a pic LOL

TSG...I know I know LOL

TC...WOOOHOOO there are a couple of other bloggers doing it...40 is a good number for the can do it...we'll encourage one another :) you can hit me up anytime you need to chat :) and I know, I know LOL...I'm trying I just have to get recommendations and I'm done

January 11, 2007  

Good luck on your weight lose I am in your corner cheering for you.
I need motivation to stop drinking pop. help!!!
You should have fun at the Tyler Perry play.

January 11, 2007  

Ladyj...thanks girl 10 gone by March is my goal and I'm gonna try my hardest to do it especially since I hit the gym this weekend. Instead of drinking soda drink water imagine how many calories you are spending when you drink soda..eekkk that's enough to deter me especially if you drink more than one should be nice..he's not in it but he wrote it....

January 11, 2007  

Have I told you how pretty I think you are?

I can be nice. Even if it makes me itch. LOL!

January 11, 2007  

damn no matter how long I stay away from your blog you always into something. When's the trip? Why I ain't invited?

I got new hair reports too! I went 'natural' in October. Cut it all off, no more chemicals. I was going to maintain the short cut but I think I'm heading for a mohawk!

January 11, 2007  

You're a fool for the last one! LOL, girl the bathroom has been my husband this week! I think it's the meds *lol*

Now you know you wont have a problem getting recommendation letters :-) I know you'll have the app. done in time

As much as I love taking pics I hate when folks ask me to send them a pic...what for?

I saw a cute lil one piece with the back and sides cut out but I'm straight rocking some muffin on the sides...I so need to hit that gym

Have a great weekend hun!!

@ Honey

You're about to get a BF :-) Hmm real consistant...time to change that status chica

Thx for the feedback *hug*

January 11, 2007  

Going through the same thing with grad apps. Just hang in there and stay on top of your ish.

January 11, 2007  

Yo!!! I sent you a message. Did you get it? What about the message asking about my first message? Well hopefully you get this message...lmfao...
What's good sis?!? I'm feelin real good right now. I'm headed on a mini vacation in a few hours, plus here in OH it's officially Fri-Fukkin-Day!!! I knew u'd like that one. Everybody's tryin to lose weight, I'm quite toned, but I wanna bulk up w/o the Barry Bonds Diet!! Maybe I need a

Anyway, do your thing. Set the goals and surpass them. Music (not the person, the thing) is infectious like that; it'll become a part of your life w/o you realizing it....but good music rarely disappoints.

I'm off the slopes...Tiger Woods on 2 blades!!!

-Diggz is Anonymous like a muuuhfukka!!!

January 11, 2007  

hey, they're showing that tyler perry play here too. you think it's gonna be any good?

January 16, 2007  

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