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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why do I smile

...because I have so many things to be greatful for

I'm greatful for.....

your phone call this morning, it made me smile that you thought to call me this morning to apologize for not calling me back last night (you don't know how many cool points that got you) lol

your email when I got to work to tell me that you just wanted to say hi

my aunt being ok, despite the fact that she tends to bring grief to those around her I am glad that God was looking out for her.

my lil sister coming next weekend with a rack of her friends, I love that she wants to spend her 23rd bday with me

becoming a little older and wiser, it's so good to know that I'm not the same naive woman I was when I was in college

moments like this...when I can feel like a little kid again

having Monday off, ya'll think I be playing when I count down to my days off..I love my job and all but a sista be trying to sleep lol

for realizing that even though marrying a millionaire would be ideal for sleeping in, I really wouldn't be happy :)

for your slip up in mentioning that your mom wants to meet me, that means you've talked about me to her :) I'm flattered haha

for being able to listen to music (not him lol) while at work cause the silence can be deafening sometimes lol (I'm feeling Midnight by Omarion and this new girl name Kiley Dean..check her out)

for not having a weird dream last night (all I remember is that I was talking to someone)...I turned the TV off maybe that had something to do with it

for hump day (wednesday) you nasty minds LOL....cause after this the rest of the week is easy

for deleting my BP page....yea I was just getting nonsense folks sending me ridiculous messages that annoyed that piss out of me...but it was delivering me from I read LOL

for how I've noticed "us" changing....I like the fact that it's a slow process but a rewarding one

for the opportunity to tell you how I feel and not being afraid of what you might say

for my nephew who "calls" me just to say hi auntie d'yelle (lol, he can't pronounce it all the way and he always hangs up after he says bye and be good haha)

for the moments that I talk to you on the phone and you educate me on the surrounding world, because of you I now know that my stereotypes of the followers of Islam weren't all true (lol except bean pies haha)

for you knowing when to stop talking about all that and ask me how my day was

for the drive to do better this year in all that I's all about going hard or going home (and I prefer to go hard)

Each time I think of all the things that I have to be greatful for I realize just how much they outweight the bad things that occur in life and I smile.......

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Happy Humpday D......

WEll IM grateful for

* waking up this morning
* getting the rental for this weekend
* Friends/people I can count on
* Known what its like to struggle and not have makes me humble
* Being me.
* That what gets me down, makes me stronger

January 10, 2007  

thank god for thankful wednesdays :)

January 10, 2007  

negro....God always provides us with wonderful people who enhance us :)

knowone...yep I realize just how blessed I am :)

January 10, 2007  

for waking up this morning

for the knowledge and wisdom to know when to just let things be...

for faith for without it I would go crazy, but WITH it nothing even matters, because I KNOW that GOD is on my side

for life, love, and happiness....

January 10, 2007  

I always love these posts

January 10, 2007 hit the nail on the head :)

Lady..I do too

January 10, 2007  

awwwwwwwwwwwww.this post made me want to call my nana and go to Bible study or temple or something.

January 10, 2007 are crazy girl

January 10, 2007  

Love grateful Wednesday. Have fun with your sister. I love when dudes do little things like that. They have no idea how sexy that shit can be. Showing that you can be a caring individual.

January 10, 2007  

People still be on Black Planet?

Have I ever told you that I really like your template? It's so serene...

I'm thankful for too much, so I won't even crowd your comments. Just know that I'm thankful, too.

January 10, 2007  

I am greatful for alarm clocks
and blogger:)

January 10, 2007  

HL: It's been a long time and I can see that I have a lot of catching up to do. Before I dropped out of the blog world, you were with a new guy, but there was someone over seas or elsewhere that was hoping for a reunite sometime this year. Sounds like that brotha might be in trouble.

Glad to see that your readership has increased. You always did have an interesting life and a more interesting take on things.

As for me, old wounds have healed and I'm redirected. I still struggle, like every one else, but these days, if I fall, I try to fall FORWARD, and never stay on the ground long enough to get dirty ;)

Holla a your old friend some time.


January 10, 2007  

Oh...nice new template! It's you.

January 10, 2007  

mizzjj...yes although I be like why does she call me so much I'm glad that we are close like we are...and HE makes me smile more often than he knows

Dynasty...yea was getting annoying onthe page and the first question out there mouth would be what's your name..can you read fool...aww thanks everytime i come to this page my spirit gets calm LOL and me both LOL's nice to see an old friend back, your words always brought me peace..I look forward to stopping by your place..interesting life nah LOL..not me I think the template is me too :)

January 10, 2007  

People use Blackplanet? Thats so 8th grade!! lol

Getting schooled on Islam eh?? What exactly did you learn?

January 10, 2007  

epsilonicus...yea it is but I found out about it in college so it's all new to me LOL...I learned alot LOL..too much to talk about in one sitting

January 10, 2007  

i love reading gratitude lists where traces of intimacy and affection are floating through them!!! i see you girl!!!! bat them lashes of yours!!!! ;-)

January 10, 2007  

fallen...I'm batting them LOL

January 10, 2007  

heyyyy honey! :D

i'm lovin' your list dahlin'!! fa real. anyhoo... you know the deal, i'm passin' thru to return some of the love you so selfishly show to me ova @ my spot!!

you are appreciated... MUCHLY! :D

alwayspeace & love!

January 10, 2007  

hey gratefuls were posted on jus.b.fli's site but there's always more to be thankful for...

I too am grateful that i'm not the same woman i was in college...i'm grown now! (lol)

i too love moments where i can be a kid again. last night for example when i had this killer urge to do a cartwheel and a round off

for health and strength

for courage under fire

for a great pastor and church family

for realizing that even though marrying a millionaire would be ideal for sleeping in, I really wouldn't be happy :) so love this cause i feel the same way. i once dated a man with mad loot and it drove me crazy. i love simplicity and just being without having to conform

January 10, 2007  

BP is really disintegrating these's becoming the black Myspace and I'm not happy with it either.

And yeah I wouldn't be happy marrying a millionaire either because he's probably want to suppress and control me and you know I ain't having that! ;-)

January 10, 2007  

i still got my BP BIRMINGHAM64...i check it umm...make sure my page is still up...i might have to check out that song by former "BK Rapper" ANYBODY REMEMBER OMARION RAPPING FOR BURGER KING?...i can listen to music too...THANK YOU!!!

January 11, 2007  

What a beautiful post. Your heart is all over it and the honesty rings true. I had to giggle at the "cool points" comment. I haven't thought about cool points since I left the southeast. My hubby and I, before we were married, would give and take them away constantly. I need to start doing that again. His old but has some funny, cool point losing moments these days.

January 11, 2007  

This was a great post girlie! I may have to steal your "things that make me smile" idea...seems like something nice to go back to when you feel like crap

January 11, 2007  

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