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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm back

So I was gone for a couple of days and I could have updated last night but I just didn't feel like it. Sometimes you feel like updating sometimes you dont' and I don't want it to become a pain with updating so I just chilled and decided to update just now.

Friday I went home after staying at work till 8pm and cooked dinner for me and hon. Gotta love how that just comes out LOL. While eating turkey burgers, rice and broccoli we watched Chris Rocks Never Scared (he was in DC) was somewhat funny especially when he was talking about how blacks would have money but they always wanna put rims on everything I was cracking up. After that we hit the bed cause we wanted to get an early start on car hunting.

Got up on Sat morning and looked on a few websites and hit the road after eating breakfast. He kinda knew what he wanted but just wanted to see what else was out there. So we were in Tysons mostly then headed out to Manassas then Fredricksburgh where he finally found what he wanted. He got a 2004 Honda Accord it's rather nice I like it especially since it's the same color as my car LOL. He says I can't call his car cute but it is to me. I told him I want an Acura so he can put that on my I want list LOL. So after they washed the car and all that stuff I gave him a hug and a kiss and hit the road. I must admit I was kinda sad to leave him cause he was sick and sounded so bad...but I can't be around him all the time LOL...we'll have time for that later.....don't want to be attached at the hip. So I fussed at him about taking meds, told him to drink juice and go to sleep and not play on the comp and I was on my way. Got to Hampton around 530 or 6ish and met the Bestest at the mall along with her lil cousins and my god daughter. Man her lil cousin that is 7 is a handful. He wanted a cookie and I told him that he had to work for it...where at the counter while I'm buying yet another pair of shoes (I'd have to say that this is my last pair of dress shoes before summer lol) and I say are you gonna cut my grass if I get you a cookie..this fool says don't you have a man LOL. I was like listen here buddy LOL, me and the lady at the counter were crackin up...I practically dragged him out the store. He has a mouth on him. So after that I went to go get my brother who I haven't seen in forever and who just recently had a little girl (YAYYYY I'm an auntie again). I was going to go see her but visiting hours were over so we were going to get some dinner. I was highly upset at the service I got at Ruby Tuesday home girl didn't even take our order we had to keep hunting her down so we left, I dropped my brother back off at the hospital and I headed home

Sunday got up to get ready for and the little sister (my nephews mom, who by the way is pregnant again) headed to the hospital to see my new niece before church. She is sooo cute, her name is Jonoviah Monique and she looks just like my brother except she is a lighter version of him LOL. I wanted to meet his gf so when I asked to stop by to see her she wouldn't have a problem with it and all that jazz. She seems cool, reminds me of Lil Mo LOL. Headed to church and then to dinner with the fam. My parents of course want to mee the Hon, we'll see how things progress then I'll introduce everyone. I heard it snowed up here and with the track record of that I didn't want to get caught in it but I couldn't really do anything about it so I stayed put.

Monday got up and dressed to take the bestest and the lil sis out for breakfast for their bdays. We were standing in line and some chic turns around and asks me if my hair was soft before I loced it...I said yea kinda and then she says how long did it take to loc and I told her while she proceeds to put her hand in my hair....AHHHHHHHH I was like what the heck get your hand out my and the bestest were laughing cause she was like oh girl said my hair is too soft I don't think it can do that....but she had a perm if you don't perm your hair see what happens...I tell ya freakin kids....took the bestest to do some running around and then headed home and hit the road about 2pm. Got home and the hon came over and cooked dinner around 7ish and that was that.....the only thing missing was that I didn't get to see my toot this weekend. He was visiting his other grandparents and his dad in Richmond...I missed him LOL

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YAY your Hun has his own ride again.

Yo the "don't you got a man" had me DYING! LOL

Is your sis seemingly getting right now since she hadn't really tried to be right with Toot?

OMG Why do strangers put their hands in your hair??!!!! I cringed just reading that! UGH!

February 27, 2007  

the lil cousin is a hoot.

Glad you had an enjoyable weekend. Dont like when people touch the locks. just rubs me the wrong way.

February 27, 2007  

what is with people? Why would she think you would want her to touch your hair? That and pregnant bellies--why do ppl think they can just walk up and molest others like that? If I ever get pregnant I will walk around with a smacker to smack hands away. You should get one for your hair--or maybe charge ppl money.

February 27, 2007  

Lil man is too funny! Sounds like you had a good weekend. I HATE when people get all up on my scalp when they weren't invited.

February 27, 2007  

I do not like people to put their hands in my hair. Nuh uh.

This post makes me miss my family.

February 27, 2007  

I just realized that yuo cal your nephew toot and I call mines tunk...LOL
sounds like you had a GREAT time...glad to hear it...its always good times when you are around the family and the bestest...

February 27, 2007  

Lady...yes that lil boy had me crackin up I was about to throw him into a wall LOL

Deep...yes!! I was looking at her like umm what are you doing.

GC...Who knows, I hate when folks do that she could have asked but that's how folks are...LOL I know right I think I might start smacking people that sounds like fun

Tasha...he had me cracking up and wanting to smack him all at the same time

MizJJ...I missed mine and I still do but seeing them helped :)

TC...LOL I don't even know why I started calling him that, I had a wonderful time with the fam and the bestest :)

February 27, 2007  

chris rock's "never scared" is my favorite stand-up routine!

while in vegas this past weekend, a drunk white lady asks me "uh, is it rude if i say that your hair is cool?" i tell her, no, that's not rude at all. she says, "ok. good. because i'm from wyoming and i just think that hair is so cool, but i dont wanna offend." she sorta looked like she wanted to touch it, but i think she could tell from the way i was looking at her that it probably wouldnt be such a good idea. she just stumbled through the crowd of people... :-/

February 27, 2007  

fallen...LOL, well at least she didn't touch it and she asked first cause I would have karate chopped her LOL

February 28, 2007  

I'll be in the 757 this weekend. :). we always missing one another. Another full weekend. Kids say the darnest things don't they. lol.

and how you pronounce your neice's first name?

and your brother coulda asked my permission before using my middle name. But i guess i can let it slide. :) lol

February 28, 2007  

Sounds like the weekend with fam and bestest were great! I landed in that snow!! I was shocked but it melted teh same day, lol.

February 28, 2007  

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